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  1. Sawchip

    How are the veggies coming along?

    Yea..1st early's went in on the 21st March as the soil was warm enough. 2nd early's should be going in second week in April. Broad beans in a greenhouse seedbed and will go out this week. Tomato plants were potted on to there final pot size today so will give them a few weeks then plant in the G house.
  2. Sawchip


    This caught my eye today 22.3.2019 !.... very rare to see one for sale and in a "Cash converters " Maybe nothing but at least this may be seen by someone who "Should See It"
  3. Sawchip

    New CS352--tuning and muffler mod advise

    On that point , I went to the trouble in testing a few of the 1 ltr mixing bottles commonly used by some of my customers !! ...worst was 16% out in favour of "more" than 1 ltr of fuel in its measured amount .
  4. Sawchip

    In days of old when woodcutters were bold

    Some Danarm saws had Villiers 2 strokes on them , to run them on there side you had to rotate the back handle and that also took the carb with it to keep it upright ...float carbs .
  5. Sawchip

    In days of old when woodcutters were bold

    I think you would know ? ...Dolmar have a oil that they say can be used at 100:1
  6. Sawchip

    In days of old when woodcutters were bold

    I remember seeing that about the first Saab on James Mays prog about the "Cars Of the People" I guess there is always fuel needed to keep a Chainsaw (and other similar OPE) from stalling out at idle due to the centrifugal clutch system rather than as with the Bikes and cars having a direct link from the gearbox to the motor via the clutch keeping the motor turning regardless of throttle position.
  7. Sawchip

    In days of old when woodcutters were bold

    I can not give you the full supposed "Science" but I believe the thinking is .....early oil's used were often just a sort of motor oil in "most" cases so not up to snuff compared to what we all use now. I remember my Granddad using Castrol green engine oil at 20:1 to make mix for his Stihl 08 back in the early 70's so i think a lot of "This is how iv always done it" sort things may have happened . Fuel is not the same now as then due to the "no lead content" along with all the other things the industry uses in it now. I note many Pro MAC"s (USA) talk of 40:1 in a manual iv seen if you used there recommended oil (what that was i cant say). Over all though...same thinking as yourself re modern "Full synthetic" 2 stroke oils in old saws
  8. Sawchip

    In days of old when woodcutters were bold

    Old school saw that I have...about 58cc . The old saws run fine on 40/50:1 modern 2 stroke oils ...this one i even run on Aspen as it spends long amounts of time is storage !
  9. Sawchip

    What blower?

    I would recommend one of these. A..proper micro 4 stroke...little effort to pull over to start...no fuel mixing.
  10. Sawchip

    Small saw recommendations?

    + 1 on Dolmar/Makita . Starting with the Ps-35 or a Ps-420 .
  11. Sawchip

    390xp squish.

    Why did you take the rings off the piston ?
  12. Sawchip

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Just how the hell did we all manage before "The Internet" ...you tube ...google ......Etc, or the rest of this tech that is often talked up as .."Time Saving" !!...sometimes debatable . We knew folks that knew about things , we had contacts that had contacts and ...Ouuu I don't know, talked directly to someone. Ironic isn't it , that im saying the above ...On a Internet Forum ! Fair to say though that I still prefer to keep the usage of tech to a minimum , surviving just fine without a smart phone ,tablet, gameboy,home control gadgets .......Etc. Tech/internet is not properly secure whatever way you cut it as most of us do not have a degree in "IT" therefore allowing those who know more (who ever they are ! ) to propagate scams . We all know of the existence of scams and other nefarious practises with out any disputes I take it !
  13. Sawchip

    Google has just freaked me out!

    I wonder how this "voice recognition" could work when it comes to passwords and security !! What with folks controlling there home infrastructure and rather a lot of there "Life" with there computer / smart phone /tablets plus all this voice command stuff, it strikes me there should be some thought into "if everything " being integrated is such a good thing ? Im constantly aware how much caution and effort is needed just to avoid scams without getting involved in much of the above!!
  14. Sawchip

    New sthil reviews

    Some Vid, For what its worth ..........
  15. Sawchip

    What's on your bench today?

    Your accusation has shocked me !!!


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