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  1. you do need turbulance in the firebox to ensure a nice looking fire, to get that load two or three logs at a time, size of these logs will depend on your firebox size. If I am processing logs on a 4 way split then I want a length on the outer (bark) edge of the triangle to be no more than 150mm., so about 600mm max circumstance cord split 4 ways. Length wise cut the width of your firebox less 50mm, if cutting to resell 250mm will suit most stoves. A
  2. I stand by my comments, I dont have any warranty issues with Morso stoves, never have either. If I did then I would be highly disapointed but I know that Morso UK would be right on top of the case. Most if not all of the on line retailers are not Morso UK distributors, therefore Morso UK will not want to know about them beyond the legal 12 month warranty period. Why should they as they have not sold them, remember its the retailer who supplied the product who is legally liable for the warranty aspects on any product all be it with the source of supply support. Frequently this is a Morso dealer in eastern Europe. Hence I recommend that anybody wanting to buy a Morso ( or any other brand for that matter) uses their local approved dealer. A
  3. There was a link posted to an FC website a few years ago but the FC page no longer exists, hence my mail. A
  4. Could anyone please post a link to the calorific value of Oak compared to Hornbeam. Thanks A
  5. No doubt, or a mate, or a builder who has done 100s !!, you know we get that crap every day. A
  6. Sorry missed the question, in the UK you are only allowed 150mm of horizontal pipe under the building regs, that can be extended to 450mm but only if the stove manufacturer approves it and the flue manufacturer has done a flue calc based on the design of the flue and then approves it. In addition you can only penetrate a wall or ceiling with twin wall fully insulated pipe, in fairness that might be twin wall. You are about 450mm off the wall, then another 300mm through the wall and a T on the other side, so it looks like your horizontal pipe is 700mm or so. That is legal in some European countries but not in the UK.
  7. Only its mother would love that ! Flue is arguably illegal in the UK anyway,
  8. That would I imagine be pretty lethal loaded above the side boards, will roll over very easily so be carefull. A
  9. In fairness the FC have inspected 2 out of the last 3 containers of logs I have had in from Lithuania, they are looking for the long horn beetle in any softwood packing cases. They dont set import/export policy but are doing their best. A
  10. I had a pallet and a half of Glossops kindling, well cut and well packed, and no dearer than bringing in from the Baltic. Recommended, A
  11. That is still an option but council charges vary massively, they charge what they like but you can use an independant inspector. I am sure Bowland has like me seen many terrible installs, mainly self installs and many signed off by BC as frankly they simply dont know the regs. I had a lad in today pumping me for info about how to do an open up and fir a stove, looks like he had started then got the wall propped up above the breast. A
  12. Friend of mine runs a local rugby club. Van pulls up one day and loads up all their empty ali beer barrels. Name of company on side of truck , phone number, superb video, reg number. Even then they had to be threatened with going public. They did turn up a week later but in due course did get the bloke convicted.
  13. You have a policeman !!, we have one PCSO, he covers 48 villages on his own !. Just be gratefull you are better policed than we are, A
  14. Any body recognise these, 2 top handle Sthils. Looking to swop for a motorbike, Shipston on Stour. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2280403135340589/ A


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