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  2. tip sites

    Eurogreen in Worthing, have recently been bought out so under new management, green waste recycling and landscape supplies. They also do muck away, they have a grab lorry or two. http://www.topsoilwestsussex.co.uk/
  3. Hi I have had a cancellation as such I have the full week available next week (potential to start this week also). Im based in Amsterdam but happy to travel to anywhere within reason / affordable flights. My parents live in Tunbridge Wells area in UK so work in that area I can probably do without needing accommodation. Anywhere else in UK / Europe il need accommodation provided, or if not I'll have to charge accordingly. I've been climbing for the last 7 years including the last 3 as a freelance climber. Im a good safe operator capable of anything required. I was based in Melbourne Aus the last few years and trees there tend to be bigger and harder than in Europe. I have my own basic climbing kit, however no rigging equipment or saws. Thanks, Chris
  4. Bull Dog Bone thread. BDB.

    Rich Rule has a BB and some HTP mate, don't know if he's tried the combo.
  5. What type of MEWP and why?

    27m on a 3.5t chassis sounds terrifying. I used truck mounts extensively back when I was working in telecomms. A 22m machine would be on a 7.5t chassis. Most commonly used 34m Brontos on a 17.5t chassis. Occasionally used 60m machines which had a 42t chassis. Looked like a Dinky toy at full stick. That was £1500/day to hire back in the late '90's.
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  7. What type of MEWP and why?

    Interesting viewpoint. Can you post some photos of yours in action. How much side reach does your 27m have. 27m on a 3.5t truck is big from what I can find on the internet. Straight booms seem to cost more though. In case of Teupen like mine there is a €20k difference between the 24m like mine 25m straight boom. I'd agree that the advantage truck mounts have is set up time. Pull up in truck, legs down, tele boom out, crack on. Our takes 10-15mins to unload from trailer and then 5mins to unfold the booms (for most situations first one needs to be upright). Regards Neil
  8. What type of MEWP and why?

    How come no-one has mentioned a spud box ratchet strapped to the pallet forks of a telehandler yet?
  9. What type of MEWP and why?

    Outreach is important especially when felling , nothing worse having the vehicle directly under the drop zone. I don't like spiderlifts but they do have their advantages.
  10. MOG Hiab pipes

    Hi Andy Where did you get the track from in the end? Need to tidy up pipes sometime. Cheers Al
  11. Queensland prices

    Yip, bloody expensive in oz. I worked for a place where I was on 30 dollars an hour starting rate, I regularly did a minimum of 12 hours a day everyday. We had three teams, put that in terms of just staff costs a week not including other overheads and it makes your eyes water. Everyday was a massive takedown, just one after another, the "fun" factor wore off real quick!
  12. What type of MEWP and why?

    for tree work your need up and over (articulated) for best results.the Nifty 17 metre was a bit lacking here but the Cela Dt24 has 14 metre up and over (12 metre) and also has the ability to go 4 metres below grade as well.
  13. Toro grinders?

    The ZT is also built to fit a certain price category, it is currently £14300+vat & the waiting list is getting longer by the week. We have plenty on order for stock on top of the reserved orders, it takes Five weeks to even enter production at Bandit after the order has been placed. So far feedback has been great, we have a few small niggles but nothing we can't address. I have seen some oats where they are more expensive around the world but we keep our margins low & keep them going out the door.
  14. The Wee Chipper Club

    The M250 was built as a basic, no options model to compete with other cheaper brands. Although JB can not match some of these we have narrowed the gap, it works well for customers who do not want to use a machine constantly & cannot justify the cost. The main cost saving is the B&S engine from the Honda, there is no quick release or rotating chute, it has the benefit of the. 13hp without the extra cost. The hopper is made in different sections instead of one formed section, warranty is the same as the rest of the range.
  15. Stihl 084AV and mill

    Thanks very much everyone for sharing your experience & advice. Backed up by some of the comments made, I was able to get the seller to come down to a more realistic price so I went for it. Still probably paid a bit over the odds but am happy to be able to get started right away as my goats' needs for more outbuildings is pressing. Will start keeping an eye out for cheap spares. Managed to download an 084 parts list & an 088 service manual till I can find one for 084s. Thanks again all!
  16. Queensland prices

    Thought UK prices might not be comparable. £1775 - £2367 for a 4 man crew. Wow.
  17. Queensland prices

    Thanks fellas.
  18. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Ifor williams tipper trailer, 7 years old, new battery, complete with wander lead and loading ramps. In good working order, no vat.


  19. Sthil 660

    Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sthill 660 ( non digital ignition ) with 36 " bar. Buyer collects or postage and packaging costs added to price. contact me on 07775038987 or email : mfmoffice1@aol.com


  20. Desperate need for a flail near Frome

    I was a bit late to see this but if you do still need this doing let me know.
  21. Queensland prices

    4 man crew with truck and chipper in Melbourne is $3k - $4k a day. I think prices are slightly lower in Qld.
  22. What type of MEWP and why?

    We used a 40m strait stick to do a load of Tree Removals in Brixworth The wheel base was wider than the road closure so we had to have one wheel on the grass which was a bit twitchy
  23. Stopped by VOSA

    yes but I don't think the requirement was different then, in fact a chain may be used instead of a breakaway cable on braked trailers up to 1500kg but I don't know why this is allowed. I've never tried to see how well the trailer brakes work dynamically but, as Stubby says, if they are adjusted properly they should pull up in a straight line and the gas strut should apply enough force to apply the brakes to 80% of the mass of the vehicle. So a 1 tonne trailer should be slowing by a force of 800kg if the grip of the tyres allow. Given force time distance equals 1/2mv^2 the required stopping distance can be calculated. IME trailer brakes tend to be not well serviced.
  24. tip sites

    It will be public else there's little point. Understand your concerns though
  25. The Mower Bench

    I had a honda that wouldnt start even after spraying easystart - had to dismantle the carb and blow out, as per downloaded service manual - maybe see if there is a cheap new carb on ebay, perhaps you can google up a Briggs service manual pdf
  26. Climbers/Groundsman Railway Haydock/Liverpool

    Hi, I'm very interested in this opportunity,can you please send some contact information to. Liverbirds1968@gmail.com
  27. Stihl msa160t

    agree - the biggest battery for the MSA160T is a lump and it does get bogged down in bar length hard wood - the electric replacement for a 90cc saw would need an extension lead and genny- or a mini nuclear reactor where the cylinder was
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