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  1. I think genetics must play a huge part in ageing. I’ve just turned 51, had over 25 years climbing and the only slight issue I have is a bit of a stiff back in a morning, which is soon sorted with a bit of stretching. I got into mountain bikeing a bout 3 years ago, having been a keen cyclist in my youth. It took me a while to get fit, but now I reckon I’m fitter now than I was 20 years ago. I ride with 2 mates, one of whom is about to turn 60, the are both very fit. We did Snowdon last year, it was pretty busy and for large parts of the ascent we were the only ones riding , lads half our age were all pushing.
  2. Argentinian? Don't why I think that but just seems to ring a bell??
  3. Not at all, I worked right through lockdown. I do believe there has been an over reaction, given the benefit of hindsight and that the damaging affects of the lockdown will be greater than the actual disease. BUT and it's a big BUT, this is no flu. It's dangerous and not yet well understood, its killing some very fit healthy people and leaving many survivors very badly damaged, possibly permanently. We have no way of knowing how bad things would have been without the lockdown. I understand that many, many people are scared and need some reassurance. I'm happy to go along with wearing a face covering it if it helps. If you needed a doctors note to avoid wearing one and people where being fined from video footage etc, then I would buy the "government control" narrative. But you can simply say you have anxiety or some other medical issue and not wear one, hardly draconian. I think the cashless thing is being pushed more by business than the government. Chains and none owner run businesses prefer none cash. It prevents staff pilfering and saves having to go to the bank. I honestly wish I felt the government (of either side) had the competence implement the kinds of social control many appear to think they are attempting.
  4. The way I see it, earlier there was a shortage of PPE, so the government did not want joe pubic buying it. Plus as others have said there a pro’s and con’s to wearing them, improper use, handling etc. Lock down has been eased and still many are nervous about going out. So face coverings may help them feel a little more confident. Nervous people are not likely to want to go to the boozer etc.
  5. I believe that’s to prevent static electric. Sparks can cause the oxygen and other gases to explode.
  6. Reading this thread beggars belief!! Is this really a forum for tree workers?? We spend much of our lives having our nuts squished, when the harness shifts, have sawdust, dead confer bits, insects of all types, down the back of our necks or front of our undies, have pointy bits of conifer, hawthorn etc, poking our ass and all other parts of out bodies, as we endeavour to defy gravity climbing hedges with the tensile strength of a wet fart. We squint our eyes, while they fill with sawdust, felling the head out of an 80ft tree in howling wind and rain. etc, etc. But wearing a face covering while we shop is "uncomfortable" ?? Really?? We need to give people who are venerable, may have been shielding for 4 months, the confidence to come back out and rejoin society. If wearing a mask helps, I'm all for it, I care not if they actually work. As for the "there are gaps round them, they don't stop the virus" clowns! Its not about stopping the virus itself. When you speak you spit, you may not realise but you do. These spit droplets may contain millions of virus molecules. The more virus someone is exposed to the worse the decease may be, that's why bus drivers etc have been so badly hit, often dying. Look up "viral loading" As for panic attacks, that's a shame and they need to find alternative work maybe. But can you imagine the effect of them having to wear a cpap machine, if they become infected? I listed to a radio documentary of a Covid ward. A lady died because she could not go on the cpap, due to panic attacks. Come on lads just man up and wear a face covering. If you don't like masks, just get a buff and pull it up over your mouth and nose when you enter a shop. As for government control. You can self declare an excuse to not wear one, not exactly the SS is it?
  7. Most manual workers eat too much (often the wrong stuff) drink to much and avoid exercise, other than work. And then complain that it’s “work” that’s wrecked their health.
  8. No, not really. Possibly if it's so dark you're putting the lights on in the middle of the day.
  9. skyhuck


    Can't tell you mate. I recommended Arborisk on here, they loved it and even used my post in their advertising . I guess this led to loads of clowns moving to them, presumably leading to loads of claims and poorer service, higher premiums etc... I'm keeping the new Co hush, hush 😊
  10. skyhuck


    Not as good as they used to be, unfortunately. I've moved elsewhere.
  11. Not IME, the 100's of tonnes of hard wood in my yard would suggest your theory is incorrect.
  12. I just think by the time they have been cut off and the welds ground back is it worth it? Plus cabs generally all rot in the same place, so a cab with sound wings or floor is surly worth far more as a complete cab than chopped up. In 20+ years of owning mogs I don't think I've ever seen second hand/used panels for sale. Doors yes, complete cabs yes, but never removed old panels. You can get none merc new panels, I think.


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