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  1. I've just got a new wire core flip line and found the outer rope covering very shiny, I normally use one with a short friction hitch but I'm thinking of changing to a rope grab can you recommend one or one to avoid and how are you connecting to your harness ? Just a crab or crab and short webbing loop. Cheers Russ.
  2. Sorry lads going to trump you all The queen.
  3. A mate of mine has written on his hopper. THIS IS NOT A SEAT. Maybe you should do the same.
  4. Does anybody know who has the new one in stock. Cheers.
  5. What a crap website:thumbdown:
  6. The site is SSSI nothing else,the reason for this is due to a water weed in a lake on the site and the leaf fall that ends up in the lake is inhibiting the growth of the weed supposedly. So there is large amenity value to having trees around,but can anybody see this weed on the bottom of the lake? I don't think so. My neighbour has no thoughts on cutting them down and as far as I am aware the powers that be have no power to enforce anything, so what is the point of requesting there removal do they think land owners are going to rush out and spend thousands just to please this silly organisation. My opinion I'm afraid.
  7. Don't want to expand to much as it's an ongoing situation but they would like a lot of deciduous hardwoods removed as they drop to much leaf litter !
  8. I was talking to a neighbour who's land is a SSSI and for the life of me cannot work out what natural England are trying to achieve I think if it was up to them our countryside would look very different
  9. Evening. Ok so when does a tree become indigenous, how long does it need to be on these shores before it is regarded as being from here. Ta.
  10. Why do you need to be British does your country do a holiday working visa. If so get one and get a plane ticket easy as that.
  11. madbopper

    High sides

    Hi chaps Anybody got a picture of some high sides or greedy board setup that you have on a double cab pickup, don't need it to hold chip just use it for carring a few lumps of cord or tools drums of red etc can't decide on mesh or solid or a couple of old sheets of ply which would look really crap but cheap and cheerful. Cheers.
  12. madbopper

    Hiab Trailer

    The bloke selling the one on e bay says he is having one made with the crane on the back, what are you thoughts on this with having the engine on the front would the two distribute the weight better this way. He must think so or he wouldn't be selling it. The downside would be that you couldn't drive anything up ramps and onto the back.
  13. The reason would be I want to put it on a trailer with another piece of kit,maybe the stumpgrinder or a tracked loader ,we have been towing a big Jensen around with a3.5 ton izuzu and the poor truck does not like it at all. I was thinking a tw125 on tracks would be just the ticket for getting through garden gates or up narrow footpaths it is also light enough to lift over a wall with a fairly small hiab rather than needing a crane. I have also found if a customer lets you leave the chip they will generally have the firewood as well,so no need to chip anything over firewood size. Just thinking really as I know we could all do with 5 different sized chippers and 3 stump grinders and a truck that fits in a 2 m gap and carries 10 ton.
  14. Have you been to see an agent? We got in on skilled visa, I know a few people who are struggling to get in and doing it all them selves, and I have met people who are in and used an agent you pay your money and take your choice. Cost £3000 for agents fees. I was still getting $40 an hour in 2012 on the books, and on the goldcoast. Are you going through the points system and coming up a bit short? Can you not make up the difference with a bond to the oz government , we know people that had to do this as well. What do they want of you now? Russ.
  15. Can anyone tell me who makes the lightest tracked chipper, been using a tracked chipper the last couple of months and very impressed at all the places we have taken it and not had to take the chip away,but I'm after a lighter one for towing purposes. Cheers.
  16. Sorry mate as I don't know you and your probably a really nice bloke but what a load of rubbish. If the original poster needs some info go to a visa agent you can get in many ways I got in in 2006 after using an agent it cost plenty of dosh, and not a degree in site. I know loads of poms over here and it all depends on if you have what they want. As for the wages I wouldn't get out of bed for $25 an hour $35 is fairly ordinary I used to work full time climbing for a company and used to spend only 2/3 days climbing the rest on the ground or driving and got paid $40 an hour.
  17. Completely agree with mark,we used to carry out loads of work for construction companies and what you need to think about is that the contract manager is just a man like you same as the site surveyor same as the site agent they just seem scary because they have a big name behind them. Don't take a knife to a gun fight, and my solicitor always told me if your going to shoot someone use both barrels, go back to them and hit them with every thing you have. turn the situation around to help you. These companies do these things all the time hoping you will lay down and take it. We won a massive amount of money of a company after we were told we couldn't work between 12-2 due to noise restrictions we read our contract and hit them with both barrels. Don't take it lying down.
  18. Yep did our Tw many years ago and it worked a treat,have done all Tw since then I think I have had about 6 of them. You need to stand at the side of the truck when someone is chipping for many days and look for the fundamental flaw in the chute design and change yours to match the design of your chip body. If that makes any sense.
  19. If you had used the led ones Karl maybe stobarts would have seen you stopped in front of them.
  20. Lock tight all bolts unless fitted with a nylock nut.
  21. You might know this but just in case you don't. You can remove the springs and lift the top roller up and prop it up with a chunk off 4x2 to give you more access.
  22. Yes grab hold with gloves and turn. Mine do so I hope yours do or mine might be frier tucked.
  23. Anyone else I have to get my offer in tomorrow night. Cheers Russ
  24. If you take the hopper off you can tickle the rollers up without removing them.


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