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  1. Hi chaps Does anybody have any experience of having a newt survey done in preparation to build a new house, or is there anybody out there that carries them out or can put me in touch with someone with a bit of knowledge. Cheers Russ.
  2. Have you had a quote of them yet, If you are comparing them to a local ag firm I would think you haven't. We had a budget,and started to get quotes off a few companies, there price made you think they were going to be using gold plated rivets. But we still had it as it was clear the quality was spot on. Tipping body for Izuzu rodeo with side tool box barn doors ladder racks,flashing beacon reverse camera,full vinyl wrap. £10,000.
  3. Yes the lad I work with has just had one done,it is the best made tipper body I have seen,and I am into fabrication and car building myself and I'm not very easily impressed. BUT. when they send you the quote make sure you are sat down with your wallet firmly clenched between your bum cheeks. Also don't expect it to be light his turned out a couple of hundred kilos heavier than he wanted. Also don't hold your breath while it is being built you could probably build a small house in the time it took
  4. I would like to get a few bog mats suitable for a 14 ton excavator, I've looked into hiring but wanted to know if any one had made any or have you used anything else that did a good job no matter how weird it seemed but it worked, I've got a large pond small lake to dig and wanted to have them on hand in case things get a bit sinky. Cheers Russ.
  5. Quick question for you digger pro's I have a large half acre pond to dig out on my own land and it has been suggested I get a 20 ton machine in, now looking at a few specs of machines it seems the 20 will be too wide for the acces road and the gap between the roadside trees, So looking at machine specs I should be able to get a 14 ton machine in no probs what would productivity be like between the two, would I be better off cutting a couple more trees down to get the 20 in or are the 14 ton modern machines more agile so just as productive in the long run. Cheers russ
  6. Cheers goaty. Nothing like experience.
  7. This is also another sensible way cheers going to give it a bit of thought.
  8. Ok better clarify a couple of things. Wire on the out side of posts,as we are trying to keep things out not stock in. Lifting over sounds good but the posts will be out of the ground by 1.5m so that's high and this wire is 80kg a roll so will be a bit of a struggle I reckon I think I've worked out a plan I'm going to knock all the posts, and make a wire unroller like you have with plain wire. rather than pull the roll along unwinding as you go I'm going to fix the unroller in the ground and pull the wire off the roll passing it behind the posts as I come to them, if I pull of 50m in one direction and then do the same from the other direction and tension in the middle I think this will work fairly well. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Ok so I'm not sure if this will work in theory it should So I have a run of about200 m of stock fence that is 1.4 m high the problem is it is going to be about 600 mm away from a hedge and the wire has to go on the outside of the posts which is the hedge side, each roll weighs 85 kg+ How would you roll out the wire ? Or how about putting in the strainers running out the wire and tension up and then go along and thump in my intermediates, What do you think. Cheers Russ.
  10. I liked the strain from the Middle option the lad said he would tension using fence strainers and then secure using gripples as any tension can be adjusted at a later date if needed. I was just unsure whether 100 m was a long way between strainers.
  11. Hi all I have just had 2 quotes to install a large chunk of fencing around a lake I manage both prices were very much the same but the 2 lads had different views on construction. Lad 1) said straining posts every 50m and strain from one end and staple and tie off. Lad 2) said straining posts at 100 m and tie off both ends and pull up tension from the Middle. The wire comes in 50 m rolls and is 1.4 m high, high tensile otter fence from tornado. How would you like to see it done. Cheers Russ.
  12. Anybody know who hires out a tracked chipper with either a winch or a grapple loader, need it down in Gloucestershire. Cheers Russ.
  13. Hi all I need a small excavator about a 5 tonner but it needs to have a grapple of some kind so I can stack up piles of brush. Don't mind if it comes with an operator or self drive. A local company has a cracking machine with grapple but it's 8 tonnes and the arm is just to high to get under the canopy of the remaining trees. Any ideas Russ.


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