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  1. Given the current furlough scheme, seems like a very strange time for bigger firms to be worrying about keeping staff busy. I've certainly not notice any changes locally.
  2. So you would prefer they had not replaced the machine?
  3. Oh come on!! Clearly they are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. I am no fan of Forst, to me they have ripped off Jensen, copying their machine. But they are replacing the machine, what more could they do???
  4. Yes the "self-employed" myth or "running your own business" does not always go the way you think. In reality no-one employs themselves, you are in a way employed by all your clients/customers and they can be very demanding. And its very easy to find your business is running you, not you running the business. Don't get me wrong, I've been self employed most of my adult life (over 30 years) and don't imagine I'll ever be employed, but it takes some getting right and is by no means a "land of milk and honey"
  5. How much firewood have you cut and sold?
  6. If you think groundwork is laborious after 4 months, I think you will soon get fed up of cutting firewood.
  7. I've seen worse, give it a couple of years to put out some new growth, then get someone more skilled to reshape it, would be my advice.
  8. Maybe China has moved to their end game, now they have got the whole world reliant on their cheap (often crap) state subsidised products, so now, having screwed us with their nasty virus, they are beginning to charge cost prices. I avoid buy Chinese products as much as possible (often difficult due to false advertising) and will happily pay more for none Chines products.
  9. Just take BLM banner up with you, then you're fine, someone will probably bring a flask and some butties 😬
  10. Firewood guy with a screw splitter or cracker grab, might be interested, Sycy is decent fire wood.
  11. Sad news indeed Stubby, from the things you have posted about him over the years he was one of the good guys, don't cry because its ended, smile because it happened, all the best buddy.
  12. Only 3 of us on site, so no written RA. If there had been one I could not have put “trained in fence climbing”🤣 He was not asked to climb the fence. I’ve just come to accept that I’m responsible for the actions of anyone under my direction. The time of personal responsibility and common sense is long past. Just make sure your properly insured. Or better still just do everything yourself 🙂
  13. Have you received the grants? My brother is a sole trader, seems he's done OK. I'm a Limited Co and had zip.
  14. Are you not a sole trader?


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