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  1. I know you have the kit, But can an excavator with a grapple saw cut accurately to length? or will it go through a bed processor aswell? no different to a harvester or highly skilled handcutters?? imo As im sure the trees being cut would have to be sold on as firewood. Its all down cost at the end of the day
  2. Now most likely they will get a harvester in to do the job as there have been words from euroforest saying no hand felling of ash as its safer?? What happens when they get to a rotten tree/ heavy leaner or tree to big for the head??
  3. Have just completed a job this year where 550 plus mature ash were felled on a THINNING PROGRAMME where the trees are heavily monitored over 5 years due to it being a high public access and has a road along one edge, what they are saying is a clearfell which is just ridiculous. Now the major problem is that they are saying they " will only fell them at two metres or six feet, in case there is re-growth that may withstand the disease." Hands up who wants to fell potentially rotten diseased ash at 2 metres??
  4. Refreshers are needed as there are still trainers/colleges out there handing out tickets like sweets which is not good for industry!! All you end up with people who are competent on paper but are absolutely useless all because it looks good that they pass so many which means more business which means more MONEY MONEY!!
  5. steve collins


    a 560/562 is a hard saw to beat in the 60cc saw catergory but will need regular maintenance and spot on fuel mixing or if your a part time user go for the makita/dolmar as they are a solid saw with a simple carb and no electronics
  6. steve collins


    ive got one with over 700 hrs on and no problems at all
  7. Ive seen a few on other online platforms with broken clutch covers, i believe they have been replaced but a slow turn around, try a 390 clutch cover as that may fit
  8. yes, how much are you after? i can point you in the right direction
  9. a local wood cutter was stung 21!!! times by hornets didn't make it to his truck was luckily found by public and ambulance came
  10. woodlands have been hit hard in the south east, lots of felling has been going on for years and a few sites have been thinned where there are lots of dead standing and seasoned trees! this is with still healthy trees next to completely dead. One site is so bad a clearfell is likely to happen, another has mature 70 foot plus trees where there is lots of decay in the base making felling difficult. most landowners and agents are on the case where trees have been monitored prior to the works but looks like the ash tree is going to be a rare site soon
  11. still looking for one more person to help out???
  12. 462 is just a little heavier than the 560 ive only used it felling oak, chestnut and ash so cant say what it is like in softwoods, runs a 20" fine never had chance to put a 25 on to see how it responds. does seem a bit fragile around the back handle area and the switch is backwards compared to the husky 560.
  13. Bump!! Still looking for someone??
  14. I have a months FORESTRY work at canterbury starting september this year looking for someone who can get to site, work in all weathers and put in a days work consitently. Pay dependent on skill set. Must have cs30/31 and first aid +F Work is young coppice and oak felling Message on here please as signal is horrendous where i am at moment
  15. Looking for an additional woodcutter to join a gang, must be reliable, able to get themselves to site, be organised and cut to spec. Good rates paid, work is mostly on tonnage/m3 and mainly hardwood. Must have Cs30/31 Cs32 would be an advantage and first aid at work. Would be willing to take on an apprentice if only have Cs30/31. send a message on here or phone Steve 07751057259 Cheers
  16. Looking for a response to the above to actual mpgs of people who own new or few year old 4x4's or vans as looking to upgrade soon . Usual suspects, Hilux, Navara, Ranger, dmax, amorok,transit connect,merc citan, berlingo, transit custom or any others i have missed Cheers
  17. It is a far superior saw to a 576xp Thats what i wanted to know
  18. yes three saws were up for grabs at a dealer and one went straight away, i guess the others have gone now. saw sounded nice although thought it would be lighter than a 576 but felt around the same
  19. Dealers have some now in uk
  20. Dont forget your own personal vehicle oil spill kit is the latest!!
  21. on the husky technical's i just take all the visor stuff off and just use a visor of a standard husky which clips into the ears defender mounts. think you have to replace the technical ears defenders of as well. no more flappy visor falling off
  22. its husqvarna using low quality seal parts causing the problem in the first place, dealer i spoke to today confirmed this. fuel is still an issue with saws left on idle too long and the carb wondering what it should be doing, also fuel filters clogging up and gauze in the carb becoming blocked due to bad pump fuel with high ethanol levels


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