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  1. Grossest thread title ever......................
  2. More inconstancies and muddle. At the moment my family and I can meet anther person from another household outside, abiding by social distancing. As of Monday we cannot. We are six and that's the maximum number. So this for us is a tightening of the lockdown not easing. Why on earth is it not your family plus another family or plus say 3 other people from another family. A family group are highly likely to infect each other within a household, so restricting their number for a meeting is utterly pointless. They really are a set of clueless clowns, just making it up as they go along.
  3. Remoaners and the establishment in general all hate Cummings, they will never forgive him for out smarting them over Brexit. I think he did the right thing, I certainly would have done the same, given the same circumstances. It reminds me of Rees-Mog after Grenfell Tower, he was asked if he would have stayed in an apartment if told to do so by the emergency services. He (quite rightly IMO) said he would have got out with his family, regardless of the instruction from the fire service.
  4. The most depressing thing about the lockdown, is all the judging. It's a very sad part of the British character, that so many love to raise themselves up, by putting others down.
  5. She sounds like a classy lady.
  6. Main stream media, the BBC being one of the worse, are putting ridiculous pressure on those trying to deal with the situation, looking to find fault with everything they do. These tossers are totally unelected and unaccountable, but seem to be in many ways calling the shots!
  7. Most are already lifting their lock downs.
  8. But expecting town dwellers, who may be living in flats or terrace houses with no gardens, to use overcrowded urban green spaces isn't? The county side is the birth right of us all. No just the preserve of those wealthy enough to live there. The idea that you are going to catch covid passing someone on a narrow path, is just more hysteria. If that were true cases would have continued to grow, as spread in supermarkets would be out of control.
  9. I am really surprised by the levels of fear and imo hysteria regarding the current situation. A tiny % of the population have been affected, an even smaller % have died. 80% of those who have died were over 70, the majority of them already having health issues. People putting up signs in villages, saying they are closed and to go home! What right have they? Do they really think someone walking through a field, opening gates, etc, is going to spread it? If it where real that contagious, how would those in towns, cities, tower blocks, etc, etc, possibly remain uninflected? How have people been on flights for hours with an infected person and not caught it? And if it were so infective, how selfish to force everyone to stick to busy parks, towpaths etc and guarantee infection. People seem to buy into the media hype, where has common sense gone. Come on people, look at the facts. The situation is bad, we need to take measures to be sure the NHS can offer care to all those who need it, but beyond that should be a matter of personal choice. Do we really want a nanny state telling us what to do?
  10. "Come back" from where? it's not gone anywhere.
  11. I feel they government has moved the goalposts. We were told the purpose of the lock down was to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed. At no point has the NHS been overwhelmed. They increased capacity, but barely used it and are now mothballing it. I hear many bleating on screaming that we should not ease the lock down and calling those who are in favour morons, etc, etc. But where do these people see things going? This is not bad weather, it's not going to blow over. What if we don't develop a vaccine? Do they advocate we stay in shutdown forever? or until the economy is totally destroyed?
  12. Not sure you can go bankrupt when you have unlimited borrowing and the ability to simply print more money.
  13. Hi can I ask what modal your mog is?

    1. skyhuck


      210HP U1600, agg spec with four wheel steering.

    2. Philip chambers


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