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  1. Thanks for all your comments and advice. It looks like an application will need to be made to have the trees removed which will more than likely be rejected. All of the residents (except one) are not going to be very happy about this. Cheers
  2. The TPO was served in 2002 but they seem sure that it had the 6 month confirmation date on it.
  3. I've had the go ahead to remove 2 trees in a communal garden and the whilst discussing the proposed works, the residents discovered the trees had TPO's on them. After looking into it further they have found out that under TCPA 1990 s.201, which states that the authority has max 6 months exactly to confirm it. and if they don't confirm in that timeframe, the TPO is invalid. The TPO was confirmed 6 months and 7 days later, which is outside that timeframe, making it invalid. The council stated that the legislation doesn't matter, as their internal guidance says otherwise. After some back and forth, they said they cannot comment on the legality of the TPO and whether it is valid or invalidated by this breach of legislation. They told them to seek independent legal advise. They then contacted a Planning solicitor who replied with the following: "I take the six-month point exactly. I could not agree with you more [...] They didn’t confirm it within six months and therefore, it lapsed. Yes, that’s what I’m saying. It’s no good the local authority saying that it was only a few days because using that argument, 31 mph in a 30 area is not an offence. There has to be a cut off somewhere. If anyone makes an application to an employment tribunal for example they have 3 months to do so and if it’s just one day late, the claim is thrown out. It’s a six-month period, not six months plus one week".! Soooo... I feel this is a slightly tricky one and don't want to make myself liable for any fines by removing the trees. Any advice would be welcomed and do you think that by getting it in writing that they take full responsibility for the removal I'd be clearing myself? Cheers
  4. simsimo


    I've recently been informed by my local council that laurels are exempt from CA trees and no application needs to be made for them regardless of their size.
  5. I've already got the wheelie bins that I used to use for my wee chipper some years ago and they were only £20 each. I plan to transport them in a trailer and that sort of weight in a wheelie bin is easily handled and easy to tip out wherever the client wants them. I can only fit 4-6 bins in the trailer at a time but I'm only doing a few logs on the side so don't expect to be shifting large volumes. So by the sounds of it, 3 bins should be equal to just over a builders bag of logs so in thinking £30 per bin load (loosely stacked) of split and seasoned hard wood dropped at the clients desired location (as long as I can wheel the bin there)! Thanks for all your replies
  6. I'm going to be selling a few logs this year and plan to deliver them by the wheelie bin load for ease of tapering them directly to people's logs stores etc. I'm just trying to work out how many 240lt bins would fill a standard builders bag. Obviously the long way to do it would be to fill bins and then empty into bags to see how many fit in there but I'm just hoping that one of you may already know the answer. Cheers
  7. Nice one fellas, useful reviews and tips there. Cheers
  8. Thanks for the review Charlesd. I never thought about the neck issue but thinking about it, being horizontal will make it lower down so more time bent over compared with a vertical one. I've seen vertical ones made by Titan Pro and Lawnflight for a similar price but I'm still edging toward the venom one from rock machinery.
  9. Really? I've tried searching for old threads on that model and can't find anything. Any other recommendations for petrol splitters less than £1k?
  10. Just wondered if anyone has got this splitter from rock machinery and if so what they think of it? I'm looking to buy my first log splitter and don't want to spend a massive amount on it as logs are only a small side line and personal use thing. I've only ever used similar sized vertical ones but this one is horizontal. Any pros and cons of this? I know the 22 ton venom splitter gets pretty good reviews and it's road towable but it's so much more money and I'd like to be able to get it through garden gates so the smaller one is probably best for me. Cheers
  11. Ah ok, so it is easy to use the harness up ladders then but just not recommended? Stubby- have you tried different harnesses that suit you better then?
  12. I need to get a harness, predominantly for use with the long handle hedge cutters. I was about to bite the big one and buy the easy lift harness before I read an old thread on here where a couple of people said that it can't be used up ladders. Can anyone who owns this harness confirm that using it on ladders isn't an option and can anyone recommend a different harness that would suit my needs. Cheers
  13. Still looking for people to join our small team carrying out mostly domestic tree work to the highest standards. Friendly and laid back work place with hard working and professional ethics. Give us a call if you gave a couple of days a week to fill our is you are looking for some regular/full time work. Top climbers, 2nd climbers, experienced groundies or complete newbies all considered. Contact Jon on 07789078086 or pm me on here. Thanks
  14. Looking for someone to work regularly on a self employed basis, or even just days here and there over the next few weeks and beyond. Anyone considered from top climbers who can carry out large reductions to the highest standard to someone looking at getting into the industry and possibly get trained up. The right candidate must be polite and punctual as well as hard working with the right attitude and a willingness to learn on the job whilst working safely and methodically. We have good clients and lots of repeat business as our standards and quality of work are very high. Based in Berkshire between Maidenhead and Windsor. PM me on here or call me on 07789078086 for a chat. Thanks Jon
  15. I'm based in Berkshire and I guess looking to start getting a few smaller commercial contracts as so far I have only focused on domestic work. I was actually cold called by them and would normally not even entertain the thought but they are not charging a massive fee for 12 months and I was just hoping to get some feedback from anyone else who has signed up with them.


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