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  1. After UA5 surveyors in Yorkshire, work will primarily be South, East and West. Experience is a must Contact myself on 07547106083 Or Andi Brooke on 07909905284
  2. Check out Mike at the Tree Care Company, was asking the other week http://www.treecarecompany.co.uk
  3. Morning all, After UA cutters for on going works in Yorkshire, UA1, 2.1,2.2,2.3 First Aid, Chipper Cat B and E License desirable. Good rates of pay for the right candidate. Also after general cutters again with trailer license and CSCS for ongoing work in the North East. Contact myself on 07547106083 or through here. Cheers
  4. In need of UA5 surveyors for on going works in Cheshire, you will require a SPEN safety induction which we will sort for you. Good rates of pay. Work is survey and consent for the 43-8 contract. Contact 07547106083
  5. Morning all, After some NPG authorised cutters for ongoing works on the contract. Work will be based in East and West Yorkshire. Need up to UA2.3, Chipper, First aid. Contact on here or 07547106083
  6. I've got myself one of them Swiss balls... started using it but I'm currently working away so I'm just doing planks, side dips and shoulder bridge variations at the moment. Back climbing again though 😀
  7. Yale Posion Ivy runs a treat through them.
  8. After WPD Authorised cutters for ongoing works in the North Lincs patch Up to UA2.3 required, chipper, first aid.
  9. Haha I'll be peddaling alright. Never thought I'd miss it as much as I did. And I intend on, been looking into kettle bell classes. Just want to get as strong as I can. Been a painful but good kick up the arse really! Thanks for this, it's refreshing to find someone who's had a positive experience from the op, most stuff online is doom and gloom.
  10. Ah nice one. Like you I did mine snowboarding, well pushed it out and then sneezed which finished it off. So far I've been 6 weeks post op and I've only used Paracetamol on the odd occasion. I wouldn't say I'm a fitness nut but I do a lot of walking, mountain biking etc so i'm fairly active. Job demands it really. Pilates for life is what I've assumed to be coming next?
  11. Is it a case of once you're climbing you're all right for the day? I understand everyone is different so what you may have to do I may not. I work on the Utilities see so it's going from site to site, in and out of the vans all day which I know won't do it any good
  12. I'm still off work, another week to go. Just stiff in the morning really, a little bit sore as the scar tissue is still healing, I have to rebuild the muscle in my left leg as I developed a foot drop due to my sciatic never getting trapped. Got physio and I am doing the exercises. Employed and my boss understands. That's really good to hear! How many years post op are you?
  13. Anyone shed any light on this? I'm 6 weeks post an L5-S1 micro discectomy. Been told I have till the end of June till I can use a saw on the ground again and then back end of July till I can start climbing again. Anyone else had a similar operation? What are peoples experiences?
  14. After cutters for various works: WPD Authorised cutters for ongoing works in Lincolnshire CS30,31,38,39,40 UA1, 2 Scottish Power Authorised cutters for work in Cheshire CS30,31,38,39,40 UA1, 2 Also looking for Climbers for ongoing work on the North Trailer license would be handy We are a small firm doing a variety of works Utility Highways Commercial Rail Fencing Looking for people who want to progress in the industry Contact Jason Smith 07902716671 Or myself 07547106083


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