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  1. Hey guys new rules come into play as of Jan 1st 2017 meaning i can apply for a working holiday visa (ive not missed the boat!) woo hoo! Just wondering if anyone can get me some contacts for any of the following places. Cairns Perth The gold coast Any where north of sydney really Cheers Been climbing 4 years ive got all the important tickets and a full clean licence looking to come over February. Thanks
  2. I used to be a web designer don't spend anything on SEO it has all changed now search engines don't use all the old meta tags and other coding jargon any more they just read your content, so the better and specific to the point sites rank higher. MT Tree Services Home
  3. Hi guys I know this is a big ask but does anyone know of anyone who has either gone to work in Tenerife or knows of companies there? I'm a good climber with all the right tickets loads of experience with big take downs, lowering, pruning etc. The sooner the better. Cheers Mike
  4. Well I've just had a second interview and they said there keen and have loads of work? Maybe there looking for good climbers Matt as long as your under 50 and can find a company to sponsor you you won't have a problem if you have the skills and experience.
  5. Hey I've got an answer now for the above question now, but now I've got a more important question. I have my second interview on Monday and worried what this will entail? Any advice asap would be really appreciated cheers
  6. Hey anymore information on Active? Wages etc as I'm currently waiting for a placement and wondering how much they pay as I've got to pay for a wife and 4 kids! until she gets a job.
  7. Hi there currently working mon-fri but free weekends and just looking for a bit of extra cash. Have all the usual tickets cs30,31,32,38,39,40 UA 1,2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Don't have a chipper but have all my climbing gear saws transport etc.. Any pruning, felling or anything else send me a message thanks. oh and have 3 years climbing experience. Cheers.
  8. <p>Hi Richard i'm in the same boat as you too old with family looking at the 190 also i've not got 3 years climbing until july so won't be able to do anything until then, i was shocked at the tra fees! although im not much use to you information wise at the moment i'll try to find out about why they wont accept our cs tickets two heads looking is better than one right? good luck buddy and keep me posted. Cheers mike</p>

  9. I've just found out 10 minutes ago I don't have to go down the route of spending thousands to do a state sponsor I can actually just get a 457 visa costing a lot less so I don't mind paying for that. I've been climbing for a couple of years and grounded for 6 months previously. I've currently got the following: CS30, CS31, CS32, CS38, CS39, CS40, UA1, UA2.1, UA2.2, UA2.3. Manual Handling & First aid. Full CLEAN licence. Willing to get any other tickets it takes! Please pm me if you have any vacancies or would like my CV can provide references. Cheers
  10. Thanks for that very informative site hopefully if I can an employer I can use the site a bit more :-)
  11. Thanks have emailed them a couple of days ago asking about visas don't want to sound pushy maybe I'll email them later with a c.v.
  12. P.S. have been looking at either Darwin or Cairns if that helps
  13. Hey everyone i'm back again..... Asking about Australia again...... Just wondering where can I find an employer that can sponsor me for a 457 as im too old for the easy option visa (over 31). I don't mind footing the bill for the visa as i'll need to pay extra anyway to add my spouse and kids onto the visa. Thanks in advance any contact numbers/names of employers who can help would be brilliant. Cheers Mike
  14. Nice I'm so jealous right now Might see you in a couple of years
  15. Thanks that's what I was trying to get at a bit of work experience but didn't want to sell my self to cheap lol. I'm worth more than that Well Sydney seems to be best options flights wise and with Australia being a big country didn't want to get lost! Although an hour North isn't the end of the world after a 36 hour flight ha ha


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