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  1. skyhuck

    Whats your exit strategy?

    85?.................Hellfire you must live in a posh area. I have known very few men round my way live to 85, never mind pass it, I've met a few, but have been exceptional. My dad's dad died at 59, his bother was 50. My dad is doing very well at 77, but 85 would be far beyond his expectations!
  2. skyhuck

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Agreed, but please not the shotgun, some poor bugger has to find you/deal wth the mess. Far better to wait for a frosty night, sorts and T-shirt, couple bottles of wine, sit out and enjoy the stars.
  3. skyhuck

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Maybe, just maybe it would be better if you lost the lot when you die, total reset. That way everyone would start from the same place, no huge leg up from past generations? I bet house prices would soon fall.
  4. skyhuck

    Anybody i.d. this tree?

  5. skyhuck

    Whats your exit strategy?

    You only pay inheritance tax on anything over £325,000, thats far more than the vast majority will leave.
  6. skyhuck

    Whats your exit strategy?

    They are using the existing means test, if the OAP is eligible for pension credits, they will get a free TV licence. The Ironi is that many, many OAP's who qualify for pension credits don't claim them, how funny would it be if they all claimed and ended up costing more than the free TV licences did.
  7. I’ve switched to a battery husky after cutting myself with an 020. Definitely safer, imho. The chain stops pretty much as soon as you take your finger off the trigger. Got to say I really like it. My elbows have never felt better since switching. It’s a bit slower, but for cutting and holding I love it!
  8. I'm not convinced the Physio does much, maybe its needed if your just keeping your hand immobile, to stop it seizing up? I cut two tendons to my thumb, was told 6 weeks not using it at all, the 6 weeks of very, very light duties. I managed a fortnight, then went back to work climbing, etc. I kept my hospital appointments, putting the splint on only when going to hospital. I thought at first I had snapped the repair, as I could no longer pull my thumb right back, but I think I just stretched it. 4 months on and I have regained full use of my thumb and the feeling is slowly coming back to the back of my thumb. The consultant was pretty funny when I went for my last visit, he said "Ah yes the guy who cut two tendons and then went straight back to work" but he was very happy with my recovery, called it a success and discharged me. Maybe I just got lucky, but I avoided muscle loss from not climbing for 12 weeks and a huge financial hit. They used to prescribe bed rest for bad backs, but these day they advocate keeping mobile.
  9. skyhuck

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    The idea that we will all have an electric vehicle on the drive is nonsense. A guy on the radio the other day was saying that to replace the UK's stock of internal combustion engined vehicles would require the entire worlds production of battery materials, but what about the rest of the world? Is hydrogen more realistic?
  10. skyhuck

    Magi Deutz V10

    Good luck.
  11. Prolly a bit far for me if it's a carve in situ job, but doable if it's a commission and deliver number. I'm a few hours north up on Northumberland. Unfortunately its on site, a high Ash stump.
  12. I'm looking for a carver who works in the BB8 area.
  13. skyhuck

    Magi Deutz V10

    £50 to look at it?
  14. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Also looks like Bercow is going to stick his oar in again.


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