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  1. Alycidon

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    As an Esse dealer I would be very interested to hear who at Esse said that, pm if necessary. All stove manufacturers want 16% or less, the 20% is driven by HETAS/Woodsure and the stove manufacturers are trying to keep in line until Woodsure drops the level further. Arada research has advised that the optimum moisture level for minimal emissions is 10%-12%. A
  2. Alycidon

    Iveco 4*4

    And they ( Landcruiser Amazon) are very nice to drive. A
  3. Alycidon

    Iveco 4*4

    Interesting. Its an Iveco though so how about reliability, would not fancy taking one into a desert. Wonder how the fuel consumpstion stacks up against the Toyota. Cant be as unreliable as Disco 3 and 4 though, money pits those things. A
  4. Alycidon

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    In my opinion it is NOT, I had a detailed discussion with Helen Bently-Fox the organiser at an arb show about 5 years ago, costs are far to high, you are paying for them to come out and audit your wood, where it comes from, moisture level etc etc. It cuts no ice at all with many people happy to change suppliers to save £5 on a load. And its being driven by Certainly Wood IMHO, why else would they say 20% MC is acceptable. A
  5. Alycidon

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    About time to, I have had a least half a dozen occurrences of 'kiln dried' wood being 30% plus this winter so far. The 20% that Woodsure and Hetas say is acceptable is simply not low enough, all stove manufacturers want 16% max, some ( Morso for instance) 15%. a
  6. Alycidon

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    This is the Eco Design plan, this proposed Europe wide strategy to reduce emissions by 2022 has been in the wings for a couple of years. The UK stove industry want it introduced in 2020 but that does not look probable. House Coal is the fuel likely to be banned as its very dirty. Old designs of stoves that can be shut right down will be phased out, this has already been happening with some stove manufacturers for a year or so. As far as I am aware there will be no legal requirement to change an old design of stove for an EcoDesign approved one. All EcoDesign stoves should be able to be used within smoke control areas. As a stove retailer I am pleased that finally the govt are finally moving forward with the issue. A
  7. The installation of a register plate into the base of the chimney to prevent heat loss up the chimney is the single most important reason why a stove provides far more heat into the room compared to an open fire. I looked at two earlier this week due to poor heat outputs., they had no register plates and flue pipes around 2mm away from oak lintels that were badly charred, builder install in 2005, am amazed the lintels have not caught fire. Thus all the heat generated goes straight up the chimneys. A
  8. Alycidon

    Firewood haulier (Cord)

    There was one around Nottingham, had a 8 wheel rigid. PM me for details. A
  9. Alycidon

    Oversized timber

    Friend of mine has ( or had last time I spoke to him) one of the Lasco cones on an excavator, he does exactly what you are thinking and feeds the broken down stuff through his Posch 360. A
  10. The vermont Intrepid is about the only top loading good quality stove that I am aware of, top also doubles as a cooking area, pretty high in cost but long service life, we replaced one a few months ago that had been in place since the owner now in his 50s was a lad. Even then is was changed as the lady did not like it. https://acrheatproducts.com/stove/vermont-castings/defiant-two-in-one-woodstove max size is 9.5kw nominal ( Max around 15kw) so about 130 cubic meters of volume given average insulation. Not sure if its a dedicated wood burner or multifuel, judging by the gap between nominal and max outputs I suspect it is. A
  11. Alycidon

    Retail cost of kindling per KG?

    Steve, Depending on how the brexit and pound go over the next six months I might want some next July. Am now having to register as an importer in case of a no deal brexit. A
  12. Alycidon

    Tax return

    I have just set up my first payment for July 19 on account under the making tax digital that comes into effect April 19. Seek the advice of a good accountant, not cheap but they do pay for themselves on the longer term. A
  13. Alycidon

    List your stove FAQs

    Q, Using a Defra approved stove do I still need to sweep the chimney and if so how often. A, Yes you do, how often will depend on what you are burning and if you are slumbering the stove. have it swept after six months then be guided by your sweep.
  14. Alycidon

    List your stove FAQs

    Actually not strictly correct but wise advice non the less. You can use a non Defra stove within a SC area but you are limited to burning smokeless fuel only, you are only allowed to burn wood as Bowland says in a Defra approved appliance and not in an open fire. A
  15. Alycidon

    Retail cost of kindling per KG?

    My smallest net is 3kg of kiln dried softwood, sell at 3.99 inc VAT to retail customers. Cost from memory about 2.30 plus VAT. Imported so need to buy it by the container or mix it with some KD logs. A


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