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  1. Scottish Arb suppliers

    I saw that puzzled monkey shop and wandered what happend. I've been thinking of going down this route but I'm trying to gauge what went wrong with the others. Doesn't seem to be a viable move from what I can gather..
  2. Scottish Arb suppliers

    Do you know why they stopped doing the arb shop at SGM? There's nothing north of Clarks in Dumfries let alone Aberdeen!
  3. Scottish Arb suppliers

    Anyone else in Scotland frustrated at the lack of arb equipment stores up here? There are lots of good options online, but it's always nice to try before you buy.
  4. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Yea I can't post a new topic.
  5. Apple or pear?

    Thanks for suggestions and sorry for no other pics. It is an Apple. Clients gardener told her it was a pear and it messed with my head.
  6. Apple or pear?

    Haha, But seriously though..
  7. Apple or pear?

  8. Please, someone, water me!

    The more you learn about trees, the more you realise how little people care about trees.
  9. Codit

    Thanks for all your suggestions/help. Much appreciated. I am doing my level 4 online. The college don't have learning materials for everything covered on the course and I can't afford all these books. I've bought what I can though. Cheers
  10. Codit

    Hello. Can anyone link me up with some good PDF's with examples of good and bad compartmentalisers and also why some trees are bad compartmentalisers. Thanks
  11. Close Call: Rigging Point Failure

    I'm not saying I never make mistakes but that oak section on mattyf's video was a schoolboy error. It was always going to fail.
  12. Leaves/stomata

  13. Leaves/stomata

    Hi, what two elements other than gas are taken in by leaves? Anyone know? Thanks
  14. Advice on career developmet

    Your NPTC's are your practical courses.
  15. Advice on career developmet

    Yes, a course would make so much more sense after gaining on the job experience. It might also be a lot to take on all at once whilst you're learning the practical side of things.


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