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Top 10 most popular wood-burning and multifuel stoves


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Very very surprised to see the Stovax Stockton 5 in there! We have one, fitted 3 years ago. Parts of it are a complete joke and wish I had gone for the Aga little Wenlock or the squirrel  instead. 

Main problem I have with the Stovax is the total inability to shut it down at all, I have had to take an angle grinder to the smokeless kit and it’s improved but still overburns. On top of this I have had to modify the door to get it to shut even remotely tightly- before I could have inserted a beer mat in to the stove with the door shut and still would have left seen daylight either side- no wonder it over burns. Really not impressed at all.

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How a stove retailer can advise the ten most popular stoves is beyond me and I speak as a retailer myself unless they are his ten most popular.   No stove manufacturer or importer is going to give anyone their sales figures by model so I suspect most of whats above is based on what is popular for Bowland plus a few that were popular.    

I find it hard to believe that a contempory stove such as Neo outsells Ecoburn Widescreen,  certainly that is not the case in my showroom.   The Morso 61 series are a lovely stove for a fireplace.  however they used to also be installed as a freestanding stove in the room with no fireplace.  The contempory Morso 74 series with side windows now outsells 61 series in my showroom ( I am a Morso dealer) by 10 - 1. yet I have just tied a deal up for 5 6143s for new builds to be supplied over the next three years.       But whats popular in one area may not be in another,  and of course fashion has an impact.  Some winters I sell lots of twin door stoves,  others very few. 


Somebody mentioned a stove that would not shut down,  ( Stockton ?),  this is now the norm in modern stoves in order to hit efficiency and particulate emissions targets.  With Ecodesign Ready stoves now coming forward into the market meeting the proposed Europe wide requirement for further increased efficiency and further reduced emissions means that most stove designs older than 5 or 6 years with probably be phased out.  If anyone wants a stove that they are able to close right down buy it now while you still can.   Ironically Morso stoves meet the Scandanvain Swan label scheme,  these requirments are higher than Ecodesign so very few Morso's will go I understand. 


My own best sellers are:


Ecoburn Widescreen


Ecoburn 5


Esse 100


Morso 04


Morso 74 series.



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On 21/07/2018 at 05:05, Commando said:

IMHO nothing beats clearview stoves. Currently have a morso pedestal stove, Dunsley Yorkshire boiler stove and a Clearview Pioneer 400. Has a Morso Squirrel that we liked.

Great minds think alike.


We have a Pioneer400 in the office and use branch loggings which are perfect for a quick start and last long enough for me to do the normal book work and phone calls.

We started with a Clearview 650 with twin doors which is great for the big logs but I prefer the single door stoves for a good seal.

Aarrow Stratford boiler stove linked to Dunsley Neutraliser for the central heating.  North Sea gas linked in but very rarely used, only when away.

Very impressed with a Danish Aduro 9 air stove for efficiency.  Similar I suspect to Morso

Having a Danish wife of course had no influence at all!



"Ten Best Stoves" articles seem to be everywhere 


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