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  1. bobh

    Today's bench

    I'm pleased to say that just over 2 years after Barrie made this promise he made it here last Sunday. It was raining 😀😀😀😀
  2. bobh


    They're also pretty slow, really frustrating if you're trying to crack on, fine if you're a little old granny
  3. Good luck finding one, I've got a 3545 (possibly same axle) and they're rare as hens teeth
  4. That's some bowl to start with Matty, nice one though👍. It gets a bit addictive
  5. bobh


    Hell no! I just came home with this 👍
  6. bobh

    My accident

    That's a great "watch this" moment 😁
  7. bobh


    That just the sort of thing I'd buy and then go home a try to explain to the Mrs why I HAD to have it😁😁
  8. Wee pool may mean something else in England
  9. bobh


    Got mine from mole valley, delivered to isle of Mull 👍
  10. bobh


    Get a ragfork, will lift it easily so don't have to worry about whether it's too soft or not http://m.rideaway.co.uk/rag-fork-t-handle-yellow
  11. I use the one on this page, can't see why it wouldn't fit anything http://www.knapsacksprayers.co.uk/index_files/Knapsacksprayerspares.htm
  12. Nice simple lines there veners, how have you attached the legs?
  13. Very soon you'll have a smaller firewood pile and lots of bowls around the house 😁
  14. Silky, go and buy that man a decent breakfast. Looks like he hasn't eaten in days😁


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