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  1. My brother had some doors made from 50mm box each was 2m x 3,6m which he them boarded with tongue and grooved hang them on large cup hinges and have not moved in 12 years but are north facing.
  2. Knew a bricklayer how only ever drove a round in old army Land rover, anyway went into Land rover dealer to buy new landy he got ask how can we help, like that new 110 parked on the front was told they needed to do credit checks and then it would take a couple of days to sort out. So he just chuck a bag on the desk and told them to count the cash and he wanted it that afternoon. He got the landy that afternoon and they delivered it.
  3. Have used Gator oil for over 4 years just get it delivered so no running about for it.
  4. Was asked about a Titan multi tool a couple of years ago by a mate. He had had it a couple of years a would not run properly, checked fuel lines filter and plug and found nothing wrong with them. Turns out the carb need a re set which is common, without looking it up can't remember which way you have to turn H screw, but you you can get a pair of pointed pliers on it and turn it think I may of ground a bit off pliers to get them in.
  5. How can it come home when it was a home match.
  6. The dealer you bought it off should supply that service, that's what I was told.
  7. Will a trailer mounted nifty reach not seen many over 17m but they do a 21m but it is heavy.
  8. To bulky but yes are very good have used one like that years ago when working on a farm. Mask has got to be worn with chainsaw lid.
  9. This is dust related to the work I was doing.
  10. After all the mask wearing do to covid looking for a comfy mask to wear when working on some plants and shrubs. I am ask because after being laid up with a chest infection for 5 days and looks like it going to be mid next week before I can get back to work. This is the worst I have ever had it and have pin pointed to what has caused it.
  11. Always bought trailer number plates off eBay, every time it asked for v5 info have never filled that bit in and always get plates. Halfords will not expect firearms ticket as ID so stuff them.
  12. Have been working on a large old beech tree for the last 5 years and have always pruned it just before leaf drop as advised by top arborist consultant.
  13. Thanks for that but, I don't need telling which way a bolt has got to be undone as I know my way around certain machines. I didn't want to knock 10 balls of shit out of a bit of steel to find out its not coming out that way
  14. That's what I thought but couldn't get centre boss to move with light tap wil give it a good hit with bigger hammer. Or just buy completely unit and just bolt it on.
  15. Anyone know how belt tension pulley comes apart to change bearing, have tracked down rumbling to rough bearings.
  16. Tree surgeon dumps quarter of a ton of trimmings on customer's lawn 'after she refused to pay £40' WWW-DAILYMAIL-CO-UK.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG Boss of A1 Tree Surgeons Jamie Young, 37, and two helpers, can be seen in a video lugging two...
  17. If you keep spraying regrowth to wil get the idea in the end.
  18. Used a basket on telehandle, loader tractor and small loader to cut hedges make it easier. Customer turned up with thiss a couple of months ago just sat it a long hedge and accessed it with ladder.
  19. I am with Steve on this, and you can have what ever you have in truck tea, coffee or even hot choc. Only last week customer said do you want tea then she realized she had no whole milk only soya, my reply was I will have it black and put my milk in.
  20. You got to chip a lot of stuff to see money back.
  21. Holly trim and Tobroco Giant doing its thing.


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