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  1. Good on ya Mick he looks a dude:thumbup:
  2. Yep we got it, nice plant easy to manage
  3. If you get stuck Chris give us a shout i dont mind a week away for the right money:thumbup:
  4. Gary24


    Agreed Mr Squirrel:thumbup:
  5. Gary24


    550,560 372,395 that works for me:thumbup:
  6. Gary24


    Another for 372xp best saw iv,e ever owned:thumbup:
  7. Hedgeing is usually done by the mtr, not day rate
  8. Absolute scorcher today, left at 5 this morning and back home now job done
  9. They are real good as you say with a nice bit of cheese and crusty bread my old man used to do em for us every year:thumbup:
  10. Gary24


    I,m like you Chris got the ringing but also a dull humming noise 46yrs
  11. Dont know about Hayter but i got a Yazoo mower and it goes through anything old but great Briggs and Stratton engine
  12. Gary24

    Potato Blight

    They will be fine there aint no real rules with spuds chuck em in and leave em to it
  13. Found this beauty today, a Purple Hairstreak, found at Lion Wood near Redditch.
  14. Gary24

    Potato Blight

    So long as they have flowered cut the foliage off and the spuds will be ok in the ground for a while,i had it last year moved my rows this year and all seems well:thumbup:
  15. Gary24

    Husqvarna 555

    Cheers for the comments guys got one on the way:thumbup:


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