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  1. Any body know what the situation is regarding damaging a bridleway during extraction. I've had a google and can't find anything relating to forestry, it's all about farmers fields and ploughing etc. As far as I recall, we can trash it during the extraction but have to repair to previous condition within 14 days, does that ring any bells? Thanks in advance
  2. So I've got pair of these (TypeA) and they're very comfy and all that, but just realised that the chainsaw protection on the inside thigh, near the groin, is only on the right hand side, and not the left, is that correct?
  3. Thanks Mark, very useful. Though interesting it doesn't actually tell you the answers, like what is considered a safe way to fell a leaner or remove a hung up etc. I know what I was taught 20 years ago but wondered if its all still relevant?
  4. Does anybody know if the content of each NPTC chainsaw unit is available online? Basically I'd like to see what is required of the candidate for each unit, and how much it may have changed since I did mine. Thanks in advance
  5. So thats the other thing, using harvesters. Obviously its going to be done in the winter, and most probably the ground is clay, its going to make an un-holy mess. I do get felling dead Ash isn't exactly a barrel of laughs, but I bet none of these tress (the ones that actually are dead that is) will have been dead long enough for the structure to have changed enough to make it any more of a hazard than normal? The cynic in me suggests this is more to do with the Wildlife Trusts subsidiary firewood business!
  6. Apologies if this has already been posted, but I'd be interested to hear the professionals view of this. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/woodland-owner-against-surrey-wildlife-15361029 Seems a bit over the top to me clearing all trees within 30m of path where do you draw the line? Fell every Oak in case of summer drop?
  7. So if I already have (I'm sorry I'm not sure what the equivalent new unit numbers are) CS10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, what would be the upgrade that means I don't have to do a refresher please?
  8. So my boss is on at me about doing a refresher course, and after a bit of googling it looks like this is being adopted as best practice. Is it just a money making scam, seriously I have to go on a a two day course just to refresh basic maintenance/cross cutting and felling up to 280mm? I took all my tickets 20 years ago with the exception of windblown, and I've yet to cause any damage, in fact I've caused more harm to my self with a bow saw! We don't do refresher driving test every 5 years, why chainsaw training. Some one please explain the logic? Thanks


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