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  1. I'm looking for a second-hand charcoal kiln or retort but I'm also thinking about having one made. I would appreciate any advice on charcoal production on a semi commercial scale. All the best, Harvey
  2. Thank you very much for all of our advice people . We will definitely be careful . The cable is 16.3 mm diameter and will be anchored around a 300-year-old oak tree. I should have mentioned this earlier.
  3. That's a fair point. I think I was thinking about the neighbours when I was thinking about Square posts. Does anyone know the average price to install such fencing (per metre). Where is the cheapest place to purchase posts and the mesh near Horsham? Thank you
  4. I've got a Woodmizer LT 40 so I can mill the posts and I've got a neighbour with a tractor and post auger. I have a Tirfor winch and going to make my own strainer. Any tips? Like where to buy the cheapest 1.8 metre high mesh, staples et cetera. I need to do around 200 m before I restock part of my woodland. If there is anyone near Oakwood Hill, who wouldn't mind coming out to have a look and share their thoughts I would really appreciate your help and willing to pay or exchange something. Everything is on the table, apart from my Wife and my Carers!
  5. Thank you everyone for your help. That's definitely saved me £100. I can't wait to look on the scrapheap! My cable arrives on Monday and can't wait to see how it will fettle the stubborn rhododendron stumps that need taking out.
  6. I've lost the handle from my tirfor winch and would like to know whether anyone has made their own rather than replacing it for over £100. If anyone has any ideas on what to use I would appreciate it.


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