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  1. skyhuck

    Front mount farmi on unimog

    My advice would be don't waste your time messing about trying to adapt a rear mount chipper to fit on the front. You will encounter endless problems. IME, you would be better getting a Schliesing or Ducker.
  2. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Double post
  3. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    It’s not sex education, it’s simply going through books that contain stories about different families made up of 2 daddies or two mummies etc. This is intended to prevent bullying of children whose parents don’t fall within the norm. I really do fail to see why anyone would have issue with that. As for her ‘exemplary record’ so what. Lots of people thought Jimmy Savile was great.
  4. skyhuck

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Agreed, teaching him to read would certainly be a start.
  5. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    She signed a petition trying to prevent inclusion, would that not make her the facist? As for thought police, is that not the whole point of religion?
  6. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    But teaching them they are disgusting sinners who will burn in hell for all eternity is OK?
  7. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Indeed, but will she also point out the hypocrisy of their teachings? Presumably her views were not shared by the management and governors of the school.
  8. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    Says she is a “pastoral assistant”, how would a gay or lesbian child feel about approaching her for guidance and what kind of guidance would she give? As for the muslins, as far as i’m aware none of them worked at the school, so could not be sacked.
  9. skyhuck

    Adjacent trees and birds

    People are very short sighted and pretty stupid. Netting trees and hedges is pretty sensible really. They are going to be removed anyway. Far better than rushing to fell, leaving the brash on the ground to be chipped later, only for the birds to then nest in the piles of brash. Its rather like the people who protest about fracking, while still happy to drive their cars and heat their homes with gas.
  10. skyhuck

    Adjacent trees and birds

    I have a Black birds nest in the Ivy by my back door, its at eye level, there are three chicks. Each time I leave the house by the back door I "disturb" them, when I'm in my courtyard by the back door I "disturb" them. Am I committing a criminal offence? They nested there last year they nested there, but at some point the eggs all disappeared, no idea what happened to them? Squirrels? Crows? Magpies?
  11. skyhuck

    Goosed bushes?

    Your paying way too much for your chips 😉
  12. skyhuck

    Madrone take down

    Enjoyed that, love the sentiment at the end. Thanks for taking the time.
  13. skyhuck

    National companies putting us a step back.

    Goes back before Arb was really invented. Back in the day the council lads would cut trees in the winter, no leaves, bird not nesting, plus summer cutting was believed to be bad for the trees. The same guys cut grass through the summer.
  14. skyhuck

    Making the news today....

    If the "stuff" is threatening my family and way of life, I think they are doing a fantastic job!
  15. skyhuck

    quoting insurance jobs

    Where were you getting the trees? Maybe, just maybe, the other Co buys 100's of trees and get very good rates, maybe they grow their own, etc, etc.


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