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  1. skyhuck


    Pretty sure that’s Pop, probably just a cunning plan to get shut😂
  2. Yeah, tend to have very poor unions with included bark, need to take care when climbing them, its very easy to accidentally snap off quite large limbs, which can tear down the stem badly.
  3. He also wants a 'reserve' chipper.
  4. He compared the UK to the Hulk, not himself. The BBC were miss quoting this most of the day yesterday, until later in the day when they finally gave the correct quote. Having to make things up suggests a lack of genuine substance to the remoaners arguments, IMO.
  5. 30 pieces of silver................... Sorry, couldn't resist, I did try, honest.🙂
  6. When rules or the law become ridiculous people begin to ignore them, this then leads to zero respect for the rules/law, which then leads people ignoring the rules or laws they used to follow. Because you're already breaking the rules, as you "may as well be hung for asheep as a lamb". So something designed to increase safety could well have the opposite affect, IMO.
  7. Whats really sad is you constantly following him round, have a go at him. You don't like him, we get that, your not alone. But please.............
  8. Do you really not see that their showing such lack of confidence in themselves will sow seeds of doubt in the minds of the voters? I think their limited success last time was mostly down to their immense self belief, well thats well and truly gone now.
  9. Not a chance, IMO, IRATA has 0 domestic market. Mrs Muggins don’t get rope access lads in to paint her house. Our industries have virtually nothing in common, IMO.
  10. I watched a fair amount of the debate, IMO, he is reclining in such a manner as it allows him to see those speaking from the benches behind him. He was certainly not sleeping. Looking at the picture I'm more repulsed by the lardy gut on I think Ken Clark, than by the reclining, trim, heathy body of a man with clear self-discipline.
  11. Exactly. But why have the AA gone along with this nonsense, giving it some credibility, so any judge looking at a prosecution will think "Oh look this is seen as 'best practice' by those in the industry, so must be correct" The AA should have stood firm and fought our corner, but unfortunately, IMO, they are more interested in being recognised by the 'powers that be', than the interests of those at the coal face of the industry.


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