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  1. She will take down big stuff lads 👌👍 has the saw over a month been putting it through its paces IMG_0626.MP4
  2. hi thanks for your question the balance is very good i was thinking the same before i had it of echo to review and test u will be pleasantly surprised how well it feels in the hand its very good
  3. did i ever say i was an echo convert hahaha o i am missing one saw from my collection 2511tes isn't hear but iv been testing reviewing the new battery dcs2500t for a few weeks now i test review echo saws a full review will be up on the echo blog page soon any questions feel free to ask lads try and answer them as much as i can on the saw
  4. yes i did pull the exhaust of and drilled it out from the back just need to give it e retune and see how she rips waiting on carb adjuster screwdriver set to arrive in post lost my only one i had
  5. im keen to try this and see when the new batch of files arrive i will get one to try out
  6. picked up my brand new 362 top handle today already muffler modded it spark arrestor pulled out love it great saw feels good waiting to get carb screwdriver give it a tune as she runs in and let it rip
  7. interesting i see they do the 6ah battery i wonder how much better they are the thing that is attracting me is the battery are so much cheaper to buy than lets say a still battery and the husqvarna battery for there battery saws to be honest anything over 12/14 inch bar id be wanting something bigger sent up anyway to do take down
  8. I have the makita 254z 18v, which is light but only good for light pruning. A guy that works with me has the t540i, it is very impressive compared to the makita, loads more power and battery life. It is a proper topper. The price is off-putting though. It also weighs about the same as a petrol one, and my elbows like a lighter saw. im curious to find out what the bigger brother to the 254z is like it looks pretty good power wise the t540i is just to expensive when u consider you need two battery for it
  9. ok lets start this off so iv been looking around at the battery top handle market and iv tested the new husqvarna t540i witch i liked but was not impressed with the price and battery but i can't help looking at the new makita duc306z top handle is it any good and u can get one hell of a deal on one 489ponds with two battery and charger on 14inch bar i recon personally its these brands like makita dewalt Milwaukee will steal the battery top handle market that's just my own opinion they been doing battery powered tools for several decades haha
  10. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    yes that's the one i should have it this week im on the list to review and test the new 70cc as soon as it arrives hear as well but i haven't heard anything back from echo uk yet im pursuing the subject but news is thin im sure i will hear something this week from them
  11. markrufrider

    Echo 70cc+

    i have the new dis 2500t arriving this week from echo uk for me to test and review i will start a new thread on it sorry iv been a little quiet on hear lately as for the new 70cc news has gone quiet due to covid 19 im guessing production and shipping is delayed things if i hear anything i will post info up im hoping to get my hands on one very soon
  12. ok cool was it an arse to actually get the cat out or relatively easy ?? yeah i haven't seen anyone post pics vids of one modded on hear or any where a timing advance make a big difference im keen to see if i can get one to be a 201t ripper
  13. anyone got pics of muffler modded 362/360 they want to show and how much of a difference is it made as im going to get a 362tes soon
  14. had one on demo yesterday for the day loved it great power compared to the old one its on par with the t540 xp fuel saw but it does have its draw backs its heavy with battery mounted in little bit more than the t540 with a 16 bar on it and you will need a second battery as well as one battery will only last you a few hours if your up a tree cutting or doing a complete take down f&r jones have them for sale few other online shops have them and local dealer to u could get them in


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