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  1. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    I'm working class, but my wife and younger children are middle class. My ambition is to have enough money to enjoy the same lifestyle as my wife and children.
  2. skyhuck

    An insight into us.

    Much of the article is about buying locally, supporting the local economy etc, yet its was produced at the request of a US company, who's equipment appear to be the major assets the Co has purchased. Irony?
  3. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Apparently Khan is all for free speak. Wonder how he would feel about a blimp of Allah?
  4. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Can't believe no one had and air riffle or at least a slingshot, make me kind of ashamed to be British.
  5. skyhuck

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Poplar is not a soft wood.
  6. skyhuck

    First World Cup memory..

  7. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Can't relate to that at all, in fact I probable feel the opposite way.
  8. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Way I heard it from the coach who was interviewed on the radio, the coach with them is the assistant coach and a really nice guy. The coach reckoned the boys would have convinced the assistant coach that they always went so far in and it was safe, the assistant was unfamiliar with the caves did not realise the risks.
  9. skyhuck

    Sycamore - Sudden death!

    Looks like a new fence, has there been much development/land disturbance near the tree?
  10. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    You leaving us?
  11. skyhuck

    Selling poplar as firewood

    Very true, before winter I intend to invest in a load of tarps and sheet up as much of the timber I can in my yard. I really don't want to loose all the gains this weather is creating!
  12. skyhuck

    Slow down in work

    Problem is you go £480, they will just go £460 and there begins the race to the bottom.
  13. skyhuck

    the 'todays job' thread

    Pretty sure thats not 5 tonne.
  14. Err... I think they missed a bit.
  15. skyhuck


    I hope thats true.


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