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  1. Pics are still there for me . (Edit..were at time of post..not now as of 7 pm mon 20th, odd . ) . Another thing to look at in the list. Check over the threads inside the clutch itself and the condition of the threads on the crank end.
  2. Agree with that as shock loading can be a issue , you could look into the Oregon triple mulching blade for a more balanced load.
  3. Don't be guided to much by the power specs of the MM4 motors in my opinion....they really do perform very strongly all through the rpm range... You have a very good spread of torque and power with these true 4 stroke motors.
  4. Hi Craig. Not the Makita 43cc MM4 directly but I have a customer with the next one down in the MM4 range ..Dolmar MS3354U..34cc brush cutter. ...see pic. A very decent machine with way more grunt than you would think . The Makita 43cc (Dolmar MS4304U) machine has better anti vibe and more power so if you find the extra cash involved no issue then you could do a lot worse than the bigger CC machine .
  5. Im Simon by the way. Thank you for taking the time with your post. Far from to much information....a truly fascinating back story to " Daisy Etta and its meaning. I incorrectly had her down as 1959 leading me to thinking D7D. What little first hand knowledge I have of Cat machines would be a few D2's that have been at the rallies that I used to attend with a few tractors of my own. Even with these small track machines, I can see what you talk of as to Cat build ethos! This takes me back to when the need for a extraction track on one of our wooded banks ended up with a Int TD6 dozer proving just how much value having some of this old kit can be. Im only sorry to say it was a mates rather than mine! All this vintage kit was cheep as you like not so long ago ...No more.
  6. Im just being nosy now...you say your D7 is 128 hp, would that make it a 4 cyl and be a D7D ? Could you indulge my curiosity with a pic or two of it if its not a bother?
  7. I would think with a smaller chunk the Matbro might start opening up the end. The thing Im keeping in mind is, once the blade in the ground or a wedge gets into the end grain the amount of force needed is a bit less as the wedge starts to do its job .Mind you.... Across the grain on a log brings things to a different end with manny a splitter. Tell you what though... the D7 gives you speed at the same time as force . Easy to make a hi tonnage splitter thats slow moving under load ...but a fast cycle hi tonnage one is another thing.
  8. I take it you think that the D7 must be generating more tonnage to be able to do what it did ?
  9. I suppose..... If you had a run up to the log to be split then I can see how the moving mass of the D7 would come into play rather than just the drawbar pull / traction from a static start... You would have a D7 hammer of sorts if you started before the log and you would get much more force to start with until that force reduces to what the D7 can then maintain carrying on pushing. Your vid shows you edging forward under control to start the splitting so I guess the D7's pull/pushing traction force of near 12 ton is enough to do the job. I think you would have to be down hill to add to the force using some of the D7's weight .
  10. Its normal to rate the splitter power on the rams capacity and the pump used max pressure allowable. Yes..this can be a moveable feast as im sure you know hence how the power of some splitters seem to be higher than another of the same rating. Not a bad rule of thumb though should be.... "Rams rated tonnage generated " .."at rated Psi "..will give the potential ,as long as you supply the ram with the Psi and flow it needs. Your D7 will have a "Draw Bar " rating ...not a bad place to start with a estimate do you think?
  11. Best sounding splitter I'v ever heard !!
  12. It shouldn't ...BUT... the quality and ..CARE.. of the PDI can have much to do with the person carrying it out. Garden kit summed up why they are needed and "Most" machinery makers "require" there suppliers to undertake one to keep the warranty in order. Sympathetic treatment of a new saw to ...at least! ..allow some heat and lubrication to build for the crank bearings /piston bearing and bore by pulsing the throttle for a short while before then going to a short full throttle and taking a TAC reading is my own preference. I also favour and carry out some test cuts to be sure of the running condition of the saw as well as help to bed in the ring/rings. Starting and then straight to a "prolonged" ...Full.. throttle is something I would not do myself!
  13. That MS-150 of yours spend a bit if time idling with the brake on ?
  14. Always appreciate my Rayburn for the constant background heat it gives out and means the house is not chilly first thing....plus it keeps my coffee pot and cup warm. I also like the ritual of upkeep of this 50 plus yr old simple bit of tech.
  15. Sawchip

    New Defender

    As ever with things like this it very likely will come down to ...want and cost. If you want one and have the money then you will buy one . I can remember the grumble about the Discovery when it was launched and how some said it "Isn't a proper sort of Landy " ...Well that can be discounted now surly !! I have had a range rover and a 90 in the past and would like one of ether now , however there isn't the money to buy the older sorts or the newer sorts. Want and cost...that mostly what it takes .


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