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  1. Good luck mate in finding the right person. You have a lot of knowledge, great attitude and some fantastic kit. A great opportunity for someone to develop and learn how modern tree work should be done. If my back wasn’t screwed I would have applied myself.
  2. We had a few machines on demo the grillo was very good and cut the nicest but the build quality of a AS Motor was the one we went for the 920 Sherpa 2wd
  3. We also have a stiga with flail. It’s now not required.
  4. Can’t comment on others as could not find a local supplier at the time.
  5. We demoed a grillo, AS and efco. all did exactly what we wanted. The grillo cut the best but where unable to get one quick enough. The efco 4x4 was great but had plastic panels (can’t trust staff) but much cheaper, The AS by far was the better built and less maintenance required and we could get one very quickly. The staff here love it
  6. Our AS motor brush cutter it’s fantastic. Here’s 10ft high bramble it deals with no issue with 1 pass. Quicker and a much better finish than a flail we used before. Then we can go cut lawns straight after. It saved about 80% of strimming. Paid about 7.5k new
  7. If you can find a good Grillo or AS motor ride on brush cutter then your onto a winner. Just finding a good one for only 2k maybe hard
  8. Have a look at global recycling page they have a few second hand grinders in your budget
  9. Busy working with bandits or carltons.
  10. Might have tracks put grinding performance is poor. Had a demo but my 252 had to finish the stumps as it was so poor
  11. Look at bandit zt or the 2250Narrow version. Jo beau do a cracking tracked machine or the fsi d30. All a upgrade in performance and narrower than the Vermeer
  12. If you fancy something smaller I have a hardly used 390 esx I don’t need pm if interested
  13. Excellent a man who knows. I ve got a shindaiwa 667 and bloody Excellent saw. Shame it doesn’t get any use now.
  14. check out echo 390sx it’s pretty much the same saw. Correct me if I am wrong. Shindaiwa are owned by echo and a lot of the newer pro saws from echo such as 620,501,2511,360 and 390 started life at shindaiwa in a similar form. echo are meant to be the premium brand So they ve moved things over from there.


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