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  1. mdt


    Paul had a variety of jobs as he was self employed, for those that don't know he did arb work, fencing, relief lorry driving and other jobs helping people out. Now the inquest has started he has been named and included a link for you to read. http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/driver-who-died-after-lorry-270759
  2. mdt


    The accident that Paul had is in no way related to arb work, I should have made it clear from the start and I do apologise for that. Thanks for the messages and posts they do mean a lot!
  3. mdt


    It is with a heavy heart that i have to say my brother passed away this afternoon. The head injuries was just too much for Paul to recover from. He will be greatly missed by many as he was one of the most helpful people you could ever meet, he often put others before himself many a times. Am struggling with words right now but you get the idea of the big void in our family that he has left right now. Thanks for all the messages and posts over this week he would be amazed and therefore this makes me especially proud of him to have had him as my brother.
  4. mdt


    Mornings guys, unfortunately it's been a very challenging week, on weds he went for an op to get a drain fitted to help with pressure building, this was in the morning but then rest of the day his levels were up and down all day blood pressure, brain pressure etc that by just gone 9pm he was back in theatre for a major op to remove part of the skull to let the brain expand. He has struggled since and a few more complications have arisen since. Sorry guys but no news is not good news!
  5. mdt


    Thanks for all the posts and comments so far am sure goaty will thank you all in person one day! Just for those that aren't aware I am goaty's brother. Thanks again guys!
  6. mdt


    Mods if this is in the wrong place then please move to where it's best. It's with great sadness that I have to say that the member goaty was involved in a serious accident on Friday night and is currently in ICU,he has stabilised over night which is great news for us but still in critical condition. Just wanted to let you guys know as he has made some friends on this forum. Will keep you informed of progress. Thanks
  7. No problem go ahead pat. Sent from my GT-N8010 using Arbtalk mobile app
  8. We have looked into this but find payback to long, think was 10 years payback for a 20,000litre system.
  9. I met Mr bryce last year at a machinery show and found him to be a very helpful chap with my queries, he didn't try to deal with me and move on like some reps can do, he chatted away and made sure I had my answers before I left even with people waiting to see him after me. Can't help but feel that certain people may have exaggerated or even fabricated things about Mr bryce!!
  10. Have a look at agriweld website under products and will see a couple of box rotators. Am sure they will be up to the job but they are for mounting on front loader etc.
  11. Sewage cake/sludge is a very restricted product in agriculture it can't just be put here and there as you like, a lot of paperwork and testing is involved in the distrubution of it. It's a very good fertiliser but certain crops cannot be planted after its been applied, vining peas is an example off top of my head I think it's 5 years between been applied and peas been allowed to grow. Hence why a lot of paperwork for traceability. We get a lot of the stuff regularly, only problem we have is that we have 24 hrs to incorporate it into the ground which doesn't always work out to things out of our control ie weather. Myself I wouldn't use it for growing veg personally.
  12. Just leave it in a 1000 speed then run tractor till it says 750rpm on clock/display.
  13. Here's a few I have taken lately.
  14. Will have a look in a pile of manuals I have and let u know. Sent from my GT-N8010 using Arbtalk mobile app


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