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  1. Coming up for 56 and still have a bit of life in me yet , so.... decided to have a go at a bit of Skeleton.(going down a hill head first on a tin tray!) Bath University have a practice track which is used by Team GB. Went down yesterday and had a great time (there is a video, but too big to upload.. ) Anyway , here is a picture of me and the other "have-a-go's" and Team GB members
  2. Ladies Tennis Wimbledon

    Dream on lol
  3. Ladies Tennis Wimbledon

    Nowt wrong with mixed doubles ......
  4. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

  5. Best nail varnish for a tree surgeon

    ...Would love to comment , but just off to get my nails done !
  6. Pershore College Arboriculture - Images

    I did my training over at Moreton Morrell... I had never cut a tree down before.... I made mistakes... The important thing is learning from your mistakes. I go to a college for my hair cuts.... It's cut/coloured by students... They make mistakes.... They learn from them. Great to see students enjoying what they are learning.
  7. TimberPro 26cc Top Handle

    I've got one as a back up... Bought it a while back. About the same size as my Stihl193T , but not as powerful. I'll blow the dust off it tomorrow and give it a whizz
  8. Freelander versus Terrano

    Yep... mine's a TD4 too. That's the one to go for.
  9. Freelander versus Terrano

    Cheeky git ...lol ooh... I was in Aberdeen at the weekend ....just saw you are from Aberdeenshire..
  10. Freelander versus Terrano

    I have a Freelander......
  11. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    Does that bite ?
  12. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    I'm sat here with a swollen leg
  13. Horse-Flies...Been bitten yet ?

    Had my first one of the year.I was out detecting last night about 7:30 and the pesky blighter got me between the bottom of my leggings and top of my sock...about a centimetre gap. Grrrrrrrrr:thumbdown:
  14. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Life on the canal......
  15. Stump grinder hand brake

    Download the Dosko stump grinder manual...


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