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  1. Toro grinders?

    £14300+vat (38hp)
  2. Toro grinders?

    The ZT is also built to fit a certain price category, it is currently £14300+vat & the waiting list is getting longer by the week. We have plenty on order for stock on top of the reserved orders, it takes Five weeks to even enter production at Bandit after the order has been placed. So far feedback has been great, we have a few small niggles but nothing we can't address. I have seen some oats where they are more expensive around the world but we keep our margins low & keep them going out the door.
  3. The Wee Chipper Club

    The M250 was built as a basic, no options model to compete with other cheaper brands. Although JB can not match some of these we have narrowed the gap, it works well for customers who do not want to use a machine constantly & cannot justify the cost. The main cost saving is the B&S engine from the Honda, there is no quick release or rotating chute, it has the benefit of the. 13hp without the extra cost. The hopper is made in different sections instead of one formed section, warranty is the same as the rest of the range.
  4. Bandit gallery

    12 week delivery time now on any new orders
  5. Bandit gallery

    That word probably is unnecessary [emoji23]
  6. For Hire 360 with operator and large Tracker Chipper

    Good chipper is the 150xp, unstoppable. [emoji123]
  7. Missing bolt on Bandit sidewinder stump grinder

    There are Two types, The early type bottom out in the hole so the length is critical & the second goes right through with a locknut. The early type can be modified if required, not sure of the thread size though but it will be UNC.
  8. Bandit gallery

    You can take a step back now as you have half of your week spare, should you want a Forst John has a nice one for sale.
  9. Bandit gallery

  10. Wanted: Predator 460 or similar

    We have a couple of used HB20's in.
  11. Bandit gallery

    I'm expecting some but have a waiting list
  12. Bandit gallery

    [ATTACH]222657[/ATTACH] Delivery no.2 on a Saturday.
  13. Bandit gallery

    [ATTACH]222650[/ATTACH]so the ZT's are starting to arrive & the first is out within a day.
  14. Where Di you have your chipper blades sharpened ?

    I would be concerned if I were Saturn
  15. Farmi Dealers in the UK.

    Yes us Mike, 07730000498 or deanembling@globalrecycling.eu


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