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  1. Well, true to form, I’ve had no reply from the guy who initially wanted it, so now it’s up for grabs if you are interested Joe?
  2. Unfortunately not mate, things like that do come up on ebay alot though. What do you mean that you get a kick off the pull start though incidentally?
  3. Lol. Unfortunately it’s pretty much what I do for a living (amongst other things) I buy, do up, service and repair broken garden equipment. Just got a massive load of it which this saw came with. So need to sell it all now. Got shed loads of Stihl and Husky stuff which I’m really pleased about as it’s in great nick! ?
  4. I’ve had it stripped down and cleaned it all up, on the inside it looks really nice! Been well looked after by the looks of things.
  5. Still hasn’t got back to me yet, I’m going to give it until tomorrow night then it’s up for grabs as far as I’m concerned Joe
  6. I’ve told him £300 but I think I’d take £280, awaiting a reply, this is it btw. It’s 2007 with a 16” Bar
  7. Really? That would be really handy! I’m collecting 2 HS85s today to repair and sell! Oh hi from Norwich by the way!
  8. No, thats the thing, there’s absolutely no marking on it
  9. I’ve had these trimmer blades in my shed for a little while, bought them from a guy who had a few Stihl blades that I’ve used. So I’m only guessing they fit a Stihl machine too? I’ve had them apart, cleaned up and sharpened them and there’s no makers marks on at all, just plain all over, they’re in great condition, seems a shame to just leave them in a corner, they don’t fit anything I’ve got. So I was wondering if anyone recognises them from anything? They’re 77.5cm (30.5”) long (that’s the total length end to end. Any guesses?
  10. Ok anyone any idea how much a Husqvarna 357XPG is currently worth? It’s in great condition, runs sweet, all nice and clean etc etc. I want to sell it to a guy who wants to buy it! But no idea how much to ask? I’ve tried looking on loads of selling sites like ebay and all those, no one seems to be selling them!!? I don’t want to ask too much but then I don’t want to rip myself off either any ideas?
  11. Just cleaned out the exhaust muffler and Boom!! Purring like a kitten now! Didn’t even think of that one!! Every day’s a school day! Thanks lurkalot, much appreciated!!
  12. Oh, fitted a new air filter too, have noticed it does spit out a little bit of fuel from the air intake, would that be anything?
  13. Hi, I have a Stihl HS76 hedge trimmer, it runs and ticks over fine, but when you come to rev it, it’s slow, and only revs slightly higher than tick over but sounds really flat. I tried to adjust the carb but no luck, new carb kit bought, noticed a chip out of a part of it so brand new carb bought and fitted. Same issue. Compression i thought, removed spark plug which virtually fell out, so just fitted a new thread to it (helicoil) fitted nicely, new plug too. Same issue after trying to set up the carb but just doesn’t seem to want to have any guts to it. Compression is fine too, I’m nearly at a loss!! Anyone any other ideas???
  14. Thank you, I’ll go over all those things and report back asap. Your help is greatly appreciated
  15. Now THAT is one thing I haven’t looked at! Maybe it’s slipped round half sheared? I’ll have a look at that tomorrow, thanks!!


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