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  1. Hello all I had it upside down for 3 days and pull over when upside down reassembled today and it’s all working fine thank you all it appeared to be too much oil in. The crank
  2. Had it In bits today after some playing in shave fount it’s the gears and clutch drum making the noise than you all for replies will be ordering new parts soon will update when fixed
  3. Thanks I will try again with blades off and gears out also I would assume? Tbh I didn’t see a break band or anything when taking it apart but it all seems to fit back together nicely from videos I saw online of people replacing the same part I didn’t notice it either, strange
  4. Thank you yes number 3 is what was replaced and the old bearing has basically burst and the gearbox was covered in small ball bearings so the gears may well have taken a beating but all look fine to me the gearbox was cleaned and re lubricated, the clutch is loose and looks knackered tbh I haven’t fitted the new one yet, which on is the break band on the diagram but it honestly sounds like when you spin a skateboard wheel which is why I think it must be a bearing, I do not know what happened before the bearing blew as this machine was given to me afterwards and I’m trying to restore life back into it thank you for replies
  5. The crank seems fine yes and not exactly when the engine is at idle there is no noise but when I rev and the bearing starting spinning to move the blades I can hear the bearing spinning which is concerning as im starting to think it’s a dodgy/ damaged bearing or maybe it just needs to wear in?
  6. Hello I’ve replaced my hs45 clutch drum bearing and it makes a wheerling noise when in use, is it a bad bearing?
  7. Hello all so I recent got a STIHL hs45 gifted you me it’s hard to pull over and rattles/ blades don’t move upon inspection it needs a new clutch as it’s loose and the clutch drum bearing had popped so new bearing fitted and re assembled to test (new clutch isn’t on yet) I cleaned and re lubricated the gear bid as necessary, hedge cutter fired right up and reeves the blades move success; however I can hear the bearing whearling like if you spin a sake board wheel is this due to the loose clutch or to you think it’s a bad bearing ps the blades move fine
  8. Ok so here is plan of action this evening if i haven’t managed to fix it I will get it in bits and upload as many photos as possible thank you everyone who has replied so far ?
  9. It may have had a liquid gasket, but there was no physical gasket when I took it off if you know what I mean it was a mission to get it off it was sealed pretty tight
  10. I will do tbh I was going to rebuild the carb anyway or give it a thorough clean at least and give it a full degrease and service but I would like to get it “working” ish before trying to start it and diagnose other issue, I can however confirm it probably has never had a service in its life because when removing the fuel like I snapped the bit it connects to on the fuel tank just by pulling on the fuel line, they are solid as a rock but I have another of the same blower to salvage parts from or vide versa should this not work but that’s another post entirely
  11. To clarify nothing is connected to the cylinder, exhaust off and carb is off and coil is off so not connected to the fuel tank at all, when you say the pump diagram you mean in the carb yes? The carbs covered in filth so it’s off and put to one side for a clean later, I think it’s unlikely the blower has sat around unused as it came from a tree surgery Conpany who run them till they die and buy a new one ( lucky me I get the throw aways whoop whoop)
  12. Right it’s currently upside down with the spark plug out and I am going to leave it like that for a day or so and let it drain any oil out, I’ll then give it a few hard pulls out spark back in try pull it over, if the problem still persists I will take the flywheel off to cover all bases but it turns freely with no issue without the spark so I don’t think it’s this, then I’ll disassemble it yet again and get the crank casing off and have a better look in case any oil is stuck in there, I also did notice there is not a gasket on the bottom of the cylinder? I wouldn’t think this would be a issue though surely if anything it would make the compression lower ?
  13. I’ve had a look at a couple threads and it all appears to be too much oil which isn’t the case here as I have stripped it and cleaned it and it’s not to wrong spark as it was run with that spark plug and I tried with a different spark off my other blower same model and it still won’t pull over, and too be extra sure I didn’t screw the plug in all the way just enough to cover the hole like half a turn so it’s not even fully in the cylinder and it still feels like it has way too much compression thank you for the replies but I did have a read about and Carry out some tests before posting here, I also took the cylinder off and used degreaser, wd40 and carb cleaner and wiped with a cloth to get any carbon build up out


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