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  1. maria warwick

    Looking for a combi tool.

    oops..... I meant 2 KM56 's ......πŸ™„
  2. maria warwick

    Looking for a combi tool.

    I've got 2 KM94's .... good as gold.
  3. maria warwick


    What is the weight ? I can push my MDL chipper up ramps on my own , with a slight run up....and that weighs 230kg.
  4. maria warwick

    Cause for concern?

    Remove tarmac and create a tree pit ?
  5. maria warwick

    Climber looming for work

    I’m glad I can smell ! Oops...typo 😎
  6. maria warwick

    Show your tractors

    Did anyone visit the tractor show at Malvern this weekend ?
  7. maria warwick

    New 2019 Sequoia harness

    I have one too.....but don't have that problem πŸ˜‚
  8. maria warwick

    The BIG C .

    My mother had pancreatic cancer last year..... 60/40 .... My fingers are crossed for you both. x
  9. maria warwick

    Shame on you

    Perhaps they were just practicing before doing the tree on the left !!
  10. maria warwick

    Tree Topping

    This was near the Sliding Centre in Whistler ........ they must have known I was visiting πŸ˜„
  11. maria warwick

    Tree Topping

    Has he been down the bobsleigh track yet ? I Skeletoned down it last year....
  12. maria warwick

    Rope for zigzag

    Non CE Cougar Orange for me πŸ‘
  13. maria warwick

    Guitars . Show em !

    Bought myself a Taylor GS Mini a couple of weeks ago...... Never played a guitar before. I wrote a few simple songs which I could play on my ukulele , but trying to play the same songs on my guitar is proving a step too far at the moment. Loving learning so far πŸ‘
  14. maria warwick


    I was nowhere near Gatwick ........ Honest guv....
  15. maria warwick

    Timber Pro Chainsaws

    Ha Ha ..... instead of the Winter Olympic Biathlon event of x-country skiing and shooting , we could have x-country cross cutting ! Those are really cool goggles (not) 😎


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