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  1. We are looking for a new team member to join us. Based in Canterbury Kent, we are looking for a new lead climber to come and complete a 3 man crew. The work you will be doing is mainly high end domestic work, there is a very small amount of contract commercial work but not too much. Of course here and there there is always going to be a wee bit of coni bashing and hedge work We cover the entire county of Kent and further afield for said commercial work. It'll be the usual drill, rock up (grab a brew), load up, get job sheet and away you go. Our kit is up to date and we'll looked after. Once on site you'll be the main point of contact for the client and run through the job with your team members. I'm happy for you to run the job as you please. The most important thing is safety and quality here. You'll have time on jobs to make sure these are prioritised, I won't run you through the ring, and I won't micro-manage you. It's important that you have the relevant tickets 30-39 (41 desirable as is stump grinder) and that you can carry out your work to BS3993 (2010). Ideally You will have 5 years experience climbing and be up to speed with most tree climbing operations. We are pretty relaxed here at About Trees and believe whole-heatedly that staff morale must be kept high - de-breifings often take place in the battle cruiser and can sometimes be a rather drawn out affair. What more is there to say? Give me a tinkle and let's chat 07814 577734 Cheers Wayne
  2. B+E is no longer essential chaps - merely desirable now.
  3. Fancy coming to join the About Trees Ltd. crew? We have a great opportunity for a Lead Climber to come and join us, you'll be the point of contact for clients and organise worksites and jobs as you see best. There's a great degree of autonomy (I don't micro-manage people) and you will be trusted to do the right thing in the most professional manner possible. Maybe you are a well established second climber and fancy stepping up the career ladder a little, this could be perfect for you, maybe you are looking for a role where you can delegate jobs more effectively - this could be for you. Tickets up to CS39 are essential CS41 would be great and being able to tow trailers over 750Kg is essential. We are based in Kent, just outside Canterbury and cover the entire county mainly carry out high end domestic work. Get in touch - let's have a chat. wayne@abouttrees.co.uk or 07814577734
  4. We are looking for a Team Leader
  5. Oh yeah, forgot to say it's for a pretty swift start - looking for mid-end July. Here's a photo of some of the exciting jobs we've carried out this year
  6. Hello all. We have a Team Leader position become available for our mainly domestic company based just outside of Canterbury in Kent. I'm looking for a reliable, hard working professional Arb to lead a 3 man crew. Ideally we need all the relevant tickets up to CS41 and being able to tow a trailer (over 750kg) is pretty imperative. Pay is dependant on experience etc. etc. I'd prefer this to be on a self employed basis but am not totally adversed to PAYE, the important part is that you can become a valued member of the team. The company you'd be working for has been established for over 10 years, we invest in decent machinery and tools and are always happy to have a new outlook on how we carry out our daily work. You'll be working with an eager to learn ground crew who will take direction happily from their leader. Maybe you've had years experience as a second climber - this could be your chance to step things up a notch or two. Get in touch, let's have a chat. Call me on 07814 577734, DM me on here or email me wayne@abouttrees.co.uk You can see some of our work on https://vimeo.com/abouttree Speak soon.
  7. Had mine done in Feb 2014, ACL reconstruction along with Micro Fracturing of the knee, hurt like hell, (had cartilage removed 16 years prior) but I have to mirror what has been said here, take it easy, stick to the physio and you'll be fine. Seems like a long journey at the start, but it's fine really. I'd had an ACL + cartilage problem for 20years+ and I have to say, my knee now feels the strongest it ever has. I found that after the physio had stopped and the knee is "recovered" that cycling was hands down the best way of building up moment and muscle.
  8. So true, what on earth were the thinking?
  9. welwell


    I think that's what I'm going to do.
  10. It's a shame because if the electrics and interior were of better quality I'm pretty sure it would be the only tree works wagon to have.....pulls like a train!!!
  11. welwell


    On the 2nd full week of work now with the new chipper.......feedback from the lads using it is all good, devours brush, chips all the way to the front of the truck bed (no shovelling) works fast, efficiently, seems to be easy on fuel consumption. Smiling faces all around still.
  12. Our Iveco"s dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree quite often, a few other folk I know have the same issues. For the most part my mechanic told me it's an "Iveco thang"!
  13. welwell


    So, here we go. Decision was made last week, and I went for the ST6 Forst. Had a interesting tour of the production line, drove back from Hampshire to sunny Kent in the rain (got new toy dirty!!!) and put it away from the weekend. Today was the first bit of use in anger and I have to say, the lads have sent me a video of it devouring brush and wood. I feel pretty confident that the right decision for us has been made. So much quicker to use and easier to manoeuvre than our old 222 Kwikchip. Cheers to Matt @ Redwood. Really good experience so far.


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