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  1. Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    Its lengthen the tube not shorten it, sorry.
  2. Splitting Eucaliptus

    Its still standing, coming down mid week, so will split and process in the following 7 days weather permitting. Thanks for the input, A
  3. Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    Used those when we had hay being taken from the farm yard overnight, work well. If you cut the tube back on the end of it you get a bigger bang !!. The Police response issue is due to Police numbers cuts, chief constables prefer palatial buildings. If you knew just how many are on duty at any one time you would be horrified. Recently I got blue lighted for parking under a working streetlight on the top of a hill in a small local twon without leaving sidelights on, had I left the sidelights on I would have had a flat battery in about 30 minutes. I know that the constable who had a chat with me was the only one within 15 miles. He has to cover a fair size town and about 35 villages, helped by a couple of PCSOs. So they are unlikely to be wanting to put themselves into any dangerous situation as there is just no trained back up. If you shot the perpetrators on the other hand you would have armed response police with you in a matter of minutes. A
  4. Storage for wood wanted

    Thats a pretty big county, might be better to give some sort of approx preferred location, you dont want to be driving 35 miles to your yard. A
  5. Splitting Eucaliptus

    Got a 20 ton Posch vertical, with the optional roller splitter head for stringy stuff like this. A
  6. Splitting Eucaliptus

    Is this best split green fresh felled or after a year or two, looking at 5 foot or so diameter stuff. Thanks A
  7. What the best 3500kgs tipping trailer thanks

    So you lads that were looking at Brian James trailers in 2015, what did you buy and how have they turned out ?. Thanks A
  8. Client company folds

    If a limited company then Company Check is free for the basic service and tell you what you need to know. For recommended credit limits etc then you need to sign up which costs. Insuring your sales ledger is another way but insurers wont allow you to pick and choose, its either all or none. If you get 2p in the pound you will have done well. Companies Phoenix all the time, gone one day and back a few days later under a similar name doing the same thing. Dealing with these companies you know that sooner or later you wil get shafted so another way is to not get mad but maintain the contacts, and do work for the new company that you overprice by perhaps £100 a pop. Developers do a development, then go over taking all the subbies with them and leaving the home owners with little by way of warranty. Then set up a new company for the next development. I had a guy with 10 failed companies behind him ask me to supply stoves and flues at 4k a pop for 7 or 8 houses, I said I would do one then wanted paying. We did two and got paid OK. The rest were sold without stoves. A
  9. Rabaud F80 splitter

    As a stove retailer many are to fat. Think that for optimum flame patterns in a 5kw stove ( so a 12" square firebox approx) you need to be able to load 2 or 3 at a time. None the less for a large volume of oversize stuff its a pretty decent bit of kit, just put of the oversize logs log into the processor split chamber. I would be looking at some sort on handling gear for the processed stuff, ideally with a filter to take out the tiny shavings etc. A
  10. Mobile wood processer

    Fuelwood are close to you, they might be able to help you in some way. A
  11. Jappa 700 2006 year model

    Talk to Fuelwood, they are very helpfull. A
  12. Imported firewood

    I import, to my knowledge none of my containers have ever been inspected, all have bourne the same sealing bolt reference that was put in place when loaded. I feel that there should be far more rigorous inspections but there is a cost to this that central govt are unwilling to pay. Any supplier of wood found to be contaminated in whatever way should then be subject to 100% inspection until such time as their products can be declared safe. Repeated offenders should be refused entry full stop. 32 thousand tonnes, at 24 tonnes per container = 1250 containers approx, yet only 46 were inspected, thats around 4%, not enough. A
  13. Split Dilemma

    I use a Posch 20 ton vertical splitter for such stuff. Cut it into 800/900mm lengths, split with Posch, stack outside on bearers to dry for the winter. Next spring cut into logs using your processor for sale the following winter. It handles most stuff with a 4 way head attached but its only a couple of seconds to convert back to a 2 way. Its NEVER failed to go through anything I have put under it. A
  14. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    CW will of course be quite happy to sell anything direct to your customers. Personally I dont believe in supporting anyone who competes with me. A
  15. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    Most of the people in Lithuania such as Woodbioma, Suarida etc will do them but you usually have to tie them in with a container of logs. I use the Saurida ones, last winter I sold out and had to buy some unbranded brown box ones from the UK, while they worked ok they were very loose bound and I had approx 3 or 4 lighters worth of loose material in the bottom of the box. Saurida are nice and tight and beautifully packaged. Dont know if they would do own brand but for the volumes you are talking about you wont get that anyway. I will be ordering in June, pm me nearer the time of you want prices. The lighters are in the boxes in the foreground stacked up, 50 in a box. A


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