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  1. skyhuck

    New 880

    Plus the biggest bit of the tree, which requires the larger saw, tends to be rearer the ground within reach of pesky men, with their pesky hammers!!😠
  2. skyhuck

    Beech problems

    In drought years I've known beech go brown and drop their leaves in August, look dead, but then recover completely the following spring.
  3. skyhuck

    New 880

    I remember years ago a farmer got a new tractor. In an effort to protect his vast investment he wanted to break it in gently, he filled the tank and left it on tickover all day. Completely corked up the engine, had to go back to the dealer for a strip down and de-cork.
  4. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Oh!! do tell!!!😁
  5. skyhuck

    New 880

    I general run them like I stole them, from new.
  6. skyhuck

    occupational health of arb

    Word!! Give me a day up the tree over a day dragging and humping timber every time!!
  7. skyhuck

    occupational health of arb

    Complacency is a big danger. You do things a few thousand times and think you have it nailed. Week before last I cocked up pretty bad, but could have been way worse. I'm off just now recovering and having a good think about how I'm going change the way I work. I do too much cutting and holding, use my saw with which ever hand suits, etc. But we all make mistakes from time to time. Lesson learned😞. 25 years of climbing, never cut myself, until the other day. Apart from anything else my long-suffering wife would kill me if I do it again 😧
  8. skyhuck

    Work for wood

    I know beech have nuts, but never really considered them a fruit tree.
  9. skyhuck

    Work for wood

    Are any of them 140footers?
  10. skyhuck

    Work for wood

    It’s context, we were talking about money and tax, so ok ‘successful’ in financial terms. There obviously much more important things in life. The people you know Sound really unhappy. I know really unhappy people too, but to be honest most of them are not very well off. They are also stressed etc. I also know some very wealthy people, who are the happiest, most family originated people you could meet.
  11. skyhuck

    Work for wood

    I’m sure they do tell you all the time, I bet it’s just after you have come down from one of the millions of 140ft trees you’ve climbed and just before you hear a voice saying wakey wakey Mark your breakfast is ready 😂
  12. skyhuck

    Work for wood

    So what? What if he"s paying millions in tax? Why does the "percentage" matter? This is the politics of envy. Rich people often don't even use the services their taxes pay for, they tend to privately educate their children, have private health care, etc, etc. Sure the rich should pay their fair share, but tax should not be about punishing the successful, just to make those who have failed feel better, Imo.
  13. skyhuck

    occupational health of arb

    I think the problem is that those of us that don't suffer find it pretty much impossible to really understand conditions such as depression. I get down from time to time, I worry quite a bit, but I just think whatever my worry is through to worse case scenario and plan what I would do, count my blessings and I'm fine. But depression is not like that, I guess many of us will never know how it actually feels, we are the lucky ones.
  14. skyhuck

    New sthil reviews

  15. skyhuck

    occupational health of arb

    It certainly real, the biggest cause of death in men under 45 is themselves. Women attempt suicide more often then men, but men tend to success


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