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  1. Well around here it appears to be the case or has been for the last couple of years. A
  2. Agreed, my daughter uses Waze all the time. A
  3. Get a high end Tom Tom, anyone spots a camera van notifies the system of its location by pressing one button on the screen,, all other users are immediately notified if they are within half a mile. As you go past you get asked if it is still there, yes or no, again one push button. It also gives you your average speed on stretches of road with gatsoes. A
  4. Cameras are getting very clever, 10 years ago or more on the A38 in the West Country there was a camera site with a sensor to measure the vehicle height, anything over a given height doing over 50mph was ticketed. Friend got done in a Scania, he was keeping up with traffic in a 60mph area at about 53- 54 mph ( it was limited to 56mph) cars got through unscathed, he got a ticket. A
  5. This is not really the correct site for that sort of request, lads here are looking at far larger quantities but of more common woods. They are mainly arb guys, so cut trees for a living. However most of the timber these days is retained by the home owner for his own use or for sale to his friends, wood coming back to these guys is usually low grade stuff like poplar and conifer. Those that sell firewood tend to buy in uncut cord wood ( usually thinnings ) in 24 ton loads then process it into logs for sale to a homeowner maybe 2 years later. WoodLots do have timber for sale, but the small volumes you want will be difficult for you. Andy Harrision who is near Kettering buys standing trees and supplies timber to the wood turning people, he also has a pretty big firewood buisness. He might be worth talking to: Andy Harrison - Wood, Wood Turning, Landscaping, Timber and Firewood WWW.AHARRISONWOODTURNING.CO.UK All type of wood working.
  6. Chalgrave Steve was who I was thinking about, he is still here. A
  7. My accountant tells me the the VW Amorak 4 door pick up is now taxed as a car due to the amount of luxury stuff its fitted with. leather, air con, auto,cruise, not the sort of things you would usually find in a van. The high end Izuzu has most of these as options so maybe that will also come under scrutiny. A
  8. There is a guy near Toddington that is I think a member here that might be interested, he was selling in barrow bags only a few years ago. Cant see him on a search now so maybe he has packed up. One of the issues is that most arb waste in Conifer and Pop, most decent timbers the house owners keep for themselves or their friends. So ideally it wants to be someone with a decent kindling business. I am to far away to be viable even if it was all good stuff. A
  9. I have an 03 plate Defender County, so seats in the rear. Had to take the rear seats out otherwise HMRC were going to tax it as a car. A
  10. I had some of this kindling last year and can recommend, its dry, nicely packed and fairly priced. A
  11. If going Sthil try Farol, the John deere dealer. When I bought a 462 they were 10% below anyone else. A
  12. They are NOT yet drafted into UK law, the govt was sidetracked by brexit. They are Europe wide and come into force Jan 2022. As far as firewood is concerned the internal moisture level of logs sold in any volume of 2 cu m of less has to be below 20%. Any green wood sold for self seasoning has to be in volumes in excess of 2 cu m. I would assume that the buyer of green wood would need to be made aware that the product needs further seasoning and is not ready to burn but I am unsure how that will appear in print. Thats it so I understand with regards to wood. A
  13. Almost certainly leased, most of the kit on these big farms is. Combines are so much a season for maybe 3 seasons, then they are exported. Grants for set aside ( leaving land fallow) have now ceased. Some grants do come in from the EEC yes, area aid payments etc, but that is after taking those into consideration. Wheat is still 80 - 200 pounds a ton depending on supply/demand, in the late 1960s it was 60 - 80 a ton. Yields have increased from 1.5 tons per acre in an average year to getting on for double that but fertiliser and other input costs have swallowed all that. A
  14. Every flue manufacturer has different joints, and some again have different joints for different sub brands. I have no idea whose that is, if push comes to show I could maybe find out. A
  15. My brothers farm, and do a pretty good job of it. Neither married, they worked out that their profits over the last 25 years divided by the amount of hours they put in then as a salary it would equate to 25p per hour. Not to many rich farmers around unless they have a more lucrative sideline line a wind farm. A


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