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  1. Alycidon

    Cordwood Wanted Buckinhamshire

    Welcome to the forum. Questions, How are you going to cut it down to a usable size ?, do you have access to a processor and tractor or are you planning to cut it up using a chainsaw and splitting axe ?. If so by the time you do that it would probably be better to pay someone a bit of profit and have it delivered either fresh cut and needing seasoning or ready to use. There is not a lot of money in firewood believe me. Doing things that way you get to keep all your fingers etc. Think about it, if an Arb guy is taking a tree down there is a whole queue of people wanting the timber especially if its decent quality. The home owner, next door, his mate or kids. Its not that often that tree surgeons have timber to take away these days although when they do its usually a lot. A A
  2. Alycidon

    Morso stoves - hit or a miss?

    Think this would be better addressed to Morso dealers privately, I am such a dealer. Fabulous products but the company is very slow to react to market changes but they have always been that way. Woodworks mentioned an issue with a Squirrel saying it was not state of the art combustion wise, Squirrel was launched in 1950, at that time it was state of the art, the first stove in the world with an air sweep glass, first one you could use without a glove. It has outsold everything in Europe in total since its launch. Parts for a 1950 built model ( and they do last 40 years plus if looked after) are exactly the same as the parts fitted in one being made today. Most stove manufacturers say parts are only available for 10 years after the stove has gone out of production, some have a very poor parts back up. Most Squirrel models are not 2022 compliant so I expect they will now have to be phased out with the possible exception of 1412. The two new models 4412 and 2850 have magnetic closing doors, another first I believe, lovely stoves, 4412 is selling well. In 10 years selling all Morso products I have never sold an ash pan, and only sell an odd firebrick and baffle plate. Morso Baffle plates on the older models tend to be cast iron, these can and do warp due to the temperatures generated, my own Panther at home needs a new baffle every 5 years and maybe 5000 hours use. I view this as a consumable item. Many of the new models have baffle plates built from Vermiculite board. With regard to who owns it, who knows, none of the directors are British and they do change fairly often. I have though noticed a decline in the cash in the P&L account over the last two years so there might be something in difflocks comments or it may just be a change in senior management style. A
  3. Disagree. Eco design stoves only release a maximum of 10% pf the emissions of an open fire. Many of the new designs coming through like the Charnwood Island 1 only emit 20% of the 2022 max limit, so thats just 4% of the open fire emissions. A costly stove for sure but a once in a lifetime purchase if looked after. https://www.charnwood.com/sia-ecodesign-ready-stoves-your-questions-answered/
  4. Alycidon

    Brake pad recommendations

    Pad brands, look at Mintex, Don and Ferodo, all first class products. Discs get hairline cracks in service, they go past the pads as small scrapers, so pad life on a set of used discs will be significantly lower than life when fitted with a new set of discs. A
  5. Alycidon

    Liner Giraffe telehandler

    D3-152 was fitted to Massey 135s, thats a 3 pot, I own one but think its a four pot. Dipstick of mine is halfway along the LH side of the engine, pretty low down, sits just in front of the oil filter housing, see pic here. https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=mf&th=64257 A
  6. Alycidon

    Tatty bags

    I tried some vented bags outside from July through to April filled with processed hardwood. 18 of them stacked 2 high with a fly sheet over the top of half the stacks. The exposed bags fell to bits when I lifted them with a teleporter, the top sheeted ones were not to bad but I dare not fill them again. Product in them seasoned well though. A
  7. Alycidon

    Selling a firewood business

    That would suggest he is probably importing it, or has an RHI kiln. A
  8. Alycidon

    Selling a firewood business

    To get back to your original question. If the business runs pretty well without much input from the owner then the sale value should be around a figure of the last three years pre tax profits plus stock at valuation. A
  9. Alycidon

    Selling a firewood business

    Several people in the area have packed up, just cant make money buying in at £85 a ton plus VAT and trying to compete with at least two people locally ( I am about 10 miles from Hemploe) selling cheap and at least one of those offers free carry and stack up to 20m from point of delivery. I do note though that while their prices have not risen for some years the bag size has fallen down to 0.8 cu m. so a 900mm bag with a bit of stretch. No point being a busy fool.
  10. Alycidon

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    This is a very common con, when I turn up with a 1m x 1m x 1m bag that has also stretched by an average 300mm having been bounced by a teleporter new customers always comment how much more wood they get than the last company they bought from. I picked up an empty bag from a client recently, Bag Supplies vented bag 80cm x 80cm x 80 cm. I did wonder how on earth they got 6 on one trailer when I can only get 2 of my bags on a slightly smaller trailer. This was sold as a cubic meter.
  11. Alycidon

    More negative news

    The issue is in the main particulates. The proposed 2022 Eco Design limits reduce these dramatically, Charnwood have one stove ( the Island 1) that produces only just below 25% of the maximum allowed 2022 limit. But still the actual figures are only proposed ones, nothing is yet set in stone. A
  12. Alycidon

    Larger processor for making smaller logs?

    For use in a stove you need turbulance between the logs, so 2 maybe 3 need loading at a time. I cut mine to have a circumference on the wide end of no more than 150mm. An open fire could take chunkier logs, most of the heat goes up the chimney anyway. A
  13. Alycidon

    4x4 pick ups

    Thanks for that. sweet set up. A
  14. Alycidon

    4x4 pick ups

    Like that trailer, who makes it. How does it unload ?, tip or use the loader ?. A
  15. Alycidon

    Henley Druid

    I know who owns it and a bit of background there in , but I was trying to get the message over while being discreet about it. A


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