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  1. Thats probably the best solution, Poujoulat do a ring that fits over the pipe but it only fits their pipe and the pipe needs to be removed to install it. Flue pipes will often excede 300 C, if using a silicone type sealant then there are grades that handle 600 C and 1200 C. A
  2. Looks lovely, but who has the time to stack it a log at a time then handball it off on site. Take an hour at either end to do that.
  3. Ifor trailer GD85 or BX105 but in vented bags not loose, just roll the bag on a pallet off the back with a pump truck. But 50% of the bags dont come back. A
  4. I had severe problems with a log grab I bought from them maybe 5 years ago and they did not want to know. Luckily it came via a John Deere dealer from whome the family buy tractors, they sorted it. Suggest you avoid.
  5. Steve, Max current draw on a 13 amp socket is 2kw, therefore the max output on any electrical heating appliance using a single 13 amp plug will be 2kw or a shade below. Like most stove retailers we all sell a few electrics, usually either to pensioners who are unable or unwilling to handle any sort of solid fuel or people just wanting to plant a small secondary heating appliance into a conservatory or similar, A
  6. My 462 pulls a 25" bar with no issues at all. A
  7. I did read on teh web that over 90% of the plastic in the worlds oceans emanates from China. Dont know of thats correct but suspect it might be, A
  8. Yes, Eco design is a good move and might help weed out some of the poor quality products in the market. A
  9. The key with long life is keeping moisture out when the stove is either not in use or is being used in a fully shutdown mode all the while. Rust setting up inside a cast iron stove is a death sentence as the rust gets between sides, back and top and forces them apart usually breaking the castings in the process. Steel stoves with bodies formed from a single piece are better able to resist this. Life, I have sold spares for inherited Morso's that are 45 years old and still going strong. A
  10. S11 is probably the best choice, its a convector so has reduced side clearance to combustibles. Morso have known them installed across corners with clearance on the back corners down to about 70mm. I hasten to add these are UK spec S11s and not the grey imports washing around the www. A
  11. S11 is recommended for short flues yes, top section just unclips from the section coming through the roof. From memory there is a blanking cap included. A
  12. From what I understand new flues on boats now need to be twin wall insulated, Morso do a lovely dedicated 2m boat flue kit to fit their stoves. This fits inside the Morso flue collar on the models they approve it for use with. A
  13. The issue is that boat stoves run on a 2m or so flue, very few stoves are actually tested on that length. About 10 Morso stoves can run on 2m, most of the other manufacturers cannot advise if there products will run on 2m or not. I have recently supplied an Esse Warmheart cook stove for a boat and am told it works well. That was installed using Pougulat 150mm TI . A
  14. I doubt most users can tell the difference between a 55% efficient stove and a 65% one, external air speed ( and thus the amount of pull) so many fuel variables as well. A


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