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Just Unlucky ?

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Anyone here supply similar crate setup , genuine British produce with national delivery ?


You don't need national delivery, you need local delivery!! :001_smile:

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You might find this useful for working out how many lose cube you have to buy to fill your sheds with stacked logs http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/firewood-forum/64099-stacked-v-loose-logs-conversion-rate.html



Thanks for the link .

I am aware of calculations on loose vs stacked

Apologies to the others for jumping from literally from the top of the posts , right down to the bottom , which is the same person. I intended to do it systematically from top to bottom ( not sure how long it will take me ) , as there are some posts in between I really would like to respond to !


The point is not knowing what is in these loose “loads “ or various size bags , this is one of the BIGGEST problems , it is not good enough , please refer to my first post

You see it in a crate , delivered on the lorry , tightly stacked , volume calculation is easy and transparent. You can work out the volume in 30 seconds flat. This is not so easy to do it with bags or pickup “ loads “ as majority ( in my area anyway ) will not give you clear-cut answers how full these will turn up , so you cannot convert an unknown amount to solid stacked volume figure , untill they are dumped on your drive and once you have stacked them in your log-store.

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When u say first post probably last post i hope so cos i got bored reading all that halfway through ,no offence:thumbup:


I am so sorry to have bored you Gary !


Kind of 50/50 on the sentiments you express there....


Some might be reasonable to expect, some perhaps not quite so reasonable.


Nature doesn't really deal in perfect uniformity and consistency, you might be better with:


I don’t need my logs laser-cut !

I just need them to be within reason , size-wise reasonably uniform , if I am quoted 25cm length , would you not say 30cm + is a bit much ? I can even fit 30cm long ones in my Morso , if they are not absurdly wide , it is those 25 - 30cm cube ( approx ) giants are the ones which are the problem !


If I did not have access to my hydraulic 5T log splitter ( Mickey Mouse one I know , I have not come here to show off me equipment ! :001_tongue: ) , I would probably throw them in my green compost bin. Especially ones with knots , not to be attempted with an axe , let us not be heroes !

I am close to 50 , although reasonably fit , would probably not bother with them.

I have re-split , I would say , over half of the lot of my last delivery. Is that really something to be expected of 25cm size “ standard “ logs ?


What if the customer was 80 year old , heart attack when he sees the logs ?

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Reckon you should be buying in roundwood and producing your own logs.








Sure, I can .


I have in the past , still do occasionally when I either get free wood ( from a friend who has some sort off right of way access to a woodland etc. I don’t really know the ins and outs ) , he gets the wood as an agreement , when they come to do the management / coppicing.


My logs do come out perfectly fine yes, even with my Mickey Mouse hydraulic splitter and my 20 quid log / saw horse and my trusty Bosh Electric chainsaw ! , end result would put the logs I received in last delivery and some others in the past to shame, produced by the professionals in the trade.


Certainly won’t pay the same amount for cordwood , as some suppliers appear to charge same or very similar money for same volume as split and “ seasoned “ ( perhaps it is much easier to distinguish tree species when in cord form , so it is more difficult to deceive , compared to the split “ mixed “ loads , where anything seems to go , my theory anyway )


My question to you is this. Why produce own logs?


I do it occasionally for fun / bit of exercise, and for the love of logs !


I have no intention of turning my back garden to a full blown log yard / barn setup to dry 10 -15 m3 minimum , to process and store ( for 2 years minimum proper seasoning ) , I don’t think it would sit well with me better half.

If I am ordering and paying for cut/split/seasoned logs , which are supposed to be ready to burn , this is what I expect to receive , or is this such an unreasonable expectation ?


Why not reject the delivery? If it is not as stated, don't pay, turn it away on the spot. No one learns if you except it.


As I stated few times , it is mission impossible to get accurate measurements , as far as the volume is considered , until after it is dumped on your drive and once stacked.


I had deliveries in the past , they would not even mention the size of what the vehicle it will turn up is , it was just called a “ load “ ! So I can’t argue with someone over an unknown measurement he promised to deliver and I can’t sit and cry about it afterwards. A “ load “ can simply mean 10 logs ? Well , it is a load , isn't it , can you argue ?


The quality of the logs , likewise , you need to handle them , see what is what when you are stacking ( that is if you know little bit about wood ) , the dryness , well , no supplier will hang about if you say , wait let me split couple of of your logs before I pay you , see if they are worthy . Fist fight ?


£100 - £200 and thereabouts is not worth the aggro and high blood pressure , if they are crap unseasoned logs , they will sit in one corner and I will use them up eventually.


They just don’t get my business again , but I suppose suppliers such as those would not rely on repeat customers I would presume.

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Hey LogDesperate because you appear to have so much knowledge as to how the perfect load of logs should be i reckon you should start up in business reckon youd do a roaring trade:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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Wish I was still close to 50 :001_smile:


Me too, 50 is a distant memory these days, soon be an OAP :laugh1: Our stove is a dainty little Hunter Hawk and if I buy logs I always have to split some of them, not very often I buy any if I can get arb waste or scrounge windblown though. Anything over 2" is fire fodder for us I don't mind cutting and drying it at home.

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Part of the problem as you say is there is not a lot of difference between the cost of cordwood and the cost of processed delivered logs. Unfortunately most log suppliers will be trying to live on that margin.


Not directed at yourself in any way but there is that old saying


Doing the unprofitable for the ungrateful.


I appreciate you have found your purchase abroad but still wish to give the business to your fellow country men but I don't know an answer as to how that is going to be done. Hence the reason we stopped processing logs 5 years ago and don't regret the decision one bit.

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