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Found 68 results

  1. Hi I have been given an old chainsaw to mess about with. Unfortunately it doesn't start ( probably why my boss gave it to me for free). The chainsaw is 8-10 years old and has been sitting around for a year or so now. I have checked the spark plug and there appears to be a spark there, fuel line seems to be in a reasonable order. Could somebody please let me know what could be up with it and if its worth spending a few quid on getting it working again. Thanks, Luke
  2. I have a Stihl a41av and was wondering if this was classed as a vintage chainsaw, and if so, what kind of price could I get for it please? It has a 24" chain. Many thanks Steve
  3. So, looked and then got a job where a big saw is needed. Have a husqvarna 576xp with a 24" blade and to be fair it always been enough. 48" by the time you go round both sides:thumbup: Any way this time it's not gonna cut the mustard. There are half dozen dead horses chestnut trees to come down. All my ground saws are Husqvarna so I enquired about the395xp but the max bar length is only 28" wtf. The stihl equivalent is the 660 and can come with 36" bar Didn't really want the 3120 seems to be over kill for what I want. Don't get why the 395 can only be brought with a maximum 28" bar? Never used a stihl ground saw except the 260. How does the 660 fair to the big huskies.
  4. The all new STIHL MS150 TC-E Top Handle Chainsaw. Ideal for cutting back trees, professional pruning, limited crown reduction and working from a cherry picker. The lightweight champion of STIHL arborist saws delivers high cutting performace for its class with fine cut surfaces and has a good power-to-weight ratio. Comes with Ergo Start as standard! Click here to see the new STIHL MS150 TC-E
  5. Hi, Just a quick one. As the title says I'm having trouble starting the saw, this hasn't happened in the past. Every time I pull the starer cord the de-comp valve pops out just under a third of the way through the pull then making it go really stiff and not pull any further. any advice? Thanks alot Jack
  6. Hey guys I have recently bought a wood burning stove to run my heating, which means I now have to keep well on top of the firewood. I need to purchase a decent saw that'll be hassle free for me. I'm looking at getting something with a 16-20" bar. I want a good all rounder !! Obvious choices would be husky or stihl. Having done a bit of research on YouTube I can't really seperate the two, only that Husky seem to go through timber about a second quicker on average and seem to be more well balanced than the stihl......ADVISE PLEASE
  7. Hi all, I hoped I would never need to post in this section but unfortunately I need to. My dad had a Stihl 036 stolen on Monday night from FRODSHAM in CHESHIRE. Along with other expensive tools such as 2 Dewalt cordless drills and a Dewalt bench saw. The 036 has a WA6 postcode clearly marked on it and the only other thing we can think of is that the petrol cap looks much much newer than the oil cap. The saw was in a plastic Stihl hard case with a padlock on so were not expecting the case to be around anymore. BASTARDS! Loads of similar thefts in the area involving sheds and garages. One thing which pissed him off is that a really old Black & Decker electric drill was taken too. Some would say they are crap drills but this one was bought for him by my mum when he was 23, he is now in his late 50's!!! Back in the day when my mum saved up every last penny so my dad could have his own drill.... Really upsetting in a way. I am so angry, times like this I wish hanging and stretching of criminals was still allowed. My dad is fully insured but to get the saw back would be fantastic. The shed it was stolen from was part of a fin forest summerhouse which has solid doors and good locks. There were 2 security lights and a locked gate but they still managed to steal the gear. So my note to everyone is make sure you take extra steps in security because it is horrible and I am sick and tired of seeing more and more gear go missing from ArbTalk users. I once read that most home owners upgrade their home security once they have been broken into. Spend a little money now because you need it…….. Any info, please contact me: [email protected] Reward will be given, Thanks all,.......
  8. Hello, As I was watching every video under the sun about chainsaws It occurred to me that I didn't really know what to put in a chainsaw fuel wise. I have been working on a cricket ground since i was 12 and I know how to mix petrol and 25:1 for streamers but I don't know how to do it for a chainsaw. Could somebody tell me what the best oils I need to use for chain and for engine and if there any types of oil or petrol that does a better job than others E.g. Leaded or unleaded.
  9. Would anyone be able to tell me if I'm getting ripped off by my current service guy. I have a Stihl MS 660 that is used for ringing up large butts at the log barn. It wasn't starting so I took it in and they have said that the fuel in the tank was dirty and this had clogged up the Carb filter (having passed through the fuel tank) filter and it had caused the saw to run lean and heated up and siezed the piston in the cylinder. Is this something that anyone has heard of happening before, and would the compensator device in this type of saw control this? This saw doens't get used often, and has probably only done three days of work, since the last time it was at the shop, where they told me it needed a new piston caused by 'dirty fuel'. I run 7 other saws, two 024's and 5 MS200t's all on the same fuel and no problems with this. Please does anyone know (if there is a Stihl service engineer here) if this is something that I've just been unlucky with, or am I begin bullsh**ted by this place.?? Please help!!
  10. Purchased an Alaskan with a 20 inch chain a couple of weeks ago through Rob D who was very helpful. Was on my CS30/31 at the time so I have only just got round to using it. I ran it with my 361 which did a pretty good job but it wasn't exactly fast... Started out just doing a small length of Sweet Chestnut for a bit of practise and then went on to a larger piece of Ash. I really enjoyed seeing all the grain patterns inside the wood and was happy with the results. Will add some pictures shortly James
  11. Hi Guys. My first post on here. This week I decided that it was about time to get my own saw. In the end I settled for a Stihl 025 for £150, vgc from looking at it and running. I've noticed that on the front of the saw, to the left of the muffler (if looking towards the rear handle), there is a small rivet/screw type thing where I have oil leaking from. Does anyone know what this is, and is it an easy fix? Cheers. Rob.
  12. woodbodger

    Stihl 066

    Hi I have a 1997 066 which is a non runner, I have cleaned all the carb and pipes, I have a spark but am not convinced by it as it requires a really fast pull on the starter cord to produce it so am suspecting the coil (marked 1122 1312). Searching on line I can find no one selling a coil for this model and wonder if any of you have any experience, How good should the spark be? I have previous experience of useless and expensive repair work by a dealer and am reluctant to go that route. Know anyone reliable around Carmarthen in lovely Wales? Thanks
  13. Banjobill

    Saw Chain

    Whats the best saw chain for my work/saw. I have a Stihl 018 and my work is on Alder carr mainly. Chipper, chistle or semi chistle? Many thanks. BB
  14. I'm using a stihl 361 as my main mid sized saw for a couple of years and have never felt it oils enough. I'm forever cleaning it and the bar, trying to get rid of any crud that might stop the flow of oil, and it works at first but pretty soon it's clear theres no oil getting to the chain, resulting in the bar and chain getting seriously hot (even to the point of warping the orignal stihl bar, which was replaced with an oregon). i think the heat build up causes the chain to go blunt quicker too. i have the oil screw turned to full, and there's about half an inch depth of oil when the petrol runs out. when i run it with the side plate and bar off, the oil bleeds out nicely. i now seem to spend almost as much time maintaining the thing as i do cutting! anyone got any ideas!?!?? or had similar problems??
  15. Hi, I am considering investing in the Stihl KombiSystem, and am looking for experiences with the Blower KM-BG as well as other KombiSystem tools like the Pole Pruner and the Scrub Cutter.
  16. Hi all, As some of you already know, I do website design in my spare time. And I am pleased to announce that I can offer all you nice people a FREE website. The only catch is: YOU HAVE TO DESIGN IT YOURSELF!!! Or, I can give you a FREE quote for a custom built one. Check out my site: Crowmere Creations - Mid Cheshire and click website design. Here you can read more about the FREE SITE offer and also request a FREE no obligation quote for a custom built website by myself. Crowmere Creations - Mid Cheshire If you choose the FREE option, you can design your own website with no design skills. All you need is a decent internet connection and and a flash enabled pc/laptop..... NO SOFTWARE TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL If you would like some more information, please contact me by direct email: [email protected] or call me at home any evening from 6pm on 01606 889504 ask for Lee. Crowmere Creations - Mid Cheshire I would like to help as many arborists as possible to get their business online. Hope to hear from some of you very soon.. Regards Lee :-) Crowmere Creations - Mid Cheshire
  17. Hi all, Found this a couple of days ago, its pretty cheap too.... Cheap Garden Equipment Lee
  18. samarb

    Stihl ms880

    Hi everyone, I have recently put on order an ms880 with 48in, 36in & 25in bar. Can anyone let me know the good/bad points of owning one and their ideal uses. Thanks


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