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  1. I thought the same with the change in direction on the lever but there's only one way things can go back together, there wasn't much to it really I do all the servicing sharpening etc but never opened a gear box.. luckily he returned tonight and there was no extra charge from original quote to repair machine, wasn't his fault in the end.
  2. Had it apart tonight and the new rotor ball wasn't machined properly not allowing one ball bearing to move at all so no wonder the machine didn't know what way to go, handbrakes spot on also after sanding the rough edge off, just what you expect £300 parts. She runs happy days.
  3. Yes I have but unfortunately there's no drive whatsoever anymore..
  4. So my RG25HD has had a new input shaft kit and a rotor ball kit due to loosing drive. When it went back into the machine, you push the lever forward it now goes backwards instead of forwards and when you pull it back it now goes forward.. it's then turned off and the person that fitted the parts and rebuilt the box had a play with the adjuster on lever down behind the left hand wheel and she would only fly backwards as soon as you started it up so turned it off immediately and he then leaves! This morning it's now not doing anything forward/reverse? Any ideas.. is there something inside the gearbox that he could have put back together wrong changing the way the oil flows? Why has it gone from working incorrectly to not at all.. Clueless. A new handbrake cable was also fitted and is completely useless as when applied the right wheel doesn't lock up. Cheers
  5. Keep that splitter of mine safe...
  6. Hello as title says.. Be good to hear a few opinions on this Oak in the pictures, the holes around the base are deep and overal condition bad. As you can see it was hit fairly hard in the past.
  7. The forst was a nice tidy machine and I actually got on with the buttons on the hopper I was warned about although the it is nice on the 230 not having to fully reverse all the brash out of the feed rollers before re introducing it.. Going to redwoods place to view all mentioned chippers on Thursday
  8. Scotts pine works well for these??
  9. Weight isn't an issue to me but it is with the age of most subbies etc, I'll have to try and sort a demo on the 160 as dealer is 20 minutes up the road.. What's the opening like on the greenmech compared to the forst and Tw? Horizontal or vertical rollers? Going on older Tws for sale they rust more than others.
  10. I've used the 230 on several occasions and even had the pleasure of the black tracked demo machine for 2 days and was just about to seal the deal on one when I heard a friend of mines was going back for warranty due to cracks appearing, this is the 3rd time maybe it's gone back for this reason and he has been offered a full refund and if he wants out more money down to get a 280 when it comes out.. Anyway, redwoods rang me on Friday also as when I saw them at a show last year and said will be thinking of upgrading in March they actually remembered and I have a Forst coming to site tomorrow morning! Then someone mentioned I should take a look at the 160.. There is also a blue one on eBay at the moment in company colour blue! (Don't know anything about the greenmechs) it's also only £7200. That's where I'm at! I absolutely love the 230 but my main concern is its all well and good getting it sorted under warranty for cracks etc whilst it's in place but what happens after 2 years?


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