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Which tracked MEWP to choose


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35 minutes ago, Dan Maynard said:

I hope so, thinking of hiring one as I have to fix the church clock back on.


Seems Nifty can be had for about a third of the hire charge of a tracked machine.

Will a trailer mounted nifty reach not seen many over 17m  but they do a 21m but it is heavy. 

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23 hours ago, kevinjohnsonmbe said:

That’s the secret - 25m tracked MEWP £70k


At £500 / day that’s 150 ‘jobs’ to recover initial outlay. 

Every AREA will need one but not every tree firm. 

Be the guy with the kit in the area. 

The 2nd hand dodgy history units are already starting to appear with firms hereabouts. Personally - I wouldn’t touch, buy, hire, use a second hand set up. 


I think the Cela 25 is significantly more than 70k.


Plus you'll need a bespoke trailer and a capable tow vehicle

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29 minutes ago, woody paul said:

Will a trailer mounted nifty reach not seen many over 17m  but they do a 21m but it is heavy. 

I reckon the 17m will if we get right below so going straight up.


Anyway, I can always take some steps up with me if not quite high enough.

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Reading with interest. 

 I rarely rent but when I do it is for dead or damaged trees with no anchor point.

For those arb businesses who own their own mewp costing £70k, what turnover might we be looking at?

Where is the point you break even and what are the cost implications in owning one?

Running one doesn't mean you automatically dispense with an experienced climber as there are obviously plenty of jobs where a mewp is overkill or access to the whole tree is not possible.

I know productivity can be greatly increased If I'd rented one for the 80 Lombardi's we stripped and topped instead of climbing I'd still needed to be able to deal with the volume of waste by employing another groundy

I'm interested in the bottom line. 




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The 25 meter spiders are the way to go. You need at least 10 meters outreach i find. You are looking more like £80k + Vat for one now but on the right jobs you can do two days work in one. Thats how you make your money with them. Even better with a good climber to be doing the dismantle whilst the spider is on other trees crown lifting etc. Mewps will never replace a climber but if you get both working well together then thats where the dollars at.

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I'm not experienced with mewps but a couple of times I've done deadwooding in an avenue of fairly big limes, pretty awkward climb as near vertical branches and loads of epi stopping normal rope wrangling.


 I reckon a mewp would have easily doubled but even three or four times the work could have been done. Even just plonking a climber in the top of each tree would have been magic.


I'm not sure how you can pick the jobs like that though, so many other days are apple trees or tight back gardens.

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On 31/07/2022 at 09:36, woody paul said:

Will a trailer mounted nifty reach not seen many over 17m  but they do a 21m but it is heavy. 

In the end the 17m Nifty was spot on, clock was at maybe 14m so had the outreach to get it nicely. Also went up and checked gutters.


Took the MEWP back early then as didn't have another job lined up where I could get it in.

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