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  1. Hi all hedge and two dead silver birch too fell one days work start to finish 13months with highways involved did hedge 1/2day but to meny cars to fell trees emails several then highways put signs saying don’t park here on this date come the day some lady parked in the way so put signs around car felled trees by spinning tree on hinge with rope around tree Clean up off home happy days
  2. Hi I am 60 years old still climbing 2-3 days a week knees bit shot inside joints from climbing on spikes so I was wondering if any other older climbers still out or am I the only grumpy old barstool left 👍👍
  3. Inside tank is 900mm x 2000mm does about 30 x 5kg bags IMG_5752.MOV
  4. My words down to to the bollicks mate
  5. Hi just read all this all my logs are ready to burn just sold 3 cubic to a regular customer who has read all of this on government site and now he wonts them cheaper because he has to dry them which he doesn’t so all of this is very confusing for everyone may turn them into charcoal then it be 0 on the meter
  6. Hi all made this over a couple months on a 4ton farm trailer so I can tow it in woods also made a trommel for sorting out charcoal into fines . smallish charcoal , big block charcoal converted a beer barrel to collect wood vinegar semes to work ok
  7. One pic hanging about One pic standing about all in days work
  8. Hi all thank you for all your replys job is sorted thank you joe
  9. Hi email is [email protected] Or phone 07760308441 thank you joe
  10. Hedge layer needed 125 metres to do its a bit to far from me if interested pm thank you joe
  11. I felt the same but last week it all clicked now so keep going at it mate
  12. Hi all sell mine to Glamping with composting toilets


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