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  1. As far as I am aware thats not correct in England unless its a boiler stove and is supplied and installed by the same company. A
  2. No idea, I sell stoves and do firewood as a sideline. As such I buy very little from companies of that type compared to most of you. A
  3. Looks a simple bit of kit, supplier details ?. A
  4. Its a well ventilated building, you have natural air flow under the pallets, I would leave it as it is. I processed some Ash up today, storm blown tree that fell last summer. I cut it into large lumps and brought it back with a telehandler and 8 ton trailer. Split it into processor size strips over the weekend, moisture level is between 19% and 25% on the newly exposed face but having been sat for a day in the sun. That will be 12% or less by Sept without any need to forced drying. A
  5. Some years ago I was a wholesaler in a different industry, over 40 years in that industry. I would suspect that prices from the product manufacturers or importers who are suppling the company you speak of will have gone through the roof due to world wide demand and profiteering by the manufacturers. The retailer has fixed overheads and usually adds a fixed percentage to his cost price to cover these and make a reasonable profit. So if the costs rise so does the sell out price. So if the retailer had the product in stock in December then you have a fair point, if not you may not. Certainly I would be asking the reason behind the price rise. A
  6. Prices from dealers are usually in line with the web but most of the big web suppliers are not Morso UK dealers and are buying grey imports, these have not come via morso uk thus only have a one year warranty. Am on a firewood processor at present but would estimate 650 ish. Go onto the morso uk web site to locate your nearest dealer, if probs PM me with your post code and I will sort it for you. A
  7. Hi, 1000 should get you a nice stove, but you need to allow for the flue parts needed to install it and the actual installation and safety sign off ( a legal requirement) costs. These will vary from area to area. Assuming thats done then look at stoves that are actually made in the UK or Western Europe. A lot of Uk names are selling stoves made in China or eastern Europe and others are assembling stoves in the UK from parts made in these countries and are legally allowed to call them made in England. So for 1000 for a 5kw nominal heat output freestanding stove ( suits a 5m square room given average insulation values) I would recommend, Arada Ecoburn 5, made from scratch in Axminster Devon since the 1960s. Lifetime casing warranty Charnwood, Country 4, C4, C5 or Aire, latter two are a shade over budget though, made from scratch on the Isle of White since 1972, 10 year casing warranty providing bought from your local approved dealer who registers the warranty. 1 year warranty otherwise. Morso, 04, Swift 1000, S11-42, also look at Badger 3112 or 3116 ( 1100 ish) Made in Denmark since 1853, 10 year casing warranty on most models , 5 years on others. Esse. Number 1, 500, 525, made from scratch in Lancashire since 1854, 10 year casing warranty, Go for a well known brand, sooner or later you will need parts for it, many times I have been asked for parts fro cheap imported stoves and in almost all cases these are simply not available. A
  8. If this is a New Island 2 then it is approved for Smoke Control area and is around 30% better than the 2022 Ecodesign efficiency and emissions requirements. I have sold a few and everyone is pleased with them, we also have one on live display in one of our showrooms. Modern stoves are designed to burn CLEANLY and EFFICIENTLY, they are tested and have to attain certain UK and European requirements, start messing around with the air vents and you will invalidate any warranty. How big is your room, Island 2 is an 8 kw nominal stove with a max of around 11kw depending on fuel type and load. That wants a room of around 120 cu meters volume given average insulation and window area. I would expect to have to reload it every 40/45 minutes with hardwood or 35 minutes with softwood. These times can be extended slightly by burning larger pieces of wood. It wont slumber overnight, doing that creates tars and moisture in the flue which can lead to chimney fires, rust inside the stove and vastly increased emissions levels. Cut you wood the length of the firebox less around 50 - 75mm, load wood cross ways in the firebox. Aim to load 2 bigger peices rather than 3 or 4 smaller ones. Not such a glamorous fire but it will stay in a bit longer. If you want 3 or 4 hour refuel periods if its the older multifuel version the use Anthracite, if its the new BLU version thats a dedicated wood burner with no facility to put air under the fire that solid fuels need. A
  9. Hi and welcome to the site. I am a Morso UK Center of Excellence so probably better qualified to answer than most. Squirrel is a good little stove, suited to a 4m square room given average insulation in theh property and small/average glass area, if was designed and launched over 50 years ago, at the time it was cutting edge but things have moved on since then. There are several models of Squirrel, 1410 is the most popular, fitted on boats a lot, not approved to burn wood within a smoke control area, 2 doors, 2 rotary air controls, one on each door. 1412, this is an internally updated model and is approved to burn wood within a smoke control area, 1 door, 2 rotary air controls, at top and bottom of door. 1430, the most popular in domestic houses, better air control than 1410 and 1412, larger glass than 1410, 2 doors, one rotary air control on bottom door, slide below ash lip for secondary air control. Not approved too burn wood within a smoke control area. There are others but these are the usual ones, So if you are out in the sticks any one should do, smoke control areas are usually in medium/large towns and cities. Squirrel is a cast iron stove and does not take kindly to water running down the inside of the flue pipe, usually as a result of slumbering the stove or rainwater getting down the flue. Water sets up rust which can literally destroy the stove. First signs are the rear flue exit plate falling off, the fixing screws having rusted through. While all parts are still available they are not really cost effective to fully rebuild if the top has been forced away from the rear or sides. Frankly I would avoid a used Squirrel, I have advised several clients to change them when they are looking close to failure. Save a few more pennies and buy a new Morso Swift. This internally is a 1410 squirrel but with a single door. It is not approved for burning wood within a Smoke control area. So to all intents and purposes it is a Squirrel but not advertised as such and is not on the Morsoe UK web site at all as its quite a bit cheaper than 1410. https://morsoe.com/media/com_hikashop/upload/safe/72107000_-_1000_the_swift_eng.pdf 1410 and Swift are likely to be discontinued by the end of 2021 as they do not meet the 2022 efficiency and emissions requirements, 1430 has already been discontinued. You will though still be able to use your stove for a s long as it lasts, you just wont be able to buy a new one from Jan 22 that does not meet EcoDesign specs. I would advise you to use your local Morso dealer for the purchase and not buy it on line, you have a problem and they are close by. PM me if needed, A
  10. One of the probs with that is that Red Deisel is on about 10 days delivery due to a shortage of delivery drivers. That combined with farmers trying to get fields drilled after teh wet autumn has delayed my start to processing for a week or so. A
  11. Most stove manufacturers use a flat self adhesive rope to fit between the door and the glass for exactly this reason. Most stove shops should stock it, usually 10mm x 2mm, trim to suit if needed. Not aware of what Stovax use as I am not a dealer for them, A
  12. 4mm is the industry standard, make sure you change the rope under the glass, do NOT overtighten the fixing screws, the glass needs to be able to expand a shade when hot.
  13. My little JAPA 2/4 way splitting wedge frpm my processor has managed to bend itself halfway up the main part of the shaft, have tried to straighten it using a drivall and a telehandler without joy, Fuelwood say do not heat it as it makes the steel brittle, so I need someone with a 100 ton or so press, anyone any contacts ?. Thanks in advance, A
  14. Women have the final say in what goes into her house, and all she is usually bothered about is how it looks, she wont by and large like that thing. A
  15. Tyres are to small in diameter and the axles to close together for an FW, looks like a big telehandler maybe. A


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