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  1. skyhuck


    Not sure 12 years gets you anywhere near old school, Arbtalks been around for longer than that.....
  2. skyhuck


    When we were kids if you displayed some of the autistic, ADHD, etc, behaviours you would get the belt or the back of someones hand. Kids soon learn to adapt and fit in to avoid pain. Not saying it was in any way a good thing. We live in a much more caring tolerant world today, this allows people to live less conservative, confirmative lives. We see this everywhere in so many ways. Children with SEN is just one of them. IMO The doctor who calmed a link between the MMR jab and autism was making money from the single jabs so wanted the MMR discredited.
  3. skyhuck

    HS2 Over

    I doubt that very much. reselling the land will be one way of funding the other announced projects.
  4. Given its age and the exposed location I think its chances are fairly slim. Had it been a younger tree, in a more favourable position, you would have struggled to stop it coppicing.
  5. Me too, slight lift and tidy and leave em be
  6. Shaded needles will brown and die off, so long as most of the outer branches are green I would not worry too much.
  7. I have learned over the years that I do any tree failure removal for the owner of the tree or owner of property it has landed on. I invoice them, they pay me and are then free to redeem payment from their insurer. The only time I will work for an insurance Co is when they contact me directly and give me a purchase order for the job. Anything else just leads to headaches IME.
  8. I guess I could load all the knotty twisty lumps up first, give those away and then return to site, load all the nice straight knot free stuff and take that back to the yard 😃
  9. Dreadfully sorry, I'll disappear off and mind my own business.
  10. As an old farmer once said, while reading the obituaries "their picking em owt o my pen now"
  11. IME council workers don't tend to be shining examples of heathy living. Obviously a sweeping generalisation, but a great many "working" blokes really let themselves go and as they work for council they can't be held accountable for their lack of productivity. I would bet a good few of the "expensive" contractors are not spring chickens.
  12. I nicked my wrist with my 020 a few years ago. Cut a couple of tendons to my thumb. I had surgery, should have been off work for a minimum of 6 weeks and no gripping for 12 weeks. I was back climbing after 2 weeks. But the tendons I cut pulled my thumb away from my palm, not towards it. So I don't think my grip was ever at risk. I still have some numbness and a little stiffness. Its not affected by the cold. Most of the time I forget it ever happened.


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