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  1. Roland Heming is also really good. We did way more than what was on the syllabus.
  2. Anything my HLA85, which I'd recommend, won't cut, the battery topper comes out.
  3. I have the p500 and the guy I usually work for has both p500 and p3000. I like them both, and it's handy having both. The p500 is perfect for small rigging, where the tree is staying. You only really want to take the p3000 out of the truck if you are going to rig big, it's a heavy unit.
  4. Blah


    From the HSA86 manual, page 31: "The power tool may be used in the rain and wet. Dry off your power tool after finishing work."
  5. Blah


    Why not? I run mine in the wet quite happily.
  6. Can't say I've had a problem with the toolless mechanism on my MSA 200.
  7. Another issue with a base tie, especially if the tree is a bit taller, is the weight of the rope pulling the rope through the the top anchor and you unweight the system. But as has been said, horses for courses. Sometimes I use one, sometimes I top tie after getting in the canopy. Sometimes I DRT.
  8. Having had a couple of solid days on the Chicane, I really like it. It's very easy to switch between srt and ddrt, there's hardly any sitback e.g. when foot ascending up, and it doesn't have a friction hitch that needs tending. It would be nice if the ZZ was midline attachable, but I can live with that. I imagine I'll be using this over the RW.
  9. Just ordered one too. Look forward to using it in anger. I actually had a go on a prototype about 9 months ago and liked it then.
  10. Mine is a 97 Colorado and the chassis looks mint. It’s going strong with 230k miles on the clock
  11. Heh. Have a 160 to match your 2511. Pretty much exactly the same
  12. Hmm. Have broken plenty playing in waves
  13. Me three. Bought a 25" bar for my 441, didn't really pull it. It now pretty much lives on my 661. Apart from anything else, the 661 feels much more balanced with 25" bar than with the 36". Got rid of the 441 now, so it's topper, 261 and 661, a range of saws that does what I need them to very well.
  14. I have a '97 LC Colorado 3 liter diesel and tow with it regularly. It replaced a badly corroded Defender. The LC is much better apart from two things: it's not legal to tow more than 2.7t, and you can't have lowbox without difflock. Mpg for me is about the same: just over 20mpg if not towing, just under if towing. This is mostly short runs around Bath. I bought it at 220k miles. It needed a clutch, tyres, waterpump, timing belt and rear suspension in the first year. It's not needed anything in the last 3 years. If/when it dies, I'd probably just have the same again.
  15. We've had the 660 and 661 out quite a few times over the last couple of weeks and notice the nose sprocket on the 36" bars is getting blocked. Sometimes it stops the chain altogether, sometimes it's just noticeable when rotating the sprocket by hand. Don't notice this at all running on 25" bars. Tends to be a right faff to get it running again, usually a bit of wd 40 and / or chain oil and a bit of faff can get it running again. Not entirely sure why this is happening. Any good ways of avoiding and / or getting it working again?


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