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  1. Who sharpens or cuts with any more than the leading two teeth? Do you sharpen the middle two or even the inner most teeth. We have never swapped or sharpened the inner most two teeth and just use them for clearing until they wear out.
  2. I’ll give it a look into. All I want the cover for is work related issues. Chopped fingers off Etc. Hmm a sub 10 would be great but it seems nothing is ever good enough.
  3. So I agreed to take out personal accident cover for us when renewing are public liability and I let them know I was diabetic. Obviously they asked about it and asked for the hba1c which is a little high but as it was over 8 they told me I’m uninsurable. This was followed by next time you have your hba1c to be really good for a couple of days before the test to lower it and when I told him it’s an average over 3 months he didn’t understand how and said an hba1c does a couple of days. Has any one else struggled to get personal accident cover?
  4. Thinking about purchasing a smaller trailer for moving the chipper around on. Pacing it out the Forst tr8 will fit but has any one got personal experience will it fit on?
  5. We move are tracked Chipper and grinder around on a large trailer at the moment but wouldn’t mind getting the smallest trailer possible that it will fit on. I’ve had the TR8 on a 10ft plant trailer but who’s had it on a 8ft.
  6. Just interested in seeing how people have mounted there winches, are they home made winch trays etc..
  7. colwoodlandcare


    Im just about to start on replacing the Cylinder and piston on one of are 200's. Is there any specific torque numbers anything should be done up to? Also never rebuilt a 200 before so has any one documented a brief step by step or is there no hidden challenges.
  8. Would have to double check but I've got 1500kg in my head for some reason. We have come across Full Beam Axle Braked: 1800kg - 5x140mm pcd which they will make the mounts up to suit your requirements.
  9. It's come to the time to replace the axle on are 1928 as the bushes are shot, and as you might have guessed it's not cheap. Has any one replaced there's and what axle did you go for? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App Colwood Land Care, Tree surgery, Sussex
  10. Thanks guys. That gives me a good enough estimate of volume. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App http://Www.colwoodlandcare.co.uk
  11. Is there a website I can use for working out the approx volume of wood chip, if I enter the length and diameter at the base of the tree will it work out roughly the taper on the trunk? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App Colwood Land Care, Tree surgery, Sussex
  12. Hands down would go for a bigger machine, but the fitting through a gate way is quite key for us. Can't complain about the power but as with everything of it could have more then 😜👊. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App http://Www.colwoodlandcare.co.uk
  13. Just been thinking, which is always dangerous. We have a predator 28 but has any one fitted a larger diesel to there one? Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App Colwood Land Care, Tree surgery, Sussex
  14. Sorry been super busy then been abroad. I'll grab the photos off one of the guys this week. Cutting it up with a spade. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App http://Www.colwoodlandcare.co.uk
  15. So getting it Mewp was never in my consideration for this tree, but a few of the other company's I know quoted it wanted Mewps and cranes. There is nothing directly below the canopy although the lawn can't be damaged. This might change people's opinions but we climbed and got it down. Sent using Arbtalk Mobile App Colwood Land Care, Tree surgery, Sussex


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