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  1. Welcome to the site. I am a major distributor for Arada and Morso and have been for many years. The Arada Hamlet range is an entry level product, designed specifically for builders and developers who want a decent stove at a price level that is comparable with the better quality Chinese stuff. The visible glass size is significantly smaller than the more popular Ecoburn and Holborn ranges, Hamlet has a 10 year casing warranty which is the norm for a quality stove manufacturer, the Ecoburn and Holborn have a lifetime casing warranty. This is a warranty against faults in parts used in manufacture and the manufacturing process, it does not cover you against abuse or ingression of water. These products have a steel body with a cast iron door. The 4412 is a fairly new model, its been out 2 or 3 years, steel body with steel door, door closes magnetically which is a nice touch, 10 year casing warranty. I have sold about 10 but have had one where the door came open when the stove got hot, Morso changed it though. Having a distrust of this system I do make sure every 4412 that goes out then the door closes as it should. Other than that it does what it says on the tin. The Morso Badger 3116 is one of my favorite stoves, made from heavy duty cast iron it works superbly. The visible glass size is a bit small when compared to some but Morso have never been a company to follow fashion. If in 50 years you need some parts for your 3116 then they will be available and if still in production will be the same as the 3116s in current production. Since its launch 3 years ago the Charnwood Aire 5 has been my best seller, followed the the Ecoburn Widescreen, I would recommend that you also consider Aire 5 but it does need a 150mm flue where the others in England can all be flued on a 125mm system which of course is cheaper. All the above are 2022 compliant. Hope that helps. A
  2. That is I think the sort of thing thats being worked on, but there are a whole raft of approvals to gain prior to it being marketed in the UK. A
  3. Self adjusting stoves are in development by at least one of the UKs leading stove manufacturers. Currently being trialled overseas. Some small European manufacturers have tried the market them with very little uptake. My own feeling is that anything electrical in close proximity to a stove is asking for trouble. Good idea to ban open fires and old inefficient stoves but no way would the govt play ball on that, to much of a vote looser especially in the North. a
  4. Doubt they are compliant with the new Eco design 2022 regs either, but that does not come into effect untill Jan and after that date non compliant stoves sold can still be used. But he shows one at 40kw, that must be huge, far bigger that anything else I am aware of in the market currently. A
  5. Internet only I think, so she wont get to see one. Judging by the crates I have seen its made in China so likely to have a short service life compared to a quality product, but £600 for a 10kw stove is very cheap given the huge steel price rises we are seeing over the last 6 months. 10kw is a pretty big stove, suitable for a room with a volume of 140 cubic meters, is the room she wants it for that big ?. With the current massive demand for stoves post lockdown 1 most decent stove manufacturers have halted production of their big stoves and put that capacity into smaller and more popular models. I would usually recommend the Arada Ecoburn range but the biggest in current production is the 7kw. Esse and Morso are similar, Charnwood have the superb Island 3 but its around £2500 and unlikley to be able to get one for some months. You are asking for reliable and cheap, these two words do not go together usually as far as stoves go. Cheap and cheerfull yes, you might get 5 years from the Ecosy, maybe 10 but probably no more. You pays your money etc. A
  6. Arada I400 or the Morso S81 are both £1200 ish inc VAT from memory. Both are convector stoves, so as advanced as it comes. If yous stove is cast iron and not steel which I doubt then that does add a significant wedge but I cant see where the £800 quid can be in the product. A
  7. Outside temps of stoves will depend of their construction. All radiate heat to the front but some have side and or rear convector panels. Called convection stoves these pull cold air under the stove and up through an air gap between the stove side and the steel convection panel. This results in a cooler side than a radiating side and a reduced clearance to combustibles. Many of the Morso, Arada and Charnwod the tall cylinder stoves have this feature, sqaure box convectors are thin on the ground, Morso S11, Morso 2840, Charnwood Skye and ARC External casing temps on a radiating stove can get up to over 400 deg C depending on the fuel type and volume loaded but most of the time they run at about half that. Is 250mm safe, ask whoever certified it as safe to use. Its his insurance that would have to pay if a problem arose. As long as its not pink backed fireboard then i would have thought is would be Ok especially if a convecting stove was installed but I am a stove retailer and not an installer so dont take that as gospel. If its not been signed off as safe to use ( this is a legal requirement) then you need to get a building inspector in to check the work and certify it. No sign off then no insurance cover in the event of a claim. A
  8. If its for logs then its a purchase for resale I assume, in that case you cant reclaim it. Would be interested if there is no import VAT on cord wood. A
  9. Its the haulage costs that are making imports costly of late, but a strong pound is countering that. My supplier says that container hire and shipping has increased hugely in price since lockdown. Containers are in short supply as many are being used to store Covid medical protective gear. A
  10. Since Brexit the whole import/VAT system has changed as you are aware. I bring in kiln dried logs but I cant see that the system will be to different. You used to declare the import in your quarterly VAT return and at that point paid the VAT. Your supplier needed a copy of the signed receipt to be able to sort the VAT aspect in their country. VAT is certainly due at 20% on logs in the UK, but selling to the home owner then its sell at 5%. Suggest you contact the VAT office about cord, I suspect your accountant may be wrong. I assume you are up to speed with the Forestry Commissions requirements re reporting the paperwork needed re the source and species, the import and getting it inspected at point of delivery. You now have to declare your container to UK customs and pay the UK VAT due before UK Customs will release it for onward shipment to you. To do that you can either purchase the software needed or get a specialist to do the clearance for you, I use Yes2ship as I only do a couple of containers a year. They send you bill for the UK VAT and their costs, once paid your container gets released for onward shipment. takes about a week from the ship docking if all goes smoothly. My first container under this system is being delivered Friday am, ship docked last Weds but taken 2 days to get hold of Containerships to book the onward transport. You can set up a VAT deferment account but I am unsure if my accounts software (Xero) can handle that yet. Hence I just paid it upfront. Hope that helps, A
  11. At that rate its cheaper to bring in kiln dried crates from Lithuania and Latvia.
  12. There is no formal qualifications required to set up as a sweep, my terrier could do it. Most installers have seen pretty poor jobs sweeping wise. Jetmasters can be a nightmare, pretty inefficient compared to a stove as well. Had a look at the video, looks a decent stove, but no better than the Axminster made Arada I400 cassette stove or the Danish Morso S81. Dont know how it stacks up against those price wise. At least with Arada ( and in normal times Morso) you have an assured parts back up. A
  13. We always use stainless, sometimes loose jobs because we are more costly but quality costs money, A
  14. Should be able to fit a clay liner adaptor to that, as long as there is enough height above the stove, looks like it will need a couple of elbows as well. Maybe rear flue the stove straight into the CLA, A
  15. You were lucky that there were no snots of mortar on the inside of the liner, we wont even attempt to put a 150mm liner down a 175mm clay lined these days as it always ends in tears. A


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