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  1. Sawchip

    390xp squish.

    Why did you take the rings off the piston ?
  2. Sawchip

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Just how the hell did we all manage before "The Internet" ...you tube ...google ......Etc, or the rest of this tech that is often talked up as .."Time Saving" !!...sometimes debatable . We knew folks that knew about things , we had contacts that had contacts and ...Ouuu I don't know, talked directly to someone. Ironic isn't it , that im saying the above ...On a Internet Forum ! Fair to say though that I still prefer to keep the usage of tech to a minimum , surviving just fine without a smart phone ,tablet, gameboy,home control gadgets .......Etc. Tech/internet is not properly secure whatever way you cut it as most of us do not have a degree in "IT" therefore allowing those who know more (who ever they are ! ) to propagate scams . We all know of the existence of scams and other nefarious practises with out any disputes I take it !
  3. Sawchip

    Google has just freaked me out!

    I wonder how this "voice recognition" could work when it comes to passwords and security !! What with folks controlling there home infrastructure and rather a lot of there "Life" with there computer / smart phone /tablets plus all this voice command stuff, it strikes me there should be some thought into "if everything " being integrated is such a good thing ? Im constantly aware how much caution and effort is needed just to avoid scams without getting involved in much of the above!!
  4. Sawchip

    New sthil reviews

    Some Vid, For what its worth ..........
  5. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    Your accusation has shocked me !!!
  6. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    Using a tool to open the clip to instal is not going to do the E clip any good as it should just spring into place in the groove on the shaft. Removing is never the issue as you then use a new one.
  7. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    Pic of Circlip Iv not seen the vid you have but you normally use a small flat blade screwdriver to prise E clips off and needle nose pliers to pop a "NEW" one back on . Use E clips "once only" as there pre stressed. Those E clips look to be from Dolmar saws...you will lose them off the saw more often if you strain the clip putting it on or re using after removing it.
  8. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    You have ..Circlip...pliers there rather than pliers for E clips.
  9. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    You have ...E...clips with holes in there tips ??
  10. Sawchip

    husky 254 fast idle.

    On top of the run down ADW posted for you ....when taking the carb apart , did you remove the 2 jet needles ( H and L) . If so or even if you did not they have a "basic setting" of "form lightly seated clockwise" and then back open by 1 1/2 on the H and by 1 1/4 turns on the L.
  11. Take a look at ..Arada ...(Arrow and villager). I have the Hamlet solution 7 . You should find one of there stoves close to your budget . https://www.aradastoves.com/hamlet
  12. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    I have tended to use this companies products.
  13. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    I have this 2 ltr one for carbs and other small parts. Been fine and is now in its 3rd yr. Ebay or from the company.
  14. Sawchip

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    My post was a "General" comment on the subject Steve without singling you out as any sort of example. I believe this situation with Stihl and Husq has become more relevant to "Independent" outfits as the equipment that it superseded is moved away from by the tree and forestry industry. I do know some that refuse to get into the "Plug in " saw market and they ether want to keep there existing kit going or they want a alternative. Maybe...that is where the possible future for some will be! BUT....my " Big Problem" scenario can happen when the customer "Just MUST have" stihl or husq product . OK...so then they buy from the dealer new and depending on if there "Cost adverse" to maintaining or fixing at dealer prices, and or if , they are happy with the dealer service .... If not, the product maybe ends up on the independent outfits bench becoming there head ache depending on... what ...needs attention. A spread of makes of equipment that is worked on and something new to supply from the "Non Plug In" equipment range could be where the "independent " industry can function.
  15. Sawchip

    We are proud to announce!

    Thanks for your reply Mark.


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