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  1. IFW now offer 3mm solid chequerplate side extensions, 750 + vat a set or thereabouts. A
  2. Best thing is a 5kw stove with a clip in boiler, the heat to water is then usually about 2.5kw leaving the other 2.5kw to the room. 2.5kw to water would be enough for Dom Hot water or a single 1m x 600mm rad. The boiler replaces one of the firebricks. But most of the boiler stoves that are still around ( and most will go as at present the dont comply with the 2022 emissions regs) are speced burning solid fuel, this will generate about 30% more heat than if you are burning wood. Dont worry to much about 2022 as there will be no requirement to change stoves, just that older less efficient designs are phased out for newer cleaner more efficient models. Look at the ARADA range, they are currently one of the leaders on boiler stove technology. There older Ecoburn Generation 2 range had clip in boiler options, the current Generation 3 which was launched this summer I believe does not. The generation 2 is no longer on the ARADA web site, I still have a few in stock I think. Another thought would be the Charnwood flue pipe boiler, this will only fit some Charnwood stoves only and no others as they use the flue flange fixing points. One of those fitted to the new Aire 3 ( not sure off hand if Aire 3 would be compatible though) would generate around 3kw to the room and 2.7kw to the water, Charnwood Flue Boiler - Charnwood Stoves WWW.CHARNWOOD.COM The Charnwood ash-carrier is a simple yet invaluable addition to your Charnwood stove. It offers a clean, safe and effective means of ash disposal. PM me if necessary. A
  3. Never needs tyres, always needs brakes !!. I reline brakes every 12- 18 months, tyres punctures excepted last 10 years. A
  4. I see see a Nugent general purpose trailer that drove past me over the weekend, new, looked smart but no opportunity for a close up look. A
  5. I have been looking to buy a new tipper recently, either TT3017 IFW or the Brian James equiv. I have asked both about thickness of the solid sides, IFW dealer says 3mm on the optional solid extension sheets, Brian James says 2 mm on the lower part of the sides and only 1mm on the optional upper parts. While 1mm might be OK for chip there is no way that it would remain looking decent if we are loading rings into it either with a loader or holding the trunk over the trailer and sawing them through. Brain James says they are more concearned about weight saving and the ease of getting them on and off. My local IFW dealer is quoting March 21 and wont give me a price as there is an imminent IFW price rise and all trailers leaving the works are charged at the current price that day. My next nearest in giving me mid Jan. The Jan guy says his trailers are ordered with the HD tyre option, 185/70R13. I would have thought the HD version would be the 195/60R12, 20mm lower body and wider tyre. Anyone any thoughts on this. T I A A
  6. Good spot, but plus 17% auctioneer fee + 20% VAT on the hammer price and no warranty. A
  7. Alycidon


    Need a bigger shot size for a drone I would suggest, the bloody things can fly very high and have such good camera systems that you dont know they are about. Pikeys use them to check roofs for lead I am aware. A
  8. Agreed, wood is hydroscopic and does pic up moisture from the atmosphere. But I mainly deliver wood that will be stored in garages,, so kiln dried with no wood worm etc is a bit safer, dont want a complaint that wood worm from my logs has got into a house timbers. Do get regular calls about ash bark beetle in seasoned at this time of year though, that can be frightening for the home owner. A
  9. Its not me that advocates it, its a major UK stove manufacturer. My cord sits for a couple of years in the open, then gets processed March/April time and put in the barn. MC external starts at about 8% in Sept but over the winter moves out to 14% - 16%. Dont get any complaints. A
  10. As a stove retailer myself you would be surprised by the state of the wood some people try and burn. Kiln drying if done properly ( and many dont) has several advantages over seasoned, the main one being no woodworm etc in the logs. I sell a fair bit of seasoned myself, this I cut into vented bags and store in an open dutch barn stacked 2 high, works well. A
  11. There are for and against s in the to dry issue. For is that the less moisture in a log the less energy is wasted evaporating it, thus more energy is converted into heat. Against, Research by a leading stove manufacturer advises that the optimum moisture level for minimal emissions is 10% - 12%. Less ( or more) than that and the emissions levels increase. A
  12. I have seen what looked like lovely burrs on Ash but were totally rotten inside. A
  13. I had a container in a few weeks ago, it was kilned to specification. A
  14. Alycidon

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    All wood is good wood, as long as its DRY. But never ever burn crerosoted wood. A
  15. I find they dont last beyond one summer, UV light gets the straps, then the whole lot falls to bits. Mind you I do move mine full with a telehandler. A
  16. Welcome to the site, apologies for late reply, been busy of late. I am a Morso UK dealer and run a Panther 2110 myself at home. I can order these parts for you from Morso Denmark, they no longer carry any stock in the UK I am afraid. PM me with an e mail address and ideally picture of the stove showing the air control lever under the ash lip ( there are several models of Panther, this is how I usually can tell which model you have) , I will then send you an exploded parts sheet, There are a number of parts inside the door yes, send me a pic of the inside of your RH door showing what parts are present on the catch. On my 2110 there is a pin with a taper on it that locates onto the front of the grate to hold the doors closed, this locates through the door handle shaft. Panther is also heavy of the side firebricks as the cast iron baffle plate above warps, I get two years out of a set. Door rope is another change needed after about 18 months. If you have an owners manual that will have the model details in it. Kind regards A
  17. Put it on facebook marketpage. A
  18. Fully refurbed in agricultural spec it would be worth 20k, but the cost of the refurb could be more than that especially if the engine needs a re build. 7000 hours and that Ford engine usually has a piston liner issue caused by water cavitation, thus the engine needs rebuilding. Yours also needs 4 new tyres, thats 3k plus I would think. Auction report: Collectible County sells for £23,500 (plus VAT) - Agriland.co.uk WWW.AGRILAND.CO.UK A significant auction of tractors and other equipment took place on Saturday, November 23, in West Row, Suffolk (England). The sale involved the so-called ‘Cooper...
  19. Anything County is worth silly money, and appreciating fast. I know someone who bought a Ben Craig rebuilt G reg 1174 for top money 2 years ago, looks like it just came out of the factory. Its risen in value in that time by 10k maybe more. A
  20. Well around here it appears to be the case or has been for the last couple of years. A
  21. Agreed, my daughter uses Waze all the time. A
  22. Get a high end Tom Tom, anyone spots a camera van notifies the system of its location by pressing one button on the screen,, all other users are immediately notified if they are within half a mile. As you go past you get asked if it is still there, yes or no, again one push button. It also gives you your average speed on stretches of road with gatsoes. A
  23. Cameras are getting very clever, 10 years ago or more on the A38 in the West Country there was a camera site with a sensor to measure the vehicle height, anything over a given height doing over 50mph was ticketed. Friend got done in a Scania, he was keeping up with traffic in a 60mph area at about 53- 54 mph ( it was limited to 56mph) cars got through unscathed, he got a ticket. A
  24. This is not really the correct site for that sort of request, lads here are looking at far larger quantities but of more common woods. They are mainly arb guys, so cut trees for a living. However most of the timber these days is retained by the home owner for his own use or for sale to his friends, wood coming back to these guys is usually low grade stuff like poplar and conifer. Those that sell firewood tend to buy in uncut cord wood ( usually thinnings ) in 24 ton loads then process it into logs for sale to a homeowner maybe 2 years later. WoodLots do have timber for sale, but the small volumes you want will be difficult for you. Andy Harrision who is near Kettering buys standing trees and supplies timber to the wood turning people, he also has a pretty big firewood buisness. He might be worth talking to: Andy Harrison - Wood, Wood Turning, Landscaping, Timber and Firewood WWW.AHARRISONWOODTURNING.CO.UK All type of wood working.
  25. Chalgrave Steve was who I was thinking about, he is still here. A


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