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  1. Fascinating!! Could you share your source for this information ?
  2. Yep, and the lack of one leads to the kind of useless government we have endured for 3 years👎
  3. Fair do's Rob, each to their own mate. In all honesty I don't carry different bars for any of my saws, I have 46,66 and 088, with 20, 25 and 48, and use as needed. As my father was told as an apprentice joiner 60 years ago, "there are 99 ways of doing a job right and only one of doing it wrong" Each to their own, etc 😎
  4. Yeah, labour are the conservatives biggest asset right now.
  5. To become a self supplier I produce purchase orders from a council.
  6. But thats a separate argument, remoaners claimed it was a ridiculous suggestion, which as its now happen, cannot be true.
  7. Except It wasn't a lie, as proved in a recent court case.
  8. Posted a link previously, CBA to do again, google is your friend, I'm not.😊
  9. Why? Am I not entitled my view? Who put you in charge?
  10. NHS funding has already been increased by the amount written on the side of the bus. Obviously the media doesn’t shout about it and remoaners aren’t interested, as it doesn’t fit their narrative and proves it was never an outlandish claim. But, hey don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.
  11. I had a mate who was a bit veggie, he had leather shoes from France, they were made from the leather of cows that where looked after well for their whole lives and then when they died of natural causes their leather was harvested. Made him feel better about wearing leather and a hell of a lot better than plastic shoes! Wonder what Hindu’s make their shoes from?


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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