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  1. Not in my experience. Years ago they got onto me about me running a business from home, said the timber I had stacked in the field was not "agricultural" etc.They wrote to me and then rang me asking me to write to them explaining myself. I declined. I asked her if the timber looked a mess and was it not the sort of thing you expect to see in the countryside. She agreed it looked ok and yes it fitted in. I pointed out I was not storing old fridges or scrap cars. She asked me to drop her a line to that effect. I decided. She asked why. I said "if I write to you, you will open a file with my name on it and it will all begin, but feel free to give me a bell any time" A month later I got a letter saying they were taking no further action at this time.
  2. My advice would be to ignore the council.
  3. Is this not what causes the shortages? Just like the bog roll mess last year? If people buy more, incase there is a shortage, bingo you have a shortage.
  4. skyhuck


    Monty Python, The Larch. The Larch.
  5. Nope, large mature Beech and Sycamore, many totally recked with bark stripped from the tops of branches, causing rot and limb/branch failure.
  6. How would you be fixed for collecting from site? You may find local firms are much happier to give-away timber, if you come and take it from site, "Once its on the truck, its generally going home"
  7. I think you mean such a "little bitch"
  8. Presumably you think the Australian aborigines, rain forest tribes, the Native Americans, etc, etc, should shut up and stop whinging?
  9. We should celebrate the fact that so many of us are now wealthy enough to have a garden and enjoy gardening. The heritage of “gardening” is those in the past who were the elite, yes by our modern standards they may have became wealthy in ways we no longer approve of. But so what, it happened, bitching about it now will change nothing. All countries and cultures did bad things in the past. I fail to see why any of their modern population should be held accountable?
  10. You are of cause correct. I used the method you describe when I first went on my own 25years ago. I was making more than I had as a subbie climber. But I fortunately discovered I was far too cheap. I remember a Horse Chestnut I dismantled. I put £350 on it, me and a groundie completed it easily in a day. While having a coffee and chatting with the client, I asked what other quotes she had had. There was only one, it was from one of the firms I had been subbing too, it was for £1000. Had I still been subbing I would have received £60, for the exact same amount of work, other than tipping off, chipper pickup etc. Since that day I never simply ask myself what the job will cost me and add profit. I try to think what will others charge and work from there.
  11. Genuinely depressing. The world has gone completely mad.
  12. Is it light enough to be easily lifted off? Are you selling the old one? Mine has the fixed hopper, I'd like to convert it to the removable hopper type, might be easier with the job half done.


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