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  1. Cob-logging

    Photo Competition - Win £100

    One pic hanging about One pic standing about all in days work
  2. Cob-logging

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Hi this is first go may work may not
  3. Cob-logging

    Job Herts/beds border

    Hi all thank you for all your replys job is sorted thank you joe
  4. Cob-logging

    Job Herts/beds border

    Hi email is horselogging@hotmail.co.uk. Or phone 07760308441 thank you joe
  5. Cob-logging

    Job Herts/beds border

    Hedge layer needed 125 metres to do its a bit to far from me if interested pm thank you joe
  6. Cob-logging


    I felt the same but last week it all clicked now so keep going at it mate
  7. Cob-logging

    New Horse-Drawn Forwarder

    Nice like to see it one day
  8. Cob-logging

    Price of saw dust

    Hi all sell mine to Glamping with composting toilets
  9. Cob-logging

    horse logging chains

    Hi all were is best place to get horse logging chains and the C hooks from thank you
  10. Cob-logging

    horse logging chains

    Hi all were is best place to get horse logging chains and the C hooks from thank you
  11. Cob-logging

    Straightening a Bar

    Hi you can weld little circles on the top of the bent to pull it back then heat other side gentley but if you heat to much it will bent it other way
  12. Cob-logging

    Bracken bashing

    Hi it was for north norfolk concill on the cliffs near Cromer SSSI site so no spraying we all got a tick a check and the theory is if you crush the stem not cut it the sap bleeds out so the risom is weeken over time sorry about the spelling
  13. Cob-logging

    Bracken bashing

    Hi two days bracken bashing in north norfolk
  14. Cob-logging

    More wall art

    . Hi all mate did this of me pull a Harrow


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