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  1. Only its mother would love that ! Flue is arguably illegal in the UK anyway,
  2. That would I imagine be pretty lethal loaded above the side boards, will roll over very easily so be carefull. A
  3. In fairness the FC have inspected 2 out of the last 3 containers of logs I have had in from Lithuania, they are looking for the long horn beetle in any softwood packing cases. They dont set import/export policy but are doing their best. A
  4. I had a pallet and a half of Glossops kindling, well cut and well packed, and no dearer than bringing in from the Baltic. Recommended, A
  5. That is still an option but council charges vary massively, they charge what they like but you can use an independant inspector. I am sure Bowland has like me seen many terrible installs, mainly self installs and many signed off by BC as frankly they simply dont know the regs. I had a lad in today pumping me for info about how to do an open up and fir a stove, looks like he had started then got the wall propped up above the breast. A
  6. Friend of mine runs a local rugby club. Van pulls up one day and loads up all their empty ali beer barrels. Name of company on side of truck , phone number, superb video, reg number. Even then they had to be threatened with going public. They did turn up a week later but in due course did get the bloke convicted.
  7. You have a policeman !!, we have one PCSO, he covers 48 villages on his own !. Just be gratefull you are better policed than we are, A
  8. Any body recognise these, 2 top handle Sthils. Looking to swop for a motorbike, Shipston on Stour. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2280403135340589/ A
  9. Opps !!, sorry, did not realise, must be your south west sense of humour !
  10. To get at the hard to get at grease nipple an access 50mm or so hole needs drilling in a steel plate, machine looks in far better nick than my bashed about 700. 4000 series are a nice bit of kit, shame it was not a 7000 or I might have been interested.
  11. Almost all Eco Design compliant stoves at 5kw or below are fitted with 5"exits, if also approved to use within a smoke control area, ( pretty well all that I am aware of are) then we always use a 5" liner. Stoveis cleaner burning so flue cant get blocked unless severely ill treated, air flow is faster in the smaller diameter pipe so pull is better. Win win situation, A
  12. 2022 Eco design stoves have a very limited amount of air control by and large, getting them to burn clean means not letting the slumber. But the new generation Charnwood BLU wood burne models are superb in this aspect, pretty well closed down and minimal emissions. Got one live in my showroom. A
  13. I do my best, the old 'pine puts tar in my chimney' appears on a regular basis, its wet wood that does that or running the stove fully shut down. One of the benefits of Eco Design stoves is that they are unable to be shut right down so that should decrease the creosote issue somewhat. A
  14. Agreed 100%, was burning some past its best Pop in the stove showroom late last week, massive heat output. I advise any wood is good wood except treated as long as its dry. I burn anything at home and here ( not treated) just to show potentail stove buyers what a stove will do burning poorer grade fuel. A
  15. Get another accountant, a good one pays for himself in tax saved. I could recommend one in Northampton if it helps. A


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