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  1. You won’t go wrong dealing with shavey and makita/dollar saws are very good. If it’s occasionally used I would consider using aspen fuel. I have saws that don’t get used for over a year but always start on first pull.
  2. The Cast loaders should be worth looking at also.
  3. Looking for peoples opinions on Ride on brush cutters. So far have had efco 92 4wd, Grillo 9.22 and later today the AS motor 940. Also Other suggestions it’s to tackle long grass on marsh land, bramble and some reedy areas.
  4. This will be a pick up when finished I think. Would love a soft top but using all existing parts and trying to get It close showroom std.
  5. Project series is coming along nicely.
  6. For sale Multione 125 flail hardly used £2000 plus vat multione finger bar hedge cutter £1500 plus vat for sale.
  7. Get a demo you ll be surprised how stable they are.
  8. If you can’t spend 10k on the m500 then do look at the smaller jo beaus. You will save alot but you ll have to man handle them. For a lot less the peruzzo tracked machine from @equip4ind is a winner. Great product and service from Dan.
  9. Any model 6 series and above will deal with 500kg at full tele extent easily. My six series that happens to be for sale is only 1.1m wide so easily assess for some gardens.
  10. Hi mate. I really want to sell as a package as it’s not really needed any more although the hedge cutter and flail are most useful. I ll keep you posted if things change
  11. Still got this lot for sale if anyone is interested. 2018 (April) with approximately 140hrs MultiOne 6.3+ with floating boom.1.1m wide and slime filled tyres. Extra 80kg back weights on top of std MultiOne (180kg) ones and heavy duty rhino panels upgrade. £23000 with pallet forks and 130cm bucket. Remaining 3 year warranty. 2017 ifor Williams Trailer gx125hd £2000 £1250 heavy duty log grab £1250 grapple bucket £1500 hedge cutter £2000 flail mower Plus vat


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