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  1. Hi all, just bit of an update for progress and more questions. I have got first bunch of customers I am putting price slightly below if customers are willing give me feedback (25% discount for that). So far so good I am still earning some money but find it difficult to manage waves last two weeks I had 4 clients and this upcoming week I have only 1 who I can’t serve as I was busy.i guess I will need to allocate more time for this as customers seem to appear in waves and want results now. Anyway, I wanted to ask for advice what “tools” to look for I need laser believe it or not, not necessarily for the tree measurements but for other stuff (marking rpas you know the drill;) and was thinking about getting software for tree surveying however price tags of the licensing is far away from what I would expect. I don’t mind to spend some £ annually if I get solution which allow me to collect data and produce plans (excel/google docs can do charts etc easy) On the end of the day it does not take much to turn the money back even being cheap as chips but can’t get across of anything feasible for that price. I don’t want to go full in for pear or other, as I am still sort of figuring out what will be my needs but need draw plans and need collect data. I use excel but I like something what would capture gps coordinates (pretty precice as it is a key for planning and mortgage/insurnance, which I was dealing with recently) and Cad tree crown and RPA circles drawing, as i have found it labour intense on freecad. any little help cheers
  2. I have had first quote over and with high probability have not got it I am wondering if I was not too expensive is 824 for Arb Impact Assesment TPP and survey too much for development of private propertty (extensions and cellar works) it happen to be 2 hrs on site and report writing, I have also included technical support deadline was 10days when they have contacted me. Is it in competitive figures? Cheers
  3. Yeah, I am pretty aware of that “we need it by end of the week” you send it through day before and they reply that they changed the design... or landscapers are questioning that there were 3 trees on topo but you put 9... only thing is I have no idea what to charge as you selling your time on site time for report writting but also revisions and alll round support, which can easily skyrocket the time what you spend on the project... I do want to be competitive but not cheap... BTW I guess that tendering for public sector is a sci-fi for start up one man operation? Cheers for help guys anyway you have gave me a courage to start moving with it!
  4. Hi Guys, i am thinking to to start my own business as an independent Arboricultural consultant. I have my qualifications 5 in arb all certs required for tree work and surveying + couple more, have experience from private and public sector from dragging branches, climbing trees, listening to mrs miggins complaints about overgrown trees all the way to development report writing and consulting. I have done some small jobs on myself as consultant and have all necessary equipment (pen, paper, dbh tape, hammer, excel, word and insurnance). I am looking for your opinion: if there is still a place for small independent consulting business in South East? Also if some of the owners of consulting businesses can spare some tips/ tricks how to start the business or what to avoid it would be much appreciated. Appreciate any advice!
  5. Hi, At the moment I am actually facing two offers to start in the consultancy company. First is from the massive company to do railway project but really shit money (even worse than if I would stay be a climber) which is local and they offer good bonus scheme company car and work from home. The second is from my friend go to a smaller consulting company where I will hopefully get much better entery salary but it is quite way to drive and do not know much about how it would work. I like to start business while working for either of those. What would you do on my place? Thanks
  6. I see that finding the right measuring tool is bit of a science. I have used old leicas, which I think are good tools but not exactly serving the purpose. We use trupulse 200L and it does pretty much the same. I start incline to Leica d910 for approx £1200. for that You get point to point measure. ON the other hand trupulse 360, which is in the same price category, offers in-build compass... yes it is hard to choose and on the end of the day isn't it just better to stick with tool what cost approx £20quid and do little bit of the math??
  7. No problem! Better if you contact me on my email michalmixa@icloud.com; I am not as active on arbtalk cheers
  8. Hello, I am interested! Need to sort that out really!
  9. I have to add clean driving licence and 4 years experiences in industry. knowledgable about trees, pest, tree species etc.. can send all the detail.
  10. I have unexpectedly free work schedule next week. Anyone need help??I hold all necessary tickets cs 30, 31, 38, 39, first aid. Tree inspection and survey capable. give me a ring or message me on 07463639710 Michal
  11. Hi there, I am looking for job in AU best would be Sydney as I already have friends there, but not really fussy about area too much as I am always for adventure. I have all necessary qualifications and over 3 years industry experience. Currently work as second climber and like to improve my skills before it will be late! I study FdSc Arboriculture course with possibility for one-year extension to Bsc (hons). Right now I am getting ready for ISA certification and like to attend assessment before end of summer. So I don't miss enthusiasm for arboriculture. There is only one, but big BUT in my case I don't have English passport, even though that I live in England for 5 years, and my nationality is allowing only 457 temporary worker visa. I did my research and there are NO WORK AND HOLIDAY visas for me. If someone would be interested in enthusiastic, friendly and bit strange hard worker please send me a message I can provide you with my Linkedin profile and CV.
  12. It's a problem no working holiday visa for me it's not possible
  13. Hello I ve sent few cv through website and get almost no respond. I'm just wondering if somebody is not looking for guy with CS 30,31,38,39 and over year and half experiences like groundsman. I have climbing experiences, I've started almost immediately climb when I ve started in industry, but still most of my job is on the ground. I'm very keen to do the degree, but I have to study English first. I would love to try life in Melbourne. i have to say I'm not brithish so only option for me is sponsorship. Thank you for any advice Mike
  14. we have after two years problems with it what I forgot to write. It switch off somethimes when you just leave it without acceleration and sometimes it is a problem fire it, we guess that it was a spark but it didnt solve it(i talk about two saws and both have quite same problem, and they are hardly used every day) Husky seems has solution to this problems by some system I dont remember how it is called, question is if it works and it isnt just sells bulshit
  15. Hi guys maybe im in wrong threat but I like to ask you if Husky 540XP is from more durable materials than 201 stihl, we just today smashed handle and actualy all plastic on it is broken or worst. That happened when I was just sending it to my mate and it hit quite gently a branch. Im looking for my first top handle and this experience quite comfused me, before i preferred stihl... (better spend money for saw than send them to taxman:001_rolleyes:) thank you


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