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  1. Is the throttle rod plastic end worn ?
  2. Stick them on a pallet and send them this way ?, il give them a good home !
  3. What you describe is more or less the situation with the MV 100 . The carb is at at the back under the tank and the long tube exhaust covers one side so getting to the nut is not on , plus there isn't a way to use a socket due to lumps sticking out from the carb body. Must admit looking at a view of the jlo i thought you would have less of a bother with the carb on the side of the motor . The version of the MV i worked on had the usual quadrant control ..choke , flat out and back to idle then all the way back to stop. Having said all the negative...running right these 2 strokes are grate to use IMO.
  4. It seems so Steve .....sharing knowledge (Hard earned sometimes !) is not top of my list ....Takes to long to type the blooming info half the F ,ing time .
  5. Nasty !!! Do you happen to know if its the amount of time after being on constant charge and the gasses given off in those circumstances that can give this sort of result ? You would think that a battery being in a enclosed place in a car (for example) would cause a bad risk from the charging it gets from the alternator to keep it within voltage.
  6. Maritime word.......A "Growler" is a genuine term for a small iceberg/chunk of ice .
  7. A theoretical replacement for the 880 is in field testing/development stage at the moment .....
  8. They look to be from the tank valve and tether that should be part of the tank fuel cap.
  9. As long as there is no issues with the carb , still worth a look see....But....If its a "instant "cut out i would be drawn to electrics...eliminate the kill switch , check spark plug, plug boot and cable, have you a short somewhere. A few to be going on with.
  10. Have you got the little white puck plug to put back over the installed vent stem Bill ? Most of this sort on the 200 group saws weep a bit i find , often when the tank is brimmed off at fulling then the cap screwed on...I don't think they are 1 way(or at least they don't seem to be) .... Same as a lot of vents at that time.
  11. More noise .... no spark guarding on the new slits?
  12. You can get a "girlie" manual !! ?.....excellent !
  13. Here is some water.....now I hope this horse takes the time to drink !!!!
  14. ms 171 181 211 copy.pdfYou "may" not have a proper manual ....I think some reading is in order for a better understanding of the issues you are having.


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