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  1. Clean it real well box it up,pack it all in with other DIY tools,list it as DIY tools and I bet they don't even open the box,have fun have you been to Hervey Bay before.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good powered chainsaw sharpener, I have seen loads of cheap 30-50 pound ones but I would prefer to spend once and have it for a while. Cheers russ
  3. <p>Hi Steve I put up a post regarding the old ozzy forum treeworld I can't seem to find it has it been moved or removed? Did I say something wrong. Cheers Russ.</p>

  4. This is why we need to introduce electric brakes on trailers over here.
  5. They don't seem big to me are you getting girth mixed up with diameter.
  6. Are you working for a company or will you be self employed. If employed by a company you probably don't need any as the employers liability cover over there is very good and you will be well covered.
  7. Let's us know where your going I spent 7 years on the goldcoast and loved it. Have you sorted any work out yet. Russ.
  8. I don't think any company over here will cover you for over there but I could be wrong. have you had personal cover before as I found it impossible to get if your a climber. I found it easier to combine it with my public liability.
  9. I've taken saws in before about 7 years ago and will be taking it all back again soon,how are you sending it? Have you looked on oz import regs I didn't take my lawn mower and won't be takeing it this time either. The company I used to ship declared that all gear had been cleaned with a certain product that was recognised by the customs guys. Are you takeing over household stuff as well if so read the ozzy rules you will be surprised what you can't take, at the end of the day the worst that can happen is they will take it out and clean it and charge you for the service. I cleaned all my gear with so much jays fluid it knocked you're head off when you oped the boxes which is what I wanted and didn't have any problems:
  10. If you end up getting one check your receipts very carefully. We had one lad buying batteries on the card every time he filled up. He got a big surprise when I found out:thumbdown:
  11. Look in the job section mate there have been a few in Wiltshire recently.
  12. Dan holiday. Lovely lad, I taught him everything he knows,
  13. I have a very good mate over there ( Vancouver ) and he loves it he has just applied for a permanent visa. Check out his website. Climbing arborist.com Very good site.
  14. See what you got done in an hour, crack on an hour more and you will be finished, I personally think you were over complicating things in your mind, like others said it looked to me like you should have it done in a morning and be in the cafe by 11 .no cranes no helicopters no problem,a couple of sheets of ply on the oil tank make sure to protect the tap ( I have seen one snapped off ) and get it slapped out:thumbup1:
  15. I think we are looking at this from two different angles, I understand the finish from a good band saw is ok but what happens if you leave the timber to dry naturally after it has been cut ,does it not cup up across the width of the board or twist down the length,I know we all think we stack it correctly but do you never take a slab out of the stack to discover it looks like a bloody corkscrew. I didn't think you could get a thicknesser that wide.
  16. Of course there's many ways to skin a cat, but are you saying you would try to take out a 10 mm discrepancy in level over say a slab 2m long and 750mm wide with a hand plane? And what sort of thicknesser can you put a 750mm slab through. My mate has one in oz and it has a number of uses. He can put a rough cup on it and rip of a couple of mm in one pass, he then changes the cup for a sanding pad 150mm dia and just changes grit size until the finish is reached. He also does a lot of tree stump art and the slab master allows him to do two cuts exactly parallel to each other so every point of contact with the floor is touching perfectly and the glass table top touches every point of contact also. Hope that makes sense.
  17. So if nobody uses one how are you all getting your slabs flat and true ?
  18. If you need good accountancy advice go and see your accountant, if you need good visa advice go and see a visa specialist, whilst I love arb talk there is no substitute for professional advice. I went to see a visa company and took there advice a year later I had my permanent visa, many couples we know have been trying for over three years and still getting nowhere. We were told to forget my visa application and use the wife for main applicant,if your wife is into nursing you would probably be better using her, But don't listen to me go and see an expert, And don't worry about a job you will have one as soon as you make a few phone calls.
  19. Anybody use one or know who has one.i have used one a couple of times but it was over in oz,just curious thinking of future projects.
  20. Well bugger me I looked on their website and didn't see that. Cheers.
  21. Cheers diff lock I think you have got it, I will price up both and try to get some facts of the dealers.
  22. don't even try to compare the land rover to the land cruiser the land rover just doesn't come close.
  23. Two men in a pickup, no need to take big truck or chipper just clear the obstruction and leave the rubbish there, tools can be kept at home so no need to go to the yard. £250 an hour min 2 hours, have actually done this on more than one occasion, Called out 11 in the morning, wife was cooking I was doing sod all, shot out and cleared road of small dead hawthorn then back in doors before dinner was even half way done,send in invoice for £600 sit back down crack open beer grin at the telly thinking about what you are going to spend your money on......everyone's a winner. Even had one once not Christmas all the lads had been drinking same as me wife had to drive truck I went along for the ride found the tree dragged it out of the way with a rope on the pickup didn't even start a saw up, got home thought of a price sent in the invoice and no staff to pay, as the wife does it just for love, I have been to a call out we're there were two council trucks and four bods parked behind obstruction all flashing lights going to keep Jo public safe I had a quick chat and then walked up to the branch in the road picked it up and carried it off into the undergrowth it took about three minutes total and the council guys had been sat there for over an hour waiting for us to turn up.


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