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  1. 18 stoner

    Nose sprocket of 660 gets blocked

    Many years ago I experienced the same and managed to cure it on my 660. In short you need skip chain and high output oil pump. Basically there are too many cutters in one length of a 36” bar for the takers to clear the sawdust. The skip will have less cutters overcoming this but the saw will cut more freely therefore higher speed. As for the oiler I found due “not quite enough” oil getting out there, the bar/chain got slightly warm. It wasn’t really hot but enough to nip the chain up, this compounded the problem. I know Chainsaw Bars will supply the best price skip, as for the pump, I got mine from my Stihl dealer.
  2. 18 stoner


    Please accept my great concerns for Paul. He was wanting to come round to ours last week to cut some rings for platters. I thought it strange all went quite. I hope all goes in the right direction for him, please keep us informed of his progress. If you'd rather contact me directly I think you'll have my number. Thoughts with you all. Pete.
  3. 18 stoner

    Give us a clue!

    Yes, ganoderma to the left. The white one is the one puzzling us.
  4. 18 stoner

    Give us a clue!

    Could possibly be. Unfortunately what you see is how we found it. It does seem someone has cleared an amount of ivy from around the tree but not sure when.
  5. 18 stoner

    Give us a clue!

    I'd say my best description would be carpeted, quite firm with a soft surface. Not sure how helpful that is as a description though!
  6. 18 stoner

    Give us a clue!

    Are you referring to dog vomit slime?
  7. 18 stoner

    the 'todays job' thread

    So today we went to a run of the mill back garden pruning job. You know, topping birch, pollarding conifers and selling pegs. The customer asked for an extra, could we "finish" his Thuja he started trimming. Apparently he did the lower bits until his wife banned him getting up on any steps. Apparently it'd been like this over a month;
  8. 18 stoner

    Boxing Day Hunt Meets

    There could be a possible case of manipulation here don't you think? That of the facts and the use of the media? Statistics say there are over 1000 pets a year killed in this country by domestic dogs that have "accidentally" ripped apart cats, rabbits and other dogs. There are some 345 reported cases of "pack dogs" running feral and killing other pets. Yet the 4 cases of a pack of "fox hounds" doing the same are the only ones that hit the tabloids and are quoted in point of an argument.
  9. 18 stoner

    Boxing Day Hunt Meets

    Perhaps in your country. It's barbaric and you should move with the times. Drag hunting is the way forward and keeps everyone happy and legal. 👍
  10. 18 stoner

    Boxing Day Hunt Meets

    Yep. Keep up, hunting with dogs was banned. Years ago! Fox hunting is included in that.
  11. 18 stoner

    Boxing Day Hunt Meets

    Who said this was "fox" hunting?
  12. 18 stoner

    Boxing Day Hunt Meets

  13. 18 stoner

    Rate My Hinge.

    Why the split level? Why cut the toes off?
  14. 18 stoner

    Lombardy Fell Incident

    And obviously general antagonist. Many thanks Mull for turning what was in general an interesting read, into what is now a kids game of name calling. Cheers.


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