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  1. Alycidon

    Selling poplar as firewood

    I have about 5 or 6 tons of Pop around, mainly oversize stuff. On Tuesday I was cutting some of it for my own use this coming winter, this has been in a cord stack since August 14. Bark has long gone, some of te timber is now starting to decay and is WET inside, you can feel it as you handle the logs. A
  2. Not had that pleasure, my wood is delivered in crates or vented bags and rolled into a garage or similar, A
  3. Hamlet carry a lesser warranty than the Ecoburn range, but the major point is that the glass area on a given Hamlet is 40% smaller than the same model Ecoburn. So far less visible fire. My most popular stove is the Ecoburn widescreen, never sold the Hamlet version. A
  4. I would agree that having got your stove properly certified currently there is nothing in any legislation to prevent you burning wet wood unless you are causing a smoke issue for people living close to you, that is an offence for which you can be prosecuted. There are simply not enough people in local building control offices to enforce the regs currently in place. Personally I would like to see a legal maximum moisture content on firewood sold by vendors like me but not only is that highly unlikely again it cant be enforced. A
  5. Alycidon

    vented sacks

    Some are far more prone to UV damage than others, don't put them in direct sunlight and they should last some years. I have some green Bag Supplies ones still going strong that I bought in 2011. Vented bags do help drying, they allow air to flow through the stack of bags, no air flow = mould. A
  6. Alycidon

    my Firewood production set-up

    Looks like an old Fiat 80c or 100 C crawler, good old buses. A
  7. They already have adequate regulations to enforce the emissions regs that are currently in place, but these are not policed or enforced normally. Anyone buying a stove without having it installed by the Hetas ( or similar) reg contractor needs their details formally notifying to their local building standards officer who can then ensure that its correctly and safely installed. Modern stoves are the solution to wood smoke pollution not the cause, that is people burning wood in open fires and old non smoke approved stoves within cities like London that have a blanket smoke control policy. A
  8. Alycidon

    Imported Kiln Dried Wood

    Stacked crate which has an external vol of 1.17cu m , this contains about 1.5/1.6 cu m of logs if loose, sell at £185 last winter inc VAT delivered. Early indication on cost this year suggests about £10 a crate cheaper due to the exchange rate to buy, if that pulls through when I order then this seasons prices will be £170/£175 ish. This is 100% Ash, nice small logs dried to 5% MC or below in reasonably robust crates. I use a Teleporter to handle them. Birch is 10% or so cheaper. A
  9. Alycidon

    Best theft insurance processors

    NFU covers all my processing gear., tractor and trailers. A
  10. What people do not appreciate is that heating is a seasonal business, the season runs for mid/late August to the end of November, in that time we do most of our years turnover. So to get someone ringing in September or October saying can you repair service my stove when they know its been broken since the spring often gets NO as an answer as we are to busy selling and installing new stoves. But given a bit of guidance most people are able to replace firebricks/grates etc especially those with some sort of mechanical or DIY aptitude. A
  11. In my experience 30-40% of customers have an annual sweep, most of the rest wait until something fails then want me to come out and service the stove, in Sept or Oct when I am flat out in the showroom. A
  12. The issue with newspaper is that it smokes quite a lot so unless you have a good pull from the chimney from the off you may get some smoke back in the room, but it works and works well. Personally I use the small wood shaving/wax firelighter, kindling is usually processor waste. A
  13. Technically the more contemporary stoves are of superior design with things like Terciery air to optimise combustion and emissions, stainless door handles that do not get hot enough to burn, etc. The tall thin models offer a superior fire as the terciery air comes on halfway up the rear thus you have in effect two fires one above then other. Its horses for courses but at the end of the what you prefer is academic, your other half will tell you which one you are having !!. Or at least that's what happens in 98% of sales in my experience where its her final decision. You all know how the world works !!. A
  14. Alycidon

    Ifor LM trailers

    Would be interested to see that confirmed somewhere as I am thinking about replacing one of my IFWs and with the terrible reputations of Land Rover Discovery 4 and 5 may well end up pulling them with a Ford or Isuzu pick up when the Defender dies. A
  15. Alycidon

    Imported Kiln Dried Wood

    Top quality product so it commands a price premium but many are put off by the crate price so buy a lesser quantity as a lower price. I do also have cheaper air dried products but am finding the premium stuff outsells the air dried 3 to 1. But I dont try to compete in the budget end of the market, people come into the industry, murder the prices, get some sales then bitch to me that they are not making any money, I tell them to lift their prices to my levels, they usually dont and pack up a year or two later. A


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