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  1. Had a customer a couple of years ago how said part payment would be cash rest bank transfer, not a problem i said. Job was done in two parts paid cash on first part then reduced work on second part so less to pay, was £550 only paid £500 into account message no answer landed up emailing with 7 days to pay. £50 IS £50
  2. Still got to lift it into powered barrow, places with narrow access we use trolley to get out wood in large lumps then pick up with tractor and timber trailer or just take small loader or digger and put it on truck.
  3. have you had any ongoing issues with the thumb? Only thing I get is a prickly sensation in were scar is, it's the tendon stitches that never desolve. Apart from not being able to bend tip back no other problems.
  4. Only pay £800 odd for all tree work limited to 90ft and fencing with 2m excavation with 10 million cover.
  5. Unless tree is of good size it will not stop a car, seen a VW golf cut an elm 18 inches across off at ground level which made a bridge for it to cross a ditch and land up 25m into field. As others have said may slow up car losing control but will send stuff flying. I now of an accident near me were car crashed into fence which killed passanger was questioned if fencing was suitable for that streach of road. So be careful what you do.
  6. When I had dressing changed on thump it was me how had to soak it and remove bandage not to put any healing tissue. Then when they replaced it put a fold in it so with plastic splint on it pushed on radial nerve in thump, hell of a painful.
  7. I used a grinding and sharpen company near me, then get a bench grinder and made a jig to sharpen my 150 blades. Always took a couple of pairs to be sharpened cost me £20.
  8. Isn't one tine straight and the other cranked and longer and only 6mm.
  9. Would grease all moving parts first and see. Use a couple of old farm trailers in the past that would take there time dropping greased pins and speeded job up no end.
  10. The tines aren't cheap unless someone has found supplier that is.
  11. Will be interested how it works as was thinking of make one.
  12. Filled can this morning with E10 for the first time, filled blower this afternoon as tank was empty ran for about a minute and slowed and then stopped first thought was seized so chuck it on truck, nearly stopped on the way home and bought new one but didn't. Turned out screw had come loose and court on ignition fly wheel
  13. Well yesterday, got asked what this would be worth, runs very true hand or foot treadle. With makers plate. Anyone got an idea.
  14. Have had more problems with petrol driven machinary with carbs block in the last year then ever before so they may of been changing things before saying anything. Was told last month red diesel has 8% bio in now, but could of had old stuff with only 5% in.
  15. And in a recyclable can, how things have changed.
  16. As in college I would not leave it standing if they have had one fail earlier. Did fell beech about 3 years ago which had meripilus for over 8 years and no signs of die back. When stump was ground out very little rot to see. Word any advice you give puts the decision in colleges hands.
  17. I ve message a lot of people to get clarification on this and still waiting on an answer. Maybe the arb association can ask the government if we can still use it in chippers.
  18. They sat outside a yard that deals in sand, gravel and topsoil a couple of months ago in Colchester stopped every lorry coming out was told 3 lorries from 1 haulage got seized.
  19. That would be vosa or how ever it is now, but they can't do anything about towed plant or trailered plant.
  20. From what i have been told from supplier is, Red diesel will be available as it has always they will supply it and its up to you what you use it for. So the law has not changed they have just added more classes/industries to the list how can't use it. Just a bigger mine field for everyone to work around, even some machinery manufactures have told me wrong things about it
  21. That would be tight, put 2 in my 130 tippet the other day and only had a foot gap at front and it's got a 8 ft bed.
  22. Have put loads of unpointed posts in and they definitely twist less then pointed. You can twist then straight by hand but need to be loosened a bit first by wiggling them about with thumper.
  23. So it's a temporary fence in woodland, using cheap wire got timber to mill so go for it. How is going to see it, if it looks well put up should not matter.


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