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  1. Sorry to interupt you young lady ... but youve just reminded me to drop two of my most akward clients . They pay well and ...most likely mean well . Although they always ask for the impossible . Oak tree in half and make it round ?....... Im at a stage in life when I kinda want a bit of slack .... I live in the area I work ...... Out for a coffee , and some random person will ask for a price for someting or other ? No escape for me lass ....... I,d happily put some of my customers through the chipper ...... Joking ......
  2. Thats seriously worrying , for both genders ? Social media ? Bigger muscles , more money , better tan , bigger tits , faster car .... ? Why cant people be happy with there lot . Pure greed and one upmanship is real .... Truth is most of us will be buried in a standard sized grave / coffin ... no matter how much coin you have . By the time most people realise that money isnt all that ...its to late . I'm a fool .......... I know this is true because I still struggle with the work life balance . Anyone care to enlighten me .. : )
  3. Tree Surgeons / Arborists , whatever tag you choose to use . Ive seen many struggling with issues over the years , mainly the one man bands and self empolyed subbies . Its kinda had me a time or too . I just man up and plough on . I fooking wish ..... shed a few tears in my time stressing over..... nothing really . This industry is hard on the body and mind . Sometimes I wish I never got into trees , then otherdays Im superman and batman rolled into one ... ?
  4. 140kg same weight as your wallet nowadays Geordie boy . Take some spending at Spanish City that wad ....... : )
  5. Sorry to hear : ( We're all good and thanks for asking . I'll send you a selection ....no charge matey , just forward me your new details . Knowing you it will be Palacious .... If so I'll pay you a visit ....... Hows your shagging wagon coming on ? The Mystery Machine .....
  6. No worries ya cheeky twat . I can't imagine you ever open your wallet . Your lady ... Mrs Eggs looks after you to well ..... So stand down Clayhead ....
  7. Reduced food is good , but I draw the line at reducing Dads pop ; )
  8. What a Gentleman , mind you morrisions do a good brekkie menu ; )
  9. Nice ... but how can you work at a productive rate after that lot ? Black coffee and a boiled egg does me until 1pm . Mind you im a greedy twat when I get home ....
  10. If your using a frying pan ...chuck some Corned beef slices in or Haslet . Pepperoni slices from any supermarket also go down well . Chicken Tikka pieces from the fridge are a nice addition to an omellete .
  11. Slice of black pudding sitting on top of a fried egg , Mashed up with some cheese and rolled in a staffordshire oatcake ......
  12. Abbey Garden Sales are another let down ? Why can,t companies just say it will be x amount of time for delivery instead of feeding you bull....


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