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  1. The 346 is now all back together and running sweetly,I used a 9mm s/steel band fixing and a new boot and impulse hose ,new choke lever, reset the carb screws back to stock and with hardly any messing with the carb it is pulling well.I thrashed it for about an hour, and tick over is now totally consistent. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Thanks I get your point and I admit its down to my inexperience, but I have had so many carbs in and out of 2 strokes bikes so many times never a problem and Yamaha and the like know how to build a reliable smoker.Husky could have made it simple, I'm not going to wait for another clamp from the internet only parts supply.Thanks again though for yours and the other poster's advice ,it really is appreciated and every day is a school day.
  3. Yes I deffo strained it by repeatedly try to get it to click in and that's why it failed and haven't got the knack of the pros that have done it before but what a stupid design the only reason can be manufacturing costs ,it wouldn't be so bad if any of the local Husky dealers stocked spares but they don't.Total pain in the arse.
  4. Wasted some more time on this today, eventually got it together and seated correctly, refitted the cylinder etc as I was about to fit the carb I heard a snap and guess what the clamp had let go the little male end bit nowhere to be seen ffs what a piece of shit. Going to fit the type that Yamaha etc use which is similar with a machine screw to tighten, been the same on bike carbs forever they can be torqued up and undone its simple to do and it works probably costs a few pence more to manufacture so Husky swerved it.
  5. Whats the trick to the metal clamp on the intake boot? I have got all the parts that make up the boot and put them all together ,removed the cylinder took the old boot off new one on all lining up nicely all husky oem but I can't get the metal clamp to click together is there a method i don't want to force it ,looks like a crap way of fasting a clamp to me hopefully Im just being a thick twat.
  6. Makes me want to cry when I walk around the corner on site and employee is pulling the start cord like a man possessed rather than consider why it won't start ,usually because they have flooded it.I get the same sinking feeling sometimes when they drive my trucks.
  7. Got the none oil guard ,I was going to get a 760 a couple of years ago but the oil guard completely put me off so I got another Stihl,last time the recoil pawl snapped I went to get parts and walked out with a new 770 I really like it.
  8. Can any one tell, if you use a liquid gasket between the cylinder and the intake boot? as I just watched a video on youtube and the guy used loctite 518.
  9. I've got 2 of theses we just replace the filters they are cheap enough, on the previous models the Ts 400 the filters needed cleaning weekly but those saws were older. I just bought the new Husky 770 as I"m fed up with the recoil pawls constantly breaking on the 410s and the stop switches dying and also primer bulbs splitting.The bolt housings fracture and let go on the flywheel side leaving the plastic casing flapping.We only use genuine parts on them but no more Stihls for me too much down time.
  10. Update is I think I have found an air leak on the intake boot by spraying brake cleaner on it, (the engine stalls when I spray the boot in one particular place )I saw this done on youtube, all the bits are ordered from LSE .Its got a replacement probably chink top end on it so nothing to lose yet really.
  11. Seems like a good idea as Im not confident on finding the air leak and decent top ends are not cheap if I get it wrong.
  12. Deffo an option if he has time.
  13. Thanks , Idon't know what a decent pressure tester costs so that's one of the reasons ,I am after some rough costs.
  14. Thanks ,that useful info,I have changed crank seals on air-cooled 2 stroke bikes before without splitting the cases just never worked on a chainsaw bottom end before.


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