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Just Unlucky ?

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I think that the reason we have not heard from the OP Logdesperate is


that having lit the blue touch paper on this forum, he is now cheerfully


warming his hands on his computer screen!



Or he's wincing to himself out of embarrassment, and his red cheeks are what's keeping him warm :sneaky2:

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Send a couple of lads round with pick axe handles, he'll not be complaining again :thumbup:


, shame the OP isn't contributing more since his diatribe about the suppliers he has encountered so far.


I'm not surprised that he hasn't posted again:biggrin:

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One thing he has not considered is that a log being Kiln Dried is not necessarily a guarantee of a low MC, it just depends how long it has been in a kiln, at what temp and to a lesser degree how big individual logs are. It all drives around the suppliers integrity,be it air or kiln dried.



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Thread is on fire !!

Wow , 85 replies in one day , was not expecting that


When I saw there were like 70 posts today at a quick glance , I had to leave work early to read the replies and start sending some responses , logs are more important than work !


Some supporters , some blamers , some suggesting give up on logs and use oil , in a FireWood forum ! , nice mix , I like it :001_smile:


To be perfectly honest with you , when I said it would probably my last post , I thought I would mainly get the harsh negative responses , I did not really want to get into too much pointless debates.


However , seeing there are some of your fellow community members even themselves acknowledging there are some issues and room for improvement , I also felt I owe it to them to come and thank them for understanding the points I was trying to highlight , I won’t name names thank X , thank Y , this it not Oscars :001_tongue: , I think we know who they are.


If you guys are up for an open and honest debate , so am I !


I understand I walked into the Lions Den and tried to make some points that some of you did not like , I also understand the comradery of course , I get it , me , being the “ outsider “ , coming here criticising the log industry and its ways , just who do I think I am !

I can honestly say , my first post was my true experiences this year alone , but in a nutshell reflects similarities going back almost 20 years . Either quantity or quality issues , occasionally both , such as my latest purchase.

I never implied every single log supplier is the same , I am sure there lots of Diamond Geezers and Gals out there providing high quality logs at decent prices , perhaps it is only my misfortune that I have yet to make their acquaintance , in my area , yet.


I will read some more of the posts ( only read around 40 so far quickly ) , gather my thoughts and start posting some responses back .

Edited by LogDesperate

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Your not wrong on most of it.


We don't use bags but suspect the chap using 90cm square bags is supplying a cube. Tried some 100cm square bags once but due to how much they bulge could get way over a cube of logs in it.


I can see why the imported stuff is gaining popularity and we try to offer the same quality product but home grown and air dried :thumbup1:


I have sent you a PM


Maybe I should clarify , the only reason I mentioned kiln dried imports , because I assumed they were the only ones they you see nowadays all over the internet , also from what I have been reading , that was the conclusion I came to


I am more than happy to buy British , in a similar way produced quality / price. I am not after the “ cheapest “ stuff as some suggested . Stacked crates are appealing because of volume calculations , also knowing exact type of wood etc. Due to my ongoing bad experiences , frankly I am not willing to take more chances on these unknown quality / quantity “ loads “


Anyone here supply similar crate setup , genuine British produce with national delivery ?


If there is not a massive price difference , sure, why not ?

I also did say , I don’t even care if they are kiln dried , prefer proper air dried .


I saw the imported stuff as absolute last resort as an option .

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It's like with any trade really, word of mouth is best, ask friends for recommendations, the person with the crap advert in the local paper claiming "best prices" or poster next to the main road might not always offer the best service.... :001_huh:

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