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  1. Its had a hell of a hammering from water, no cowl on the top of the chimney to keep same out I bet. Frankly its scrap, no installer would risk his livelihood and re install and certify as safe to use. Water gets bewteen the top and the sides and forces them apart, this generally breaks both top and either side and or front of the stove, my best advice is scrap it, you might get a few bob for it on ebay for spares or repair. Also dont keep that building timber off cuts so close to the stove, a good stove working well may well set them on fire at that distance. Most good radiating stoves combustible clearance from the sides is 500mm plus. A
  2. The one with the integral log store is over 2100, but you do get what you pay for. A
  3. Charnwood Skye 7, got one live in one of the showrooms, almost everyone who has had a hands on go with the air control has bought one or the same in 5kw. Exquisitely controllable and exceeds the 2022 Eco Design requirements by at least 35%. A
  4. Correct, I wondered what in earth you were all talking about. Apologies for the error. A
  5. I installed a 25kw pellet boiler in 2005, I did after jumping through some insulation hoops get a gov't grant of around 700 pounds. This replaced a 19kw oil boiler that was well beyond its best. We had also added an extra 6 rads in two extensions. At the time oil was 50p a litre and rising, pellets were around 140 a tonne, costs were like buying oilnat around 35 ppl.. Today oil is the same price but pellets are 275 or so a tonne. My boiler was chosen as I can retro fit oil burner to it, if pellets continue to rise I may do that. Gas is far cheaper and a lot easier to use.
  6. Coke is definitely a stove killer, if not burning wood or wood derived products then stock to Anthracite. A
  7. I have a Morso Panther in my lounge at home, used every day Sept - May it has been there since 2009. Changed usual consumables yes but no major problems. baffle plate is heavy cast iron, I only burn wood, usually pop, willow, pine or conifer, it gets pretty hot and the baffle plate has needed replacing in the past as it has warped but this is to be expected. Given a forge it could probably have been straightened out. Most later designs of stoves (Panther is a 70s design, Squirrel a 50s design) ) have either a steel, stainless steel or vermiculite bricks as baffle plates. Stove body cracking is usually moisture creating rust, this drives in between the back and the sides and top and splits the stove apart, this affects any cast iron stove where the parts are bolted together. Steel stoves that are welded together are a lot more immune, in fact I have never seen one that I have supplied split. A
  8. All I do is fill March April, store in dutch barn, then when empty put under a lean to barn out of direct sunlight, I deliver in the bags so cant use IBCs and of course bags wont stand being put into kilns. A
  9. Be aware that bags do not like direct sunlight, I have some I bought in 2010, filled March/April time, kept in an open Dutch barn with no problems. But some new ones I left outside in July as an experiment to see how wood in them dried fell to bits when I went to move them the following spring. These were un sheeted, also did some with a sheet over the top which were OK though. A
  10. Morso door ropes is a dedicated 8mm SOFT rope, it seals very nicely and is a bit more forgiving if you use to much glue but it wears fast, a winter or sometimes one and a half is about its life burning it most days. Baffle plate in the O series is steel, the melting point of steel is around 1450/1500 deg C, usually a stove gets to about 900/1000 C inside the firebox depending on the fuel used. While firebox internals are considered consumable items burning at extreme temps will cause premature failure, its known as over firing. Baffle plate for an O4 ( there is no 02 model, just 04.06 and 08 ) is just under £45 inc VAT. A
  11. Or domestic hot water, its an indirect system, so the water circulating through the boiler is piped into a DHW tank where it heats the cold water surrounding the pipes, this is then used for showers etc, I have sold probably 30 Ironhearts in the last 10 years, the only problem I had was with one that the owner insisted of feeding it wet wood. It tarred up the flueways, twice.. Be aware that its heat output to the room is 9.8kw without a boiler and around 7.5 kw with the boiler fitted, you will need a decent sized room. I would also strongly recommend the optional wood burning box, this replaces the multifuel grate and allows a far larger fuel load. Hell of a good bit of kit providing its fed dry wood and the flueways are swept on a reasonably regular basis, the IH does come with a long sweeping brush, an ash scraper and a set of hot plate lifters to enable the easy removal of the hotplate for cleaning. And its made from scratch in Barnoldswick on the Yorks/Lancs borders. A A
  12. The boiler is for domestic hot water only, output approx 2.5kw, its not powerful enough to run a CH system on its own, A
  13. The reason those screws ( which are steel ) fail is either ingression of water down the flue or condensation in summer mainly caused by leaving the ash in the stove over the summer. It attracts moisture, that mositure also can swell the rope under the glass causing the glass to crack. Screw failure is an early warning sign of a problem which if not rectified will sooner or later destroy the stove, its rust that corrodes the screws, it also gets between the sides, back and top forcing them apart and breaking the castings. Around 96% of the cast iron used in a Morso is reclaimed, thus its a very green product. A


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