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  1. Alycidon

    4x4 pick ups

    Thanks for that. sweet set up. A
  2. Alycidon

    4x4 pick ups

    Like that trailer, who makes it. How does it unload ?, tip or use the loader ?. A
  3. Alycidon

    Henley Druid

    I know who owns it and a bit of background there in , but I was trying to get the message over while being discreet about it. A
  4. The full letter in on the link in the text. A
  5. There is now a letter from Defra circulating in the trade advising that the govts position is in red here: Defra clarifies their position on domestic wood burning In January 2019, the government launched their Clean Air Strategy for the United Kingdom. While the strategy has been broadly welcomed by the industry, it has also been a thorn in our sides due to scare mongering headlines in the national and local press such as, "Are wood-burning stoves going to get the chop?", "Is my wood burning stove really killing me?" and "Air pollution plans to tackle wood burners". Understandably, this has led consumers to question whether they should invest hundreds or thousands of pounds in a luxury for their homes, in case they are banned in the future. Specflue is pleased to share with you a letter received by one of our suppliers, Garry Puttock of Putlock Chimney Systems Ltd, from Dr Therese Coffey MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment. The final paragraph says: "I hope this letter reassures your constituent that we are not considering banning domestic burning. The Government recognises that households have installed wood-burning stoves and the Government is not seeking to prevent their use or installation, however, we are keen to encourage consumers to switch to cleaner burning." To see the letter in full please click here Specflue, with the permission of Garry Puttock, invites you to share this letter with your customers, and hopes that it reassures them that installing a modern wood burning stove, burning the correct fuel, and regular servicing can be part of the solution to air pollution from PM.
  6. Not seen any of the others but am familer with the Esse, I stripped one at the Esse training school about 10 years ago, there is nothing to see. However Charnwoods far more recent quatroflow system introduces a fourth air supply above the baffle plate, maybe the Esse had an air inlet into this area that I did not see. Have tried to ring you to discuss. A
  7. Esse have been saying this for years, their second combustion chamber is the space above the baffle plate !!, go figure !. A
  8. I would agree they are certainly striking, and pretty good at getting heat out and about. I did see one at a trade show many years ago but its always women that have the last word and they decide on how it looks, and I cant see many on them liking how it looks. A
  9. Alycidon

    Cordwood ready for processor

    Welcome to the forum, This is a common request in this part of the world, so you and many others are looking for good quality hardwood cord. Over the years I have had a dozen or more people say they can supply, but none actually do due to a wide variety of reasons. It would help if you specified what sort of quantity you are looking for and what sort of maximum diameter. I have recently be made aware of auction prices as high as £85 a ton ride side, then you have to add carriage in, usually £10 a ton depending on the length of haul. So if you are processing for resale you are probably paying more than you can buy ready processed kiln dried products from the Baltic for. On the other hand of you want a few cu m for your own use then one of your local arb members may be able to help. But many of them dont get a whole lot of timber now as the home owner or their friends lay claim to it. Its thats what you are looking at then a rough location would help together with some sort of clarification on transport, ie can you collect it from site, usually at short notice. A
  10. Its sold as an industrial boiler, cant see to many ladies allowing that in their lounge !! A
  11. Actually thinking about it the Posch hydraulics are all self contained, so PTO connection only to the tractor so hyd flow is no bother. A
  12. Alycidon

    Flexi Flue sweeping.

    Rods for liner are NOT the 19mm or so drain rods used above an open fire traditionally. They are a small 12mm ish flexi plastic rod that bends easily. Traditional rods are just not flexible enough. Buying a new sweep set up today then power sweep is the way to go though. But they can be a bit rough on 316 grade liners that have been in a few years and have been used with smokeless fuels, thus may (will) be corroded at the top. Personally I would also go the certified sweep way, £60 every two years if you burn nice dry wood is not to bad. Any stove repairs needed ( firebricks replaced etc) he/she can put in at the same time. A
  13. My brothers runs IFW tri axle livestock trailer and advise that when fully loaded with cattle it tows nicer than their previous twin axle ones. A
  14. I have a Posch 20 ton vertical splitter and run it on a MF135 ( 45hp and 38hp on the PTO) , no real probs on 99% of stuff but a real knotty bit makes it struggle. Hyd flow is only 30L min. A
  15. Alycidon

    Artic load of Firewood

    With the cost of decent cord as it is £75 a cube is pretty fair for seasoned IMHO. A


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