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  1. Quite like it at the moment, but only had it a month or two and this job is its first real bit of work. It's an auto-tune so we'll see how it stands the test of time. So far its been grand, pulling a 24" bar and going through 5L or so of fuel a day without any problems. Heated handles are great in this weather. Think I'll leave the 572 a wee while before getting one, looks nice on the vids Husky have put up, but I'd rather let others do their product testing for them than get one of the first ones. As far as I can see they've tested them all over the world in all climatic conditions, except the incessant rain that we get here, so if anyone from Husky is reading this I'd be happy to give it a wet weather test!
  2. Short video of some downhill felling to the head last month. A few sliding trees and a few bouncing butts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK-Vc4CR3lM
  3. No, Pitlochry would actually be alright for me. The point I was trying to make is that the AA seem to think that its possible to run an event for Scotland in a central location. Hold it in Perth, roughly in the middle, and that will let those from north, south east and west attend. My point is that Scotland is a big place and needs events in multiple locations to be ideal. So a south west event in Dumfries & Galloway, a south-east event in the Borders, a central event in Glasgow/Edinburgh, western events in Oban/Lochgilphead/Fort William, eastern in Dundee/Aberdeen, Northern in Inverness/Thurso/Huntly. Does that explain myself any better?
  4. Realistically there need to be several events to keep the Scottish population happy. For example, I could be wrong, but bear with me. Would you put on an English AA event in say Nottingham in order to attract members from Newcastle and London? It's just under 300 miles from London to Newcastle. About 50 miles less than Dumfries to Thurso, but there's only one location to cover this distance. I fully appreciate that there are more members which make more events viable (I also fully appreciate that I'm not an AA member), but you do seem to expect a lot of people to travel a long way for an event.
  5. Totally fair comments, but, people are going to change saws when they come out. Surely better for the factory to get some ideas on how they'll be changed and how the changes will affect it before it enters production? Should be part of R&D should it not? Forgive me if I've missed something, but are we not only talking about adding a set of dogs?
  6. Surely its better to alter a pre production model prior to it entering production. At least then some of the most obvious kinks get ironed out?
  7. One day, a few years ago, we were having one of those mornings. The sort of morning where nothing really goes disastrously wrong, just a series of little cock ups the end up ruining your day when they all add up, can't remember the exact details, but we ended up on a different job trying to make an afternoon out of it. Full of enthusiasm for the afternoon's work having put the morning behind us I put two 346's down next to each other and fuel and oil them, blethering away. The boy who was working for me picks his saw up starts it and gets on, I pick mine up and pull and pull and pull and pull and pull on it but it won't start. By now I've lost all enthusiasm for the afternoon and am firmly back in, "what the Hell else can possibly go wrong today?" mode. Call it quits for the day and head to the saw shop with the saw that won't start. In I trot, explain what the problem is - won't bloody well start - and await them to work some magic on it. The boy behind the counter gives it a couple of pulls (it still won't start) and says, "you did put petrol in it didn't you?". "Of course I did", says I, feeling a lot more confident that I'd fuelled it at the start of that sentence than by the end of it.......... No, I hadn't fuelled it! I had, in fact, taken a saw to the shop to get it fixed when it simply had no petrol in it! On the plus side the oil tank was at least full. Not life threatening, but definitely the most STUPID thing I've ever done with saws. (so far)
  8. Growth pattern looks like omorica, but bark doesn't and needles don't. I'm sticking with orientalis.
  9. Doesn't look like Sitka to me, could be oriental. Picea orientalis. Only come across it once, the needles do look kind of fir like, but it is definitely a spruce.
  10. Haven't heard if we've got this job yet, but as I said I'd update the thread, here's the update: Definitely easier to sub-contract out. Get someone in with a big machine who knows what they're doing. Cheaper, easier and better job than trying to do it myself and pay off a chunk of machinery from one job - machinery that is going to need insured, stored and work found for it after the job is finished. Many thanks for all the advice, recommendations and opinions.
  11. A long time ago, while burning brash in a field that was to be planted with Christmas trees I remember my old boss telling us that there is some sort of fungus that can develop around the site of a fire and cause conifers to die, particularly young conifers. I seem to remember this being described when I was at college too. I can't remember the name of the fungus though. I've Googled various combinations of, "Fungus, Fire & Conifers" and haven't had much joy. Anyone able to put a name to what I'm describing? Many thanks.
  12. That's exactly why I've never video'd any!
  13. So if I understand this right there are two types of fell going on here Stunt Fells and Ballsy Fells? I understand the rules of Stunt Fells, are there any specific rules of Ballsy Fells?
  14. Surely any fell with a lot of targets around it / beside it / behind it that goes according to plan, lands where it's supposed to and lets you walk away a hero is a stunt fell? Does it really matter if you wedge it, push it, pull it? The risk / danger element should count should it not, rather than how you priced it?
  15. I think Alec has written the definitive answer to this. As you're burning it for firewood, all I would add is that spruce makes excellent kindling as is splits pretty cleanly (assuming it's not too knotty) and burns pretty hot and quick. It doesn't make great firewood if burnt on it's own for the same reasons - burns to quick basically - but can be good if mixed in with hardwood or coal.
  16. Stirlingshire, so could be further away. We stopped in Suffolk to see folk on the way back from holiday, so I know it takes a good while to get there.
  17. Had a look at your website, unfortunately you're in Suffolk which is about 7 or 8 hours away or, frankly I'd quite happily take you up on this. I am leaning more and more to subbing it out. If anyone fancies giving me a price for it please drop me a PM.
  18. Thanks for all the replies. I'll have a look at the FSI, place up in Dunfermline is listed as a dealer for them. Access for this job is good, no restrictions on space, nice and flat so can cut stumps nice and low. Might still be easier to sub in a bigger machine. I'll update the thread with what we do if we get the job.
  19. I looked at a job today with 82 Stumps to grind out to just below ground level. All ash trees, mostly around 20 - 25cm diameter at stump, some a bit smaller, occasionally up to around 35cm. Normally I'd sub-contract the stump grinding of a job, but now wondering if a budget stump grinder is worth putting on the shopping list for this. Any advice? Don't have a budget, haven't got a machine in mind, might still sub-contract it. Are cheap stump grinders worth it? going to cope with it? Is a second had machine worth considering? Look forward to opinions......
  20. I've run a Dolmar for a couple of years now, which is basically a Makita, but red instead of blue. I like the saw, nice to use but has had a few issues with things breaking down. Always had very good service from Shavey in getting things fixed and spare parts, but he's in Devon and I'm about 500 miles away or more. Local Makita dealer is useless when it comes to chainsaws, next nearest is better, but still not really their thing. Result is I've gone back to Husky for the bigger saw, not that I don't expect the Husky to break down too, but the dealer is only 10 minutes away. So my thoughts are, get the best saw you can for your budget (I'd increase the budget and get a better saw, but it's not my money) and find out what the local dealer for it is like. Do you get on with them? Do they inspire confidence that they know what they're talking about? How far away are they? SteveA is right about heated handles too, well worth it if you can get them.


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