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  1. Quicker with small loader or even digger with grab on.
  2. Just dice it from the top down you have got to break 42" rings down to pick by hand anyway. And if stumps are being ground out wll not matter what last cut if like.
  3. We can only advise, you need to try them on for yourself. All of us are different shapes, tall and short.
  4. Finished off cutting this morning, McConnell Mower did well but got stuff neck form going backwards.
  5. Mailbox easy, ask posty how long it's been damage will answer the question.
  6. I ment ask them what would be needed so you know incase her husband is in insurance and you know what you need to know. To right about deadwood flying around or even live wood but would of thought it was laying near by after hitting it so he would of seen damage.
  7. He said Work is though committee so they are pay not her, have a word with insurance company ask do they need evidence of you hitting it would of thought just evidence of damage done. But all this for £20 mail box.
  8. Never, he will stand looking at it drinking a cup of tea for the first half an hour.
  9. Would say it's cast steel not iron so a good welder should be able to stick weld it, Had an auger touque post hole borer drive unit which came with weld on ears (lugs) to mount it took them to a fabrication company near me they said cast steel and said they had one employee that could weld them on a bit of steel, used dissimilar rods.
  10. Not going on holiday so got a bit of money spare as well I think.
  11. Mad at the moment got a couple of jobs done and then 5 come in, talked to another tree surgeon a couple of weeks ago and a landscaper and they are the same. Weather not helping at moment either.
  12. Is that an avant head stock, as said just cut off old part and fabricate new bit.
  13. Matt Allwright loves rouge tree men. Send your story to Watchdog - Watchdog - Send - BBC WWW.BBC.CO.UK
  14. So uncompleted job as well. Would anyone near by got reg of vehicle they used on cctv maybe.
  15. When will people learn, if damage to you property you should be able to claim of neighbour for it as you employed them to do work.
  16. Pressure is the main thing you need to run one not flow rate that is just speed.
  17. The bod that had driven it had put it in 4 wheel drive not understanding the vehicle.
  18. Start with power supply, fuse, relay or lose connection. Check earthing points as well. My mate had some dents put right on his old L200 and when it came back was drive back by garage bod I was there when it turned up and as soon as turned in to his yard you could hear tyres scrub, he got in it and was in 4 wheel drive ask bod why it had been in 4 wheel drive and he had no idea why.
  19. Lack of use is most of the problem with transmission get stuck in or out.
  20. Replaced the roller cutters and springs on my TW 150 a couple of years ago and made it a lot better at pulling things in. If you jensen is OK otherwise spend a bit of money on it.
  21. If you have saw ticket wear chainsaw trousers always handy to have someone how can step in if needed.
  22. Some thing similar went on a couple of months back my brother received a letter through the post about having a test you do yourself then a courier picks it up, the postmen said he only delivered 3 envelope like it in the whole village, so must be worked on percentages. Then a customer I work for had a letter about anti body test. So there is tests going on all the time that most of us no nothing about unless talked about.
  23. No Colchester St Benedict's School
  24. Schools are putting pupils in bubbles and teaching them and play grounds are divided up for years or bubbles, or if not bubbles spaced out 2m apart. So i was amazed today working near a secondary school at kick out time buses turned up and then left jammed full with all ages of pupils, so all the work done by school all day went pop.


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