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  1. wheres david humphries ? hes a man in the know !
  2. if you are doing a job where communication is essential e.g. rigging or dismantling id say its a definite no . if you were ringing up a stem, strimming or something a bit more solitary then possibly. i think ill keep music for unwinding when the day is done! hard enough to hear as it is sometimes
  3. just checked and yeah the companies policy will cover me while im with them. might still get travel insurance as im going out on a working holiday visa so will have to change companies at some point so want to be covered for all eventualities. thanks for the help.
  4. ill be working for a company so maybe its not as big an issue as i thought. ill speak to them on the matter specifically. in the mean time if anyone has anymore advice please share !
  5. no i never have taken out a policy over here, probably should have done but like you say being a climber can make it tricky. maybe the best thing is to try and get a policy once in australia ? when i search for it online just comes up with normal travel insurance or comapny insurance in oz which isnt what im after !
  6. hi there im travelling to Perth soon to work but am not sure what sort of personal accident insurance would be best to get to cover me for any injury that i might sustain over there. i assume normal travel insurance wont cover me because of the work i am doing? is it best to take a policy out in the UK or is it better to get cover when im in australia. if anyone has any advice or can even recommend a policy/insurance company that they used in a similar situation it would be greatly appreciated ! seems like an important thing to get sorted before heading over. cheers
  7. heres some pics of me at the top of some big pops in the south west. 33kv lines are nearby so had to be careful. didnt used to be the biggest fan of pops but about 5 months of big pop sites has made me alot more comfortable up them!


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