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  1. Does anyone else own a 2ft square plot of land on the isle of islay? I got one free with a bottle of laphraig many years ago! Just thought if anyone else got one we could join plots and maybe pitch a very small tent or something 😁
  2. No. Anyone under 30 doesn't know what a map is
  3. I think this is where the London issue comes in. You could have a climber, 2 groundies, truck and chipper stuck on the north circular for 2 hrs
  4. My favourite is when the lady of the house says 'Oh forget it, I'll get my husband to do it'. It's even better when the husband is present, and you get to see his face
  5. Well done. Buggers, hung up trees. If it's down safely, with no damage, I'd say that's a success. Is this a follow up to a previous thread? Pics would help
  6. A little bit more than it would've done before the best rigging points were removed
  7. Oh dear, that is fairly hard-core, there is help out there. The industry could do more, all those nice stripes and fancy badges aren't helping!
  8. 😂😂 you've got to take some responsibility for showing her the pic😆
  9. Not sure what I think of this. Not my work. Basically, conifers felled and log in fill to form a fence. Definitely don't like the top, but scores highly on the eco friendly/recycle ratings
  10. Con


    Dodge 1947 W series
  11. Con


    I don't know, I'll find out. He was over in America working, saw it in a field, asked the owner if he would sell. He likes a challenge.
  12. Con


    Mate had it imported from the states. Not sure how old it is 1948 I think, but hasn't been started since 1967
  13. Got to be stihl, I would think. Do they still do 82R and 82T. Spacing of teeth is wider on the R, if they still do 2 options
  14. I think it all hinges on whether you can get the right people. I've had some cracking fellas work for me (when you're there). Go and take some chip to tip off and nothing seems to get done 🤔 Be interesting to see how it goes.
  15. What was the modification? A locking pin?
  16. More importantly, get the correct torque setting
  17. I thought you meant the 'opening the bottle' bit!
  18. Bet you wish you never visited this site now😆
  19. That's what I said, in a different way
  20. Those that do milling regularly will probably have a good idea of its worth by looking at it. But until it's milled, it's always a bit of a gamble. Not all tree surgeons mill, and some people only mill. So if you get hold of someone, explain what you want to do, and take it from there
  21. All I am seeing is a lot of heavy wood, and a good days work for 3, including dealing with the waste. But I don't mill. That may offset it a bit, but it doesn't mill itself. There's another days graft, I would imagine
  22. If you want to sell the wood you need to process it first, or get someone to do it for you. It will cost you more than the wood is worth, if you get someone in, unless it's of exceptional value.. Without pictures and more information, your location, the trees location, we are all in the dark. Don't think, because you've mentioned the word 'oak' everybodies eyes are going to light up


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