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  1. For the price I might as well !
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes I've emptied the chain oil and had a good probe around. Nothing there. I think I may have found one online (UK thankfully), but if it pans out fruitless I'll give the chap a shout. Cheers again !
  3. Makes sense ! Thanks for the reply. Has anyone got a spare kicking about?!? Haven't been able to find anything in the UK.
  4. Hello all, can I ask what might on reflection seem like a 'newbie's' question? My recently acquired 020AV runs brilliantly. However, there's chain oil escaping from the little hole on top of the oil filler cap (when used at angles etc). Now, obviously I'm missing the underside of the cap, with a retaining chain (as on the fuel cap) and some sort of seal/rubber/stopper. My question is this ... Does the design on the old 020AV necessitate the oiling system to have capacity to breathe through this outlet? Or can I plug the hole to prevent leakage? I'd have thought the oil chamber would be completely sealed (as in newer saws). The tech chap at Stihl UK wasn't sure on the phone, he simply provided me with a part number. Nice chap, helpful as he could be so I'm not knocking anyone. Also I've had some advice from an experienced mate. Just wanted a few impressions or suggestions from the 'old school' out there. I'm trying to locate a replacement cap which ain't as easy as I thought. Cheers in advance.
  5. Does anyone else have thoughts on the Dolmar? It would be fantastic to have an arsenal of saws, but the pocket won't run to that, so it's a question of building up gradually. Case in point, I'm running a 1999 Ford Ranger (God bless it !), and though it might not look 'flash' sitting next to shiny, spanking new 4X4's, it does the job I need it to do, reliably and without fuss. Yes, presenting the right image is important, but if you do your job well clients and customers will appreciate your work and recommend you to others. SORRY ! , going off topic a little there, but still applicable to the subject I think. I guess to sum it up it's doing your best with the best kit you can afford.
  6. Oh, and something else that the forum gave rise to, thoughts on those 'extras' that some Husqvarna dealers have on offer (helmet, gloves). I haven't seen any new Stihl saws with any bonus bits and bobs. A carry case would be nice !?! I must add as a footnote I'd much prefer a better saw than be swayed by any peripherals. Though it's always nice to be offered!
  7. Thanks Peatff, I'll look at that as an option. Makes sense. Are the new Husqvarna products as tough as I remember the older ones being? As I mentioned, I've just been using Stihl of late. Everyone will have their own take on this, dependant on personal experience and anecdotal evidence, but I guess that's why we're on forums, to pick each other's brains!
  8. Thanks for your comment Gary, much appreciated 👍🏻 I'll take a look, I've found one at a pretty good price, but those extras sound good 😊
  9. Hello to everyone, as you'll probably see, I'm new here. Just a quick query, how does the Husqvarna 435 compare to Stihl of the same 'ish price tag? I've used older Husqvarna saws, but a long time ago. Just been using Stihl chainsaws recently. It's for occasional use, no heavy logging but obviously I need it to generally cover a range of basic functions. I'm looking at a 'new in box', factory sealed example. I must admit I'm tempted to wait for a second hand Stihl, but would appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks everyone.


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