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Arbtalk members that have helped you!

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Gary Prentice

David Humphries




Few others whose names evade me (sorry!)


Mainly for the intelligent discussion. I found myself really trying to attain to their level of knowledge, and it's actually one of the drivers behind why I started to buy books and learn every single day (and do the Lvl 4). Seriously. Thanks guys.


Ah, of course, thanks to Steve for the forum. A stellar platform, without question.


I remember when Gary showed a pic of a book he got by Biggs & Blanchette called 'Defence Mechanisms of Woody Plants Against Fungi' and I was like what on earth is all this!? It was like reading braille. I ordered it, and now think I could understand much of it.

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Old Snake, Brushcutter, Drew B, Rich Rule, Ewan Murray, Ben_R, Ian Flatters and Adam Bourne, Spud....


To be fair, there are so many people on here that have been brilliant in sharing knowledge and helping to move the industry on its hard to list them all

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Mr fox has to up there for me who gave me inspiration to get out there and do what I love doing.

There is a load of genuine spot on people on here who make the forum what it is, good thread 👍

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Ive learnt lots from many people but also since i had my accident the support and kind words from members has been amazing and have spurred me on.....for that i am very grateful:thumbup1:

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I started a list with different headings, members who allowed us to tip off or identified places, general, fungal and law questions, all those who posted/texted/messaged or rung when I was diagnosed with cancer, all those who have helped in my studies etc.


The list is too long and many I no longer remember by their usernames, as the relationship has gone beyond that. This site and so many people on it has provided so much assistance, help and knowledge over the years it's difficult to imagine not being part of it.

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Spud obviously , Shavey , Jon , eggs ( and Mrs Eggs when I lost my last spaniel ) Mark Bolam for making me laugh and several others for words of wisdom and of course Steve B . for letting me join his Arbtalk .

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Blimey, where to start!


On a professional level: (thus far)






Farmer Ben

Essex log man


MGS Landscapes


Tcf engineering

Paul Smith

Eggs (by proxy)

Daniel Jiggins


On a personal level:





(For laughing at my crappy jokes.)


On a spiritual level:


New guy ti


(For accepting my godless ramblings with grace and good humour)


It is fair to say that the majority of my business connections have come from, or are associated with, Arbtalk. As well as being good fun it provides a hugely beneficial network which in my case is helping to keep our neglected woodlands managed.


What could make it even better? From my perspective as a woodsman, some more representation from the Forestry Commission, and dare I say it, an agent or two with an inclusive approach to help match landowners with those who want to nurture their woods and trees. Maybe this will come in time.


A big mendip style :thumbup::thumbup:😸% to Steve.

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