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  1. Landscaper-Fencer

    Due to continued expansion we are looking for additional team members. Based near Oundle in Northamptonshire. Sub-contract, Full time, Part time enquiries will be considered. Ideal candidate will be, self motivated, problem solver with a desire to work hard in all weathers for good renumeration. Very varied work, including commercial landscaping, fencing, ground works etc. Modern equipment fleet and vehicles. Send me a PM Or call Seb on 07841 119956 for more info.
  2. Urban Tree Planting

    Arbor resin permeable surface. Green-tech Green blue urban Or Greenfix all have their own versions. Easy enough to do, two part resin add together mix in aggregate and trowel-tamp level. We normally allow around £120 per m2 as its not cheap to buy and takes a while to do a single tree when you factor in cleaning up tools etc.
  3. Chestnut pailing suppliers?

    Josh, Try these guys in Holland. https://www.kastanjehout.nl It may be cheaper by road than crossing the channel.
  4. Skidster Mini skidsteers

    Giant do one also now. Products
  5. Oak saw logs required.

    We have a tree down in Huntingdon. 1200mm dbh minimal taper for 10 m and no branches until 12 m Total length at the moment is 14 m but las 2-3m tapers rapidly with a bit of a twist. Its road side and needs shifting in the next 2 weeks. PM If you want to take a look. We are on site from wednesday onwards for 4 weeks so could assist with loading.
  6. Fencer

    We are looking for a sub contract fencer for short term contracts in the East Midlands. Must have CSCS Good pay rates. Please pm for more details
  7. We are looking for additional Landscapers. You must be motivated and willing to work hard as part of a team. Mainly commercial sites. Based near Oundle, Northamptonshire. Good pay rates Please send a PM for more details
  8. Maintenance operative required.

    We are looking for a well motivated landscape maintenance operative to work on commercial sites in the East Midlands. Some soft landscape construction work also. Based near Oundle, Northamptonshire. Please PM your contact info for more details
  9. Avant 420?

    As mentioned above, its more about the driver than the machine. Granted these little loaders can be unstable on slopes and in the wrong hands, but when used correctly they can achieve quite a lot in a day. I have seen a muppet operator flip a 1.5 tonne mini digger on a curb, whilst a skilled driver can use one on the side of an embankment no problems. Ideal as a yard machine and for larger site works. We are more landscape based so always moving materials around. We have the vermeer s800 for muddy banks, i don't think that will tip over. Ours works on up to 45 degree banks quite regularly with no issues.
  10. Avant 420?

    This video swayed my decision to buy [ame] [/ame]
  11. Avant 420?

    The Giant we have weighs 1600kg with the big tires on it. Lifts about 1400kg low down and close to hinge point. You can get additional counter weights etc to increase lift capacity. If you want an orange one, they make them for Kubota aswell
  12. Avant 420?

    We like our Giant 332 xtra Lifts heavy loads easy.
  13. Wanted!! Mature Prunus Victoria

    Adam, Try Kingsdown Nurseries. They occasionally have various fruit trees for sale in pots that can be up to 10 - 15 years old. Failing that Deepdale may be able to source you one from there supplies in Europe.
  14. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Stephen, I spoke to Diverto about a year ago they wouldn't tell me the price either!!! I seem to remember finally finding out it was in 80 - 100 grand area depending on options! which immediately put me off. I think its a good concept but I was worried that it was a bit too technical for everyday use, and as is often the case with multi tools, ok at everything it does but not brilliant at any. I like the look of that JCB Eddie, that will be a great machine for multi site jobs.
  15. help pricing a job please

    First thing is to contact them and tell them you cannot source Ash trees!! No nursery is allowed to sell or move at the moment. As mentioned above, break it down into materials needed. These are fixed costs and have no wiggle room so be sure to take off dimensions etc correctly. Now work out man hours/days required What equipment will be required and for how long. Do you rent this or own it? either way it needs billing for. Then you need to account for overheads , these are also fixed costs so no wiggle room. They include all costs to run your business for a year, insurance , accounts, phone, small tools, training , vehicle, etc etc. Divide this up by the expected days you will work. And you have a daily cost of doing business. Add them all up and you have the true cost of completing the job. This is all a fixed cost and should not be tampered with! Now you can add on your desired profit margin. This should vary on the following factors: how much you want the job? How busy are you? How well does it suit your business, i.e. do you have the tools and manpower etc to perform this kind of work. Is it far to travel. How many risks are involved. All the above should influence how much margin is added. Hope this helps. You could get unit prices from others but they will have no true correlation between how your business can undertake the work. P.m me if you want more info.


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