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  1. Time Left: 14 days and 16 hours

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    40 foot shipping container with office space and workshop, in great condition and modified to a high standard modifications include: 15 feet fully insulated office space inc kitchen with fridge and pumped water from tank (no mains required) Fully installed and serviced Police response top of the range alarm system (pay a small Yearly subscription for police response) Fully kitted out with electrics inc meter and plenty of sockets in both office and workshop area. external LED flood lights need replacing (£20 each) Very secure container door handle proof lock. Just connect to electricity supply and you have a complete office and workshop/storage container to run your business or site project from. Deliver is not inc but can be arranged, rough price is £350-£500 £2,500 20% VAT TO BE ADDED PRICE call for info Rich: 07825046597



  2. Rick2517

    FSI B22

    Can anyone tell me how much these are? Im looking at getting one but can't find any prices online.
  3. We are currently looking for a full time climber or groundsman with areal rescue and preferably driving licence to work full time with us starting straight away. We are based in Bristol and carry out mainly domestic work Call if interested 07825046597 Richard Smart
  4. We are currently looking for self employed climbers and groundsmen for regular work in Bristol. Please feel free to call me if interested: 07527296836 Richard Smart Trees
  5. We are currently looking for full time and part time staff (employed and self employed) to join our team in Bristol. All candidates considered. Please call or email: Tel : 07825046597 Email: Info@smarttrees.com Richard Smart Smart Trees
  6. Rick2517

    Climber required in Bristol

    We require an experienced climber for work in and around the Bristol area, sub contract, part time and potentially full time position available. Call Richard if interested: 07825046597
  7. Rick2517

    Groundsman required Bristol

    We are currently looking to take on a part time (maybe leading to full time) groundsman. Must have cs30/31/38 but experience not essential. Please contact me if interested. Richard 07825046597
  8. Hi Guys, We are a small Arb firm situated in Bristol, we carry out a large divers range of work to both domestic and commercial clients. We currently have a full time position available for an experienced, competent and motivated team leader/climber. You will be expected to organise and motivate you're team, carry out work to a very high standard to maintain the companies great local reputation and work to tight timeframes. In return you will receive a fair rate of pay inc a profit/performance related bonus scheme, on going career opportunities, and be part of a great bunch of professionals who all take great pride in there work and are dedicated to being part of a rapidly expanding business. if interested please contact me directly by phone on: 07825 046 597 Many Thanks Richard Smart Smart Trees Ltd Tree Surgeons and Arborist Covering Bristol and Bath
  9. Rick2517

    Timberwolf launches the All-New TW 230DHB

    After making this post a week ago I was sent a private message by Timberwolf, it was sent within minutes of making the post. I was then rang first thing Monday morning by our area manager and asked if we could arrange a meeting with them to discuss the issues we have had with our machine, two days later a member of staff from Timberwolf drove down to bristol on the night before and had to sleep in his car so that he could be at our yard first thing to catch us before we left for site. We discussed the issues we have been having and quickly came to a resolution which I am now very happy with. I'm genuinely blown away by the level of service provided by Timberwolf and my confidence in them has been restored. I think any new product will have its faults but if you buy from a company who isn't going to hideaway when you need them rectified then it's not a problem. Thanks Timberwolf P.s I was not asked in any way to make this post, I just felt it was well deserved
  10. Rick2517

    Timberwolf launches the All-New TW 230DHB

    I have the new Timberwolf 240 and I'm sorry to say that I'm having lots of issues with it that's cost in me lots of money in down time. It's under warreny and lister wilder who I bought it from are being spot on in dealing with the issues as and when they appear but it's still meaning lots of days without a chipper. I've had a hopper that has cracked and split, a radiator guard that has vibrated itself to pieces, a feed roller casing that has literally fell to pieces, a air intake cover snapped off, and a spout clamp that keeps working itself loos. All this in less then 6 months of owning the machine. I love my other timberwolfs but I can't help but think that they maybe throwing these machines together without proper and rigorous testing before sending them to market. I hope they get it right with this machine. As if I get many more problems I may have to start demanding a swop for a 230!!
  11. Rick2517

    Stress of the job

    I agree with this mental concept. I know somebody mentioned that you shouldn't belittle "stress" but I actually think that by belittling it you are beetling it and that's the key. Stress is just a mental state of mind that has the ability to become physical but only if you allow it to. Don't let it beat you and keep it at by by telling the little sxxt to do one. As far as I'm concerned I have a recycaling plant built into my head, I feed it with "stress" and it comes out the other end as motivation and energy!! That works for me (the plant does break down now and then tho, and it sucks when it does)
  12. Rick2517

    Dealing with the big boys!

    I just don't get it, why do they do it? Surely is it not only beneficial to them but allot easyer to just play ball and "be nice" I understand that they need to do business in a slightly different way but why be so hard faced and aggressive about it? I tried to explain this to our contact in the company, whilst he was making his demands of "you will do this for us and you will do it now" I said "just stop a minute and understand something, I bend over backwards for customers every day, but I do this because it makes me feel good about myself for helping people and providing a great service. How do you think you're attitude and way of doing business makes me feel about bending over backwards for you?? His reply was "this is how it works in the construction industry". Well if that's true (and it seams it is) then give me a pain in the arse conifer hedge to reduce for mrs smith any day
  13. Rick2517

    Dealing with the big boys!

    Update: Right so legal advise ended up not going anywhere as there contract was solid so I moved onto plan b... I've contacted the MOD and made them aware of my situation and feelings about how there contractor are treating there "small fish subbies" and it seams that they did not like what I had to tell them. Within 24 hours of contacting them I had received an email from the commercial director stating that full payment of contract amount will be paid within 15 days.. Seams even "the big boys" can be told to sort there act out if it's by the right guy!! Don't think they where expecting a call from the MOD telling them to pay the tree surgeon, would have loved to listen into that call :-)
  14. Rick2517

    Dealing with the big boys!

    Totaly agree Sean, there's another age old saying of "don't bite the hand that feeds you, as it may drop its biscuits, swing right around and stick it's fist up you're arse" comes to mind (not sure the last bit is part the original tho) Thanks for all you're input guys, I agree that it's not a huge amount of money compared to other similar and far to Common stories, but as I said I just hope I can give others a warning to save them making the same error as I did. I learn from all of my mistakes and never make the same one moor then once, I'm soooooo happy working for mrs smith with her cypress trees, she pays the bills, expresses how happy she is and makes the lads tea and sometimes even chocolate digestives as well:001_smile: Already told our admin assistant to say thanks but no thanks the next time the company involved ask for our help again.
  15. I would like to share my experience with other business owners in regards to working with large construction companies. We don't tend to attract/take on a huge amount of this type of work and every time we do I get a sharp reminder to why I prefer to stick to "mrs smiths cypress hedge". Il try not to break any forum rules here but I feel that others may benifit form learning from my mistakes so it's important to me to share. We took on a large contract on a well known mod site for a very well known construction company ( it's actually 2 of the biggest construction companies in the south west combined into 1, mentioning no names!!) It's the biggest job we have ever taken on and it was very scary for me to quote as to get it wrong would have ment a big bit!! However it worked out that the quote was worked out 100% bang on, yo the day (it's was 25 days worth of work) or so I thought.... As the job progressed there where a few changes made to the spec I.e leave that 2m cherry as it looks nice and like. The biggest change was that our stump grinding team turned up on site to smash out all grinding in 1 day and they where refused entry to site, there was 2 main reasons for this, 1: they did not have an asbesdos awareness ticket and 2 a ground survey was not carried out prior. Our reply to this issue was that the aspestos awareness cirt could be carried out on line on the day (on there iPad) and a cirt will be issuespd instantly and the guys where certified and had the kit to carry out ground surveys/scanning themselves. This was not acceptable as they insisted that the survey had to be carried out by there own Surveyer so they where turned away from site. Now this grinding was booked in 5 weeks in advance and they where fully aware that we where coming on this day. So we left site and told then to let us know when the survey was complete so we could return to carry out the grinding. When the survey was finally done and the guys finally returned they where told that there where only half the amount of stumps to grind as they had to dig the stumps out themselves to crack on with the construction works. So we carried out the remaining of the grinding works and sent in our final invoice. I have today received a payment summary stating that they are detecting £1800+ vat form our invoice to cover the cost of them using a third party to remove stumps. I know I'm going to be fighting a loosing battle but still it's one I'm going to fight, but I've learnt a valuval lesson and one that I wish somebody shared with me before quoting this job: Calculate you're price that you would usually charge and then add 25% to allow for this sort of un moral and un fair treatment that you will almost certainly come accross when dealing with these people. This may already be something that most of you already know but if I can help 1 person avoid this horrible situation then it would be worth the very long post. Take care


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