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  1. Anyone had ACL replacement knee surgery?

    Had mine done in Feb 2014, ACL reconstruction along with Micro Fracturing of the knee, hurt like hell, (had cartilage removed 16 years prior) but I have to mirror what has been said here, take it easy, stick to the physio and you'll be fine. Seems like a long journey at the start, but it's fine really. I'd had an ACL + cartilage problem for 20years+ and I have to say, my knee now feels the strongest it ever has. I found that after the physio had stopped and the knee is "recovered" that cycling was hands down the best way of building up moment and muscle.
  2. Iveco daily warning lights

    So true, what on earth were the thinking?
  3. Forst??

    I think that's what I'm going to do.
  4. Time for a new saw me thinks
  5. Iveco daily warning lights

    It's a shame because if the electrics and interior were of better quality I'm pretty sure it would be the only tree works wagon to have.....pulls like a train!!!
  6. Forst??

    On the 2nd full week of work now with the new chipper.......feedback from the lads using it is all good, devours brush, chips all the way to the front of the truck bed (no shovelling) works fast, efficiently, seems to be easy on fuel consumption. Smiling faces all around still.
  7. Iveco daily warning lights

    Our Iveco"s dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree quite often, a few other folk I know have the same issues. For the most part my mechanic told me it's an "Iveco thang"!
  8. Forst??

    So, here we go. Decision was made last week, and I went for the ST6 Forst. Had a interesting tour of the production line, drove back from Hampshire to sunny Kent in the rain (got new toy dirty!!!) and put it away from the weekend. Today was the first bit of use in anger and I have to say, the lads have sent me a video of it devouring brush and wood. I feel pretty confident that the right decision for us has been made. So much quicker to use and easier to manoeuvre than our old 222 Kwikchip. Cheers to Matt @ Redwood. Really good experience so far.
  9. Forst??

    Yep, did it. Gave the lovely folk of Redwood the go ahead. Picked a shiney new ST6 up yesterday. Have to say I'm really impressed with the look and build quality. Not used it in anger yet, that'll be Monday Bit confused with the computer thingy but I s'pose we will get used to it.
  10. Forst??

    pretty certain Forst are going to get my cash. Going for ST6
  11. Forst??

    Thanks for the feedback......mmmm decisions
  12. Forst??

    So, I know it's been covered a few times, I'm looking to replace our old chipper and I really like the look of Forst and the cut of Redwood's jib. Any feedback on pro's / con's would be greatly received. Out of interest guess what the other machine I've looked at is???????? Yep.......Jensen
  13. Arb trolleys

    As already said, brilliant piece of kit, Ok not as exciting to buy as a new saw or shine new pulleys etc. but man do they save you you and effort, on a big takedown it WILL save you hours. Had ours for about 6 months now, and it has easily paid for itself. Do it, do it now!
  14. Kwikchip model info

    I can confirm it's 222. We still have one, and although a little old and very heavy they are good machines.

    <p>Hello mate give her my number 07814577734 and I'll have a chat with her.</p>

    <p>Thanks. Regards Wayne</p>



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