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  1. Those Wood Owl bits are quality, you'll enjoy using it.
  2. Just wondering why you want tight-grained? Ash, unlike other timbers, fast-grown is stronger, i.e. wider annual rings.
  3. I can't picture what you mean, but Schultz demonstrates a number of retrievable redirects
  4. Also, you don't have to climb solely SRT. I switch between the two quite often, even in the same tree. I use a ZZ and chicane, so piss easy to switch. Whatever works. For example, set up TIP with base anchor. Do some work on the way up. Get to TIP. DRT to other TIP, set up canopy anchor and SRT again. Do everything apart from TIP. Swap to DRT again for dismantling that. Not necessarily helpful for getting to grips with SRT as quickly as possible. Also +1 for Schultz effect. It needed multiple watches for me to let it all sink in and decide what I wanted to adopt.
  5. Can you place the logs perpendicular to the slope?
  6. I've got two and very happy with them.
  7. May 2017. It seems that things are slightly different in real life, yes. That's from my own experience, and watching respected climbers like August Hunicke and Reg Coates. It's trying to simplify a really complicated calculation of dynamic forces to cover different tree species. When I looked into it properly after the rigging course, even the scientific papers concluded that basically, it's impossible to calculate the forces accurately.
  8. I see. They changed how they want it explained. When I did the course there was a separate question on estimating the weight of the log, where a species correction factor and a safety factor (the 1.3) came into play. Then for the load at the rigging point it was 2x and 11x log weight. 14.3 is a much easier number to use. I'm really good at my 14.3 multiplication table.
  9. Values might have changed but I'm pretty sure when I did my rigging course WLL is MBS/5, and the rule of thumb for negative rigging is divide by 11. So that leaves 200kg of your 11,000kg line. You can up that number by having more rope in the system, having a good groundie who can let it run etc.
  10. I don't see that that will make it better. I want the connection to be as close my chest as possible, personally. The bat plate would put more distance between the ZZ and the chesty.
  11. I used a little accessory type carabiner that I just clip into the carabiner between the zigzag and the chicane. Also use a 4srt chest harness. Works for me.
  12. Blah

    Stihl 084

    I also find that surprising. I use a 36" LP on a 661. It's OK, but I certainly wouldn't go up a bar size and if I did more milling, I'd be splashing out for an 881.
  13. I mill with a 661 and a lo pro 36" bar. I would not go any bigger.
  14. My kit is pretty much the same as Martin's. I have the small (red) ISC block, a p500 tree runner and a 14mm rope. This does everything I need. I also have a swing cheek pulley for smaller bits and have recently spliced myself a short ring ring sling which is my preferred way to lower stuff down now.


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