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  1. skyhuck


    I thought it was "dying" that had been removed from the triple D, leaving "dead" AND "dangerous"?
  2. skyhuck


    Also the tree is within a conservation area.
  3. skyhuck


    Leaning over a road and pavement, in a busy residential area, KD is showing on the tension side of trunk.
  4. The change in rate you quoted is only for businesses that have costs of under 2% of turnover or less than £1000 per annum.
  5. You must run a very small or very strange tree business if your costs are less than 2% of turnover or £1000 per year?
  6. skyhuck

    Deodar Cedar

    It repels clothes moths, so was traditionally used for wardrobe. Some wardrobe built from other timbers were lined with Ceder.
  7. skyhuck


    Why start the thread?
  8. skyhuck


    Bang on!!! Give me heat over rain, snow, wind etc, every time!!! Some folk just like to moan.
  9. skyhuck

    Employees leaving/training costs

    I think if you want your employees under such a contract and they sign it, you best bet would be to pay them monthly in arrears. That way you would have a chance of retaining their last months wages, but even then they may come in for the start of the new month and then simply leave without notice once the money hits their account.
  10. skyhuck

    This guy had a lucky escape

    Pretty sure he was referring to the gob, not the hinge, but I've never heard that term for either. I wonder what the cost of his treatment was? and how much he saved by not getting a pro in to fell the trees?
  11. skyhuck

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    I'm still not buying it. I reckon there must have been something wrong with the cuts. I've wedged over plenty of trees, normally with steel wedges, I've had them go so solid that it feels like your hitting concrete!! and the smack is ringing out for miles, never had a hinge fail. If you cut correctly, the wedge may not get it over, but the tree will just sit tight till a line is thrown up, IME.
  12. skyhuck

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    I find that very hard to believe 🤣
  13. skyhuck

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    Still no idea what you talking about, how on earth can hitting wedges "too hard" or "too fast" possible "snap the trunk off the hinge" ???
  14. skyhuck

    How will this stand on insurance paying out

    Say what?????🤔


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