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  1. Has anyone done the assessed route for professional membership with the arb association? Any advice?
  2. How do you get work there for a week? I’d love short term contracts in Europe. Need a hand??
  3. Had a client tell me today she knows a tree surgeon that flew out to cut trees at the uk embassy in Beirut. Having missed out on working abroad permanently when I had the chance, I’d love to do something like this for a week or 2 at a time. Anyone know of any work like this going and how to get involved? Not looking for a holiday, just fancy working somewhere completely different for a change. Cheers
  4. Looking to fill a day tomorrow if anyone has anything. Got cancelled last minute. I can climb, drag, cut firewood, plant..anything! Cheers
  5. Teufelberger Sirius 12mm or Samson Double braid 12mm? Big difference in price but is there a big difference in quality? Would be used fairly regularly. Cheers
  6. Thanks Darrin and Rich. Felix...great to see a groundie taking an interest in this stuff. If only there were more like you!
  7. Ah fantastic thanks taffupatree, I completely forgot about that and felix I was wandering about that one, worth buying then?
  8. Was wandering if anyone can point me in the direction of any good rigging, lifting and pulling literature from a scientific point of view. All the forces applied and what goes on, etc. Any good books anyone know of? Cheers
  9. I saw that puzzled monkey shop and wandered what happend. I've been thinking of going down this route but I'm trying to gauge what went wrong with the others. Doesn't seem to be a viable move from what I can gather..
  10. Do you know why they stopped doing the arb shop at SGM? There's nothing north of Clarks in Dumfries let alone Aberdeen!
  11. Anyone else in Scotland frustrated at the lack of arb equipment stores up here? There are lots of good options online, but it's always nice to try before you buy.
  12. Thanks for suggestions and sorry for no other pics. It is an Apple. Clients gardener told her it was a pear and it messed with my head.


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