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  1. Read the original post and why he claimed back on the Lo Pro. And that it is ‘miss-sold’ I have already stated I can’t comment on 880/1 but realise you would need to be sensible with it. “Hey up. Lo Pro milling bars are a waste of time on anything over 36inch bars! Discuss” I was answering the post and subsequent ones on lo pro and Rob. And now this post ^ makes you the about the 4th [emoji28]
  2. Basically you’ve had issues with using lo pro. Plenty on here haven’t had any issues including me using 661 & 48 inch GB bar. Decide for yourself what that is saying when others and myself have had no issues and you have, that’s for you to work out. People have tried to give their actual experience with lo pro,and Rob, it is you who won’t listen, not others and that is your choice. “I’m convinced” “no business being used” 36inch only bla bla ... good for you that’s in your experience and opinion with it. Not everyone’s! Stop trying to tell me and others it’s being miss-sold and doesn’t work when clearly it does and can just you can’t get it to work. You couldn’t make it work so you complained and have subtly talked down Lo pro, GB and Rob. You got your money back because you ‘know more’ than Rob no wonder he gave you money back to get you off his case. You now have a set up that works for you. Carry on with that and your new supplier. The rest of us will keep using Rob, GB bars and Lo Pro.
  3. I have used 661 and stihl pmx 3/8 lo pro for couple of years now with 48inch gb bar on everything up to 100cm oak. I snapped my first chain on the weekend but it was old and had stretched and I was cutting hard knotted oak. I have removed a link before to keep the chains tight enough as they can stretch. Absolutely no issues and I have cut some big timber. I have found stihl pmx to be plenty strong enough. I think it comes down to how you mill and maintain the chain ie wedges, sharpening, tensioning, forcing the cut etc. To me if people on here are breaking noses and chain with 3/8 lo pro and 661 set up then it’s user error over equipment. I would definitely go up to 881 when milling larger logs regularly. The 100cm i milled up with the 661 and 3/8 was hard going and I wouldn’t recommend it but it does show what’s possible with correct set up and use. I can’t comment on the 3/8 with an 881 but it sounds logical that you’d want .404.
  4. Ah ok thanks for the info. I have use of an excavator with forestry grab so it can be put on gently. But I see what you’re saying with large logs to be moved. I will have to have a play with it then but I will defo build a log bed [emoji1303]. Cheers. Hope you find a new place.
  5. Nice work Saul. I know you’ve mentioned the F2+ and building a wooden bench to take larger logs. The F2+ is quoted as taking 1200kg. Have you found this to be too much? I understand the initial loading of a large log on to the wooden frame but once a large log is on are you saying it will then be able to lift it up as normal? I know it says it will cut up to 70cm but I guess for example an oak log that wide and 2.8m long would exceed that. I saw the ladder idea for shorter logs you put in a video, like that [emoji1303] Just curious really I am still waiting on my order but hopefully by end of January. Are you getting the ES8 on test I can’t remember? Cheers. Stuart.
  6. Davies is where I ordered my F2+ ES8 etc. I was told everything was in stock except the ES8 so paid on 17/18th December. A week + later I chased them up just to see if it had been shipped. “oh we don’t have any of it in stock” Really nice friendly people but very unorganised was my experience. Of course I can’t speak for any experience but mine.
  7. Send us the link when you come to sell your equipment [emoji1303]
  8. I thought this was the saw carriage? How do you use it without it one...
  9. What distributor did you buy the mill from? I thought the saw carriage came with it...
  10. They sell what they call ‘special’ cannon bars so I’m not sure if they are different to ones you can buy online as normal. I have ordered a 63cm as the 70cm isn’t available until March. It’s a good question though! This is what they quote on site: ‘In cooperation with the best guide bar manufacturer in the world, the Canadian Cannon Bars, Logosol has developed a fantastic, solid guide bar for log sawing. A thinner material in combination with really tough hardening and precise tolerances in the chain groove, give a bar that is ideal for chain sawmills.’ I will look in to that. I know the free chains from stihl they are including for me are ‘ripping’ chains but I’m not sure if the bars are actually 3/8/ 3/8LP or 404 [emoji848] for the ES8
  11. I always worked to 25/30 cubic ft to a tonne for oak log.
  12. Ah ok good to know. I should be ok the excavator i have is a 3tonne and forestry grab it won’t lift much over a tonne reaching out over a frame. But getting a 5 tonne so then I will have to be carful. Not arrived yet. I’ll keep you updated, & probably be back with questions [emoji16][emoji1317]
  13. Appreciate it [emoji1303]
  14. Oh okay that’s where it is. Thank you. Some cracking info there I’m getting through the posts and videos from Rough Hewn, really useful stuff. I was trying to work out the log frame, I thought it was to take the initial weight, but as I kept reading I saw it’s to take the initial load shock. Good to know [emoji1303] I’ll keep reading and watching through. Better to learn from other people’s experience than make mistakes myself. Cheers guys.
  15. I’m still getting to grips with this site. I saw the latest on the milling forum. Didn’t see anything with the F2. I’ll get used to the site though.


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