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  1. The hugely popular Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boots have now been added to our late summer sale. Get yours here https://www.landmarktrading.com/workwear-ppe/boots/chainsaw-boots/meindl-airstream-c-saw-boot.html We also have a comprehensive range of other chainsaw boot brands available, such as Haix, Stihl, Arbotec & Treemme. See https://www.landmarktrading.com/workwear-ppe/boots/chainsaw-boots.html for more details.
  2. This little mark will be on all safety equipment you buy (unless it's from outside the EU), most of us see it but do we know what it means? In a recent blog post, we explored the history of this mark, what it means and why it's important to arborists. https://www.landmarktrading.com/blog/what-ce-approval-why-matter/ If you have any questions related to safety equipment we're glad to help.
  3. Unsure about all the different types of chainsaw protective clothing? Don't know the difference between your Class 1's and your Type C's? We've produced a comprehensive guide to help you purchase the right safety equipment for your needs. As well as the regulations, we've also got specific product reviews and guides of some of our best-sellers. What you'll learn from our guide: How To Put Together Chainsaw Protective Clothing Where Chainsaw Protective Clothing is Mandated How to Stay Safe Operating a Chainsaw Chainsaw Safety Boot Legislation Our Top 3 Picks From Our Range Of Helmets, Boots, Trousers and Gloves Read the full guides here - https://www.landmarktrading.com/chainsaw-safety-clothing-equipment If you have any specific questions regarding chainsaw safety clothing, let us know and we'll do our best to answer them, or if you'd prefer to speak to us directly you can call our team on 01780 482231.
  4. Summer Special Offer

    We have a number of items on sale, check out the special offers here https://www.landmarktrading.com/special-offers.html The sale is running until 20th September so please visit us and grab yourself a bargain! A small selection of the items on sale includes.... Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots Excl. VAT: £182.50 Incl. VAT: £182.50 Breatheflex Chainsaw Trousers, Class 1, Lime, Type C Excl. VAT: £169.50 Incl. VAT: £203.40 Petzl Vertex Chainsaw Helmet, chipper muffs and visor, SNR31 Excl. VAT: £68.00 Incl. VAT: £68.00 Tuffmaster Forestry Helmet, X4 muffs and Advance visor Excl. VAT: £43.50 Incl. VAT: £43.50 2 Tonne Cobra Bracing Kit Excl. VAT: £373.00 Incl. VAT: £447.60 Loggers Tapes, 15M/50 foot Excl. VAT: £29.20 Incl. VAT: £35.04 Please visit the website https://www.landmarktrading.com and if you have any questions you can get in touch via our online chat system or call 01780 482231.
  5. Zega Classic Rope Bag Competition

    We're currently running a competition on our Twitter page which might be of interest to you guys - we're giving away one of our Zega Classic Rope Bags. Here are its specs: "Made from heavy duty waterproof PVC with double stitched load bearing seams for durability. Scuff and tear resistant heavy duty nylon reinforced base. Adjustable shoulder straps plus padded handles for comfortable transport. Features an ergonomic profile for comfort. Holds 45m rope plus climbing equipment. 54cm x 38cm x 21cm." If you want to enter you can click here!
  6. Hi all, We've just written a list of the most common woody plant pests you have to watch out for, and a few tips and tricks of the trade to protect from a potential attack. Hopefully you'll found it of use: https://www.landmarktrading.com/blog/products-techniques-controlling-pests-woody-plants/
  7. To fracture prune, or................

    We recently wrote a little guide to pruning trees, hopefully there'll be some useful info in there for you: https://www.landmarktrading.com/blog/pruning/
  8. Willow dieback

    We wrote about a few devastating tree diseases here, could be helpful: https://www.landmarktrading.com/blog/five-devastating-tree-diseases/
  9. A Guide to Tree Felling Licensing

    Hi Guys, We recently wrote a blog on the above topic, thought it might be useful to leave it here. Link below. https://www.landmarktrading.com/blog/guide-tree-felling-licensing/ Cheers


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