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  1. I guess I could load all the knotty twisty lumps up first, give those away and then return to site, load all the nice straight knot free stuff and take that back to the yard 😃
  2. Dreadfully sorry, I'll disappear off and mind my own business.
  3. As an old farmer once said, while reading the obituaries "their picking em owt o my pen now"
  4. IME council workers don't tend to be shining examples of heathy living. Obviously a sweeping generalisation, but a great many "working" blokes really let themselves go and as they work for council they can't be held accountable for their lack of productivity. I would bet a good few of the "expensive" contractors are not spring chickens.
  5. I nicked my wrist with my 020 a few years ago. Cut a couple of tendons to my thumb. I had surgery, should have been off work for a minimum of 6 weeks and no gripping for 12 weeks. I was back climbing after 2 weeks. But the tendons I cut pulled my thumb away from my palm, not towards it. So I don't think my grip was ever at risk. I still have some numbness and a little stiffness. Its not affected by the cold. Most of the time I forget it ever happened.
  6. Hi Kate are you doing research on behalf of the Cycle Touring Club?
  7. I'm 52, been climbing for around 28 years. Still climb most days. As you get older I think fitness is the key. We kid ourselves we are still fit, when in reality we are just strong and as others have said stubborn. I got back into cycling about 5 years ago after a 30 year break. Boy did I soon realise just how unfit I had become, if I'd had the spare money I'd have bought an e-bike. I'm so glad now that I didn't!!. It took a fair while of me breathing out my backside and nearly dying on the climbs, but slowly my lungs expanded and heart appeared to become more efficient. I'm now fitter than I've been in 20 years. Work is so much easier.
  8. Although the tree owner has a responsibility to get the tree check, I don't believe they have any responsibility to furnish you with a copy of any resulting report.
  9. This, but from the opposite end of the telescope, not new friend, more ditching old ones.
  10. I have just posted them 4 logs, I'm awaiting their "labourite test results" 🤔
  11. I've been attacked by a Swan, I was kayaking on the canal.
  12. I've always smelt bullshit, but happy to be told I'm wrong.
  13. But why does the soil not swell up to "full field capacity" every winter when the tree is dormant and not drawing up water or sheltering the ground and we generally get higher rainfall?
  14. It's a deciduous tree, so it only removes water from the ground when in leaf, so why is there not a massive issue with heave every autumn?
  15. If the tree was foreseeable dangerous the owner would be liable, but a strong enough wind will fell any tree, so that's "act of god"
  16. skyhuck

    Shane Warne

    You must have a bloody good memory mate!!
  17. skyhuck

    Shane Warne

    In all honesty I'm surprised the anti-vacsers haven't been on telling us "it was the jab that done it!"
  18. skyhuck

    Shane Warne

    For sure, I'm buying my calendars a month at a time 😞
  19. Do you mean "abuse"?
  20. skyhuck

    Shane Warne

    I'm 52......... makes you think...... RIP Shane 😢
  21. He nails it there, people can believe incredible things if "they want to believe", religion, anti-vac's and all the other crazy stuff we see all around us today.
  22. Presumably it's a Russian dish, so you use the Russian Kiev, where as the Ukrainians say Kyiv.


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