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  1. Yeah I can see that, not everyone can afford to buy 3 different size saws. Or even multiple bar lengths etc.
  2. Yeah good point I'm doing it at Scott Frasers Tonbridge, Flexi tree surgeon course. I know they supply all of the climbing kit just not sure on saws, any way slightly off topic. I'm really debating to get a 241 just chuck it on 0% credit card a d pay it off slowly. As the other saw I own is a 400 with a 20" bar which is great but it's little heavy to use all day and on smaller limbs it just feels silly.
  3. Hey Dan The only Instruction is to NOT bring a saw that has a larger guide bar length than 15"s. But surely they're not going to chuck you off the course if your bar is 16"s. I'm looking at the 241 now..... I'm currently proper skint, but for what I need around our place it looks good.
  4. Hey Bill Yeah I've tried twice already and same issue. Could try a 3rd time!
  5. Update ladies & gents. Carb came through the post chucked it straight in. Didn't touch adjustment screws started 1st pull on choke. 2nd pull on 'on' it started. High idle turned it down perfect. Day 1 - for half a tank of fuel run fine. Day 2 - 3 tanks of fuel over 4hrs, not hard continues use. Near the end of each tank it started boggin and cutting out, moved fuel line in tank improved issue. Day 3 issues started.... Really high idle, adjustment slows it down then creeps up again. Saw just starts ragging it's arse off for no-reason. I'm now thinking fuel line & fuel filter. I'm just being a tight arse but I'm still reluctant to throw money at a low end saw. I'm not using for work purposes just looking after our woods where we live. But I've also got my CS30&31 in September and I'd like to use my own saw for that. Shall I just get a new fuel line & filter and go from there? Cheers guys [emoji38]
  6. Unfortunately I'm based in North Kent....... thanks for the offer though. Bought a cheap Chinese carb see if that works. Been using it to day for an hour, just bogged out half way whilst cutting through a 4inch branch.....
  7. Amazing cheers lads. I was looking at the cheap carbs, but was sceptical. But apparently you've squashed my doubt! I'll order one tonight & see what happens! I'll keep you all updated 🤙
  8. Hello Everyone I've inherited an MS181 Iv'e had it for about 18months. It was probably sat for 6months before I managed to get it going. I've replaced the air filter, Spark plug, fuel filter and it runs ok. But from cold it always only ever starts on half choke no matter the weather and soon as you touch the throttle it just bogs and dies. It's ok when it warm up but as soon as you pull full throttle it bogs & dies. I've cleaned the Carb out about 4 times adjusted the High, Low and idle screws and same effect. The next option is new Carb Kit for diaphram etc and then potentially a new carb. A new is carb is about £60.... I know its not much in the grand scheme of things but this saw might be 7 years old and I have no idea if it was looked after before and a new 181 is £250.00. I'm looking at a new potential Top handle for the future MS150/194 or 201. Is it worth spending the extra money on the 181? or just scrapping it and given up on it? Any help appreciated. Take it easy Liam
  9. Hey chaps has any one else used this yet? I'm debating between the MS362 and MS400 is worth the extra cash? And is it still too early to buy one?
  10. Cheers Dbikeguy - It's awesome to hear others changes careers etc. I think we all get wrapped up in learning one profession when were younger and then doing it for life. There's nothing wrong with that if you love what you do but I've lost my passion for my current job.
  11. Hey Drinksloe - This is an awesome point I'm still very opened minded about all aspects of tree work. I still don't really know what specific sub discipline I'm actually interested in yet. When looking in to it more, tree climbing is the most obvious one and when looking for jobs on-line, most of them are looking for climbing Arborists.
  12. Thank you all very much for the replies chaps, a step in the right direction. 😁
  13. I've looked at Kingswood and there combined courses looks really good, If I enjoy climbing and enjoy helping out some local firms for pocket money I'll book it and go from there. Using Chainsaws and Climbing might be fun but £3k is still £3k if I decide it's not for me!
  14. Some thing else I need to start reading!
  15. Ha if it was only that simple, pretty much living on Mother in Laws inherited place. We built a separate property yadayada..... Also YES i've been listening to the educated tree climber and that's on my to do list of reads.


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